Anupama update Tuesday 2 August 2022

Anupama 2 August 2022: Nandini returns from holi shopping and smiles seeing Samar standing at his house gate. Samar signals she is looking beautiful. She signals back that he is also looking handsome. Vanraj walks out and seeing Pakhi drawing rangoli praises her. He then sees Samar and Nandini’s romance. Nandini walks into her house seeing him. Kavya walks out next and he smiles at her. He asks Samar if their romance didn’t end yet. Samar asks if his romance didn’t end yet, he is mummy’s son but is following his step in this matter. After some time, family gathers with neighbors for holika dahan ritual. Dolly jokes that Vanraj will become Mr. India tomorrow as he is afraid of colors. Pakhi says he is afraid of even lizard. Vanraj says tilak is fine, but not colors. Kavya with Nandini walks in. He smiles at her. Pakhi gets angry seeing that. Baa asks Kinjal if Toshu didn’t come yet. Kinjal says he has some work at office and is helping Rakhi. Baa yells that Rakhi doesn’t celebrate rituals and is not letting her damad attend rituals. Vanraj says its okay as even he used to miss rituals when he used to work. Baa says she never blessed his boss for that reason. Kinjal says Toshu has holiday tomorrow and will spend whole day with them. Baa asks Anu to describe holika dahan story. Samar and Pakhi say they are tired of listening to it every year. Baa insists.

Anu describes story. Mamaji jokes with Bapuji. Anu says they perform holika dahan to burn their evilness within. Baa taunts Kavya to burn he evil within. Anu says sin is not only of body but also of soul, so they should not listen to bad, do bad, or see bad. Kavya thinks she will not burn her anger in holika dahan but will increase it. Baa asks Anu to perform holika dahan pooja. She performs pooja and Vanraj sets fire. Baa then asks him to submit coconut. Anu goes to get coconut, but Kavya snatches from it and gives it to Vanraj. Pakhi gets angry seeing that and giving a coconut to Anu asks her to submit it to god. Kavya thinks once she enters Shah house, she will teach Pakhi a lesson.

Baa says let us perform garbha. All women perform garbha. Samar smiles seeing Nandini’s garbha. Pakhi tells Kinjal that she must be missing Toshu and can dance with her today. Baa asks Vanraj to remove coconut from fire. He does and burns his hand. Kavya rushes to him concerned. Anu brings ice and applies it on him. Baa says Anu keeps first-aid box erady always during every holika dahan ritual. Kavya picks first-aid box and says she is trained in first-aid. Pakhi snatches box from her saying even she has and applies ointment on Vanraj’s hand. Kavya gets more angry thinking Pakhi is purposefully trying to separate her from Vanraj.Samar says shagun garbha is over now, so let us dance. Baa says the need mood/mahol for dance. Mamaji jokes again. Samar says if they need mahol, here it is and dance on Moja Moja song. He drags each family member dances with them except Vanraj. Vanraj feels dejected. Anu notices it.

Samar and Nandini then get romantic. She runs away shy. Anu gets very happy seeing whole family dancing and ten gets emotional. She notices her earring missing and searches it. Kavya follows her and gives it to her. She thanks her. Kavya warns her to stop playing tricks as she provokes Samar, Kinjal, Baa, Vanraj, Pakhi against her repeatedly; now she is using Pakhi to separate her from V, she can see she is struggling hard to stop her divorce. Anu smiles and says if she doesn’t have to take divorce, she wouldn’t have taken this step; she doesn’t have to struggle and her one word can stop this divorce; she knows that I prepare good raita and Kavya spreads it well, but today she is not in a mood to clean it; this is her last holi here and wants to celebrate it happily, so she shouldn’t try to spoil it; suggests her to mingle with others as its a festival today.

Pakhi notices that, tells Baa that she needs her help and explains her plan. After ritual, Anu says she and her brother Bhavesh never used to sleep after holika dahan and excitedly explains how she used to enjoy holi during her childhood. Baa says she enjoyed holi in her maika but in sasural didn’t even play holi once and was always busy in kitchen or serving kids. Bapuji says its all because of Vanraj as when husband doesn’t play holi, wife also doesn’t. Baa says all wives are not like her who play holi and even drag husband. She asks Anu to play holi like in her maika and they all play with her, she need not worry about cooking as they will order pizza. Kavya gets jealous seeing Vanraj happy with his family.

Bapuji jokes with Baa with she looks pretty when she speaks emotionally. Baa shies. Anu says tomorrow they will play color holi. Pakhi asks her to apply color to even papa. Vanraj says she knows he doesn’t like colors. Baa says they will forcefully color him. Bapuji says she should take revenge of not playing holi because of Vanraj. Vanraj says no no. Baa asks Anu to color him first. Family cheers while Kavya gets jealous. After some time, Vanraj walks to Anu. Anu says she will not color him. He says thank god, don’t know how she understands his mind. She leaves smiling. Kavya gets jealous noticing that and taunts Vanraj that he should be a dialogue writer, he used to stare at her earlier and now staring at his wife. He ignores her. She says why don’t he become his, she missed many holi parties because of him and he wants to play holi with family, why should Anu color him first. He says Anu or anyone will not, only Pakhi may insist. She says even then she will apply holi on him first. He asks why women are so adamant. She says men take their right forcefully and women have to ask for it, etc. He says let us see tomorrow and walks away. She thinks if he doesn’t give her right, she will snatch it even if she has to barge into his house forcefully and color him first. Pakhi hearing her says that will not happen, she will make sure both color and love are of mummy tomorrow. Kavya angrily walks away. Baa asks what was maide ki katori saying. Pakhi says she wants to color papa first. Baa says they will not let her fulfill her wish.

Next morning, Vanraj silently gets out of his room hiding, picks snacks and cold drinks from kitchen and tries to rush back to room when he sees Anu and informs her that he will get out of room only in the evening and asks her to handle everyone. She agrees and gives him more snacks. He wishes her happy holi. She wishes him back. He asks her to play holi by heart. Anu thinks today’s holi will be happy holi.Kinjal dresses up in the morning when Toshu gets romantic, holds her from behind and wishes her first holi after marriage. They romance on Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan Hai, dono tujhpe kurbaan hai. Samar imagines Nandini wishing him happy holi and kissing his cheek. Their romance continues.

Bapuji gets afraid seeing Baa’s color black and asks who applied her color. She says its her mother’s herbal paste to escape from colors. He asks why is she worried in this age. She says people say she, Taj Mahal, and Rekha are evergreen. He says only she says that. She says yes. He romantically holds her hand and she shies. He says people say right that Taj Mahal, Rekha, and she are evergreen and dances with her. She says someone will come. He says when he sees children dance, he feels dancing with her; people say love decreases with age, but he says it increases with age. Pakhi walks in and they both walk away shy.Anu asks Mamaji to apply oil on his skin or else his face, ears, and nose will be red for 4 days. Toshu and Kinjal walk in. Anu says Kinjal is looking very beautiful, performs her nazar, and says this is her first holi after marriage and she should enjoy it. Kinjal says even its mummy’s first holi. Anu says first and last. She then suggests Toshu not to follow his father’s suite as husbands dream big but wives get happy with small things, so he should keep Kinjal happy and make her every festival special; they both should make each moment of life special, though its difficult, they can try.

They both promise. Rakhi calls Kinjal, they both wish her happy holi, Rakhi says she has arranged holi party for them in club house and they should come soon. Kinjal says she is creating problem. Rakhi says she just wants to celebrate her daughter’s first holi after marriage with her. Kinjal says already plans are made and she wants to celebrate holi with mummy. Rakhi asks why she is so concerned about her MIL than mother. Kinjal says mummy is hearing it. Rakhi asks Anu if its her demand is wrong.Anu takes phone and explains that let children play holi wherever they want to and requests her to attend their holi party instead as Baa and Mamaji would love to play holi with her, who knows where she will be next year after divorce, etc.Rakhi gets emotional and agrees.

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