Lost in Love update Thursday 4 August 2022

Lost in Love 4 August 2022: Devi brings tea for Sai. Sai asks if she prepared it for her. Devi says she prepared tea for the first time via Madhuri’s help who taught her really well like a mother. Pulkit walks in and praises her. Sai says Devi prepared tea to impress her husband, but she taught its for her. Devi shies. Madhuri says Devi should prepare tea from hereon. Pulkit says there is a lot of improvement in Devi’s mental condition. Devi asks Sai that she knows she is angry on Virat because of Pakhi, she hates Pakhi and had warned her not to interfere between them. Sai says she mind what Pakhi does, only Devi and Pulkit matters to her. Devi says even Viru. Sai gets sad. Pulkit says nanad bhabhi spoke a lot, now Sai should get ready for college. Sai says she really felt good spending time with them. Harini wakes up and says Sai mami was missing Viru mamu whole night and was taking his name repeatedly in sleep. Devi says she knows Sai cannot live without Viru even for a second. Pulkit says let us get ready soon for college and takes Devi away. Sai thinks she doesn’t know if she can stay away from Virat, but its difficult to stay near him.

Virat gets ready for doctor’s appointment. Sunny walks in and says when his friend is in pain, it his duty to cheer him up, so he brought vada pav for him. Virat says Sai likes vada pav a lot. Sai getting ready for college hopes Virat must have had his medicine and picks her phone to check what her replied to her message. Phone gets off. She charges it and gets angry not finding his reply. Sunny asks Virat why Sai was angry yesterday. Virat says he is trying to forget yesterday’s incident, he doesn’t want to talk about Sai, so he is rejoining duty to divert his attention from Sai. Sunny reminds if he remembers the time when he got posted in Gadchiroli, they used to talk about Pakhi for hours, so when he is free, why don’t he speak about Sai. Virat angrily says its good if he goes down and hears his family’s taunts, so he should get out of his room. Sunny says he doesn’t want to and says whatever happened between him and Sai must be because of Pakhi. Virat shouts why is he dragging Pakhi in all this, being his friend instead of calming him down, he is provoking him more; even his aayi wants him to find out why Sai is angry on him, how will he know. Sunny laughs and says even Ashwini kaki understands Sai, but Virat doesn’t. Virat asks him to stop laughing and be specific.

Sunny says Sai is possessive for him, she must have heard words which wife can only say like commitment and promise from Pakhi. Virat says yes. Sunny says that is what happened, words went in and wife came out. Virat says Pakhi told those words and not him. Sunny says his guess was right and asks when he married Sai, he told her that he promised and committed someone. Virat says he told her then, but he doesn’t mean it now; she told their marriage is a contract and she will leave him once she becomes a doctor; he explained her many times that she doesn’t have to leave the house, but she left the house once. Sunny asks what? Virat says there was a misunderstanding and he asked her to leave. Sunny says he cannot understand Sai’s feelings even now and asks him to forget all that and have vada pav. Virat picks vada pav and thinks if Sai had breakfast or not. Sai picks sandwich and thinks if Virat had breakfast or not, then thinks why she is thinking about Virat sir so much, she shouldn’t. Sunny tells Virat that he is so bothered about Sai; just like he cares for Sai, Sai is also falling in his love, so she gets angry with Pakhi’s interference.

Pakhi (as usual like a peeping tom) hears their conversation standing near door. Virat laughs and says Sunny is a fool. Sunny says he is serious. Virat says even if Sai says that, he will not believe her as she is different and if she loves him, she wouldn’t have done that yesterday; she messaged him yesterday showing her concern, but then she switched off her phone not bothering about his message reply or call; she doesn’t even want to talk to him and Sunny is thinking wrong. Pakhi relaxes thinking Virat knows that Sai doesn’t have any feelings for him. Sunny says bhabhi messaged him is important and switching off phone is not important; he should ask Sai why she switched off phone after messaging him. Virat says that is the truth. Sunny says Sai will not say why she messaged him as she also hasn’t realized yet that she loves him. Sai sees Virat’s doctor’s appointment reminder and thinks when he didn’t bother to reply her message, then why should she; he has many people in his house to take care of him, so she should just bother about her studies and fulfill her Aaba’s dream. Virat says Sai doesn’t love him. Sunny say she does and he should observe her silence when he meets her next time and try to experience her feelings, they get stuck in 1 page in the book of love and should try to turn it over. Virat asks if he is telling truth. Sunny says he is.

Pakhi walks in and asks Sunny why did he come early morning, if everything is alright. Sunny says everything is alright, if she didn’t like him coming here, Virat is his friend and can’t he come to meet him. Pakhi says she thought he came here after seeing yesterday’s drama. Sunny says he came here to explain Virat regarding same. Virat asks him not to start again. Pakhi asks Virat if Sai messaged or called him and informed if she is coming. Sunny asks why is she asking this. She says Sai should be here and instead she just acted as concerned for Virat just to reenter this house. Virat asks her to stop. Sunny says let her continue and says Sai messaged Virat yesterday concerned for him, Virat is fine now and cleared fitness test because of Sai’s care, if Sai is not returning home because of Sai. Pakhi yells she can’t understand why she is made villain in every issue, asks Virat if he also thinks same. Virat says he didn’t say that. She says didn’t he see what Sunny said, Sunny knows her from before when Sai was not present in their lives. Sunny says she is present now as she is Virat’s wife and Pakhi’s relationship ended with Virat after he married Sai. Pakhi says she didn’t end their relationship; when 2 people make a relationship, only one cannot end it; she was forced to end this relationship. Sunny asks then why did she marry Samrat with her wish, she would have thought well and married him and not because of Samrat’s commitment; she always had a choice, but she didn’t deny to marry Samrat as thought it is the best way to be near Virat.

Virat asks Sunny again to stop. Sunny says he wants to question Pakhi. Pakhi says she didn’t know Virat is Samrat’s brother. Sunny says what if Samrat and Virat were not brothers and she would have married in some other family, would she have ended her relationship with her husband for Virat. Pakhi yells Sai is controlling even Sunny with her black magic like she is controlling Virat. Virat says she not only is thinking wrong but also speaking wrong, Sai and Sunny haven’t spoken well yet at all. Sunny says he is part of this family since childhood and like Virat, he is also Samrat’s friend and who Pakhi a right to ruin Samrat’s life without his mistake.Virat asks Sunny to stop. Sunny says let him speak as Pakhi should realize that one should move on in life, she cannot live in past and ruin her present, she should start afresh once Samrat returns, live happily herself and let Virat and Sai happily as she cannot ruin 4 lives. Pakhi asks if he thinks she is responsible for all the problems and alleging him. He says he is neither alleging her or Virat, situation is bad for them and she should not ruin her future because of her past; when Sai knows pain of separation, why she wants to give same pain to Sai by separating Virat from her. Virat says he crossed all his limits, he will go now as he is getting late for doctor’s appointment. Pakhi says she will accompany him. Sunny asks if she seriously still wants to go with him as if he was speaking in air till now. Virat leaves followed by Sunny.

Virat reaches hospital and asks appointment form from receptionist. Receptionist says his form is filled and even payment is done by that girl. Virat sees Sai and walks to her remembering Sunny’s words that Sai loves him. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He calls her. She says he is late by 10 minutes. He says Sunny had come. She says let us finish his appointment as she needs to go to college after that. He asks why did she come here. She says even she has an appointment as his family calls her jungli mulgi and mad. He says she is really mad that she fights with him and also takes care of him, she has split personality. She says she is not a puzzle to get so much confused. He asks again why did she come here. She says she knew he would come here to take his fitness certificate, so she came here to fulfill her responsibilities as she promised to take care of him till he gets well. He says she can come here for his checkup but cannot come home. She says she already told him that she will take care of him until he gets well and if doctor gives him fitness certificate. He says she will leave home. She asks if he took medicine last night. He asks why did she switch off phone after messaging him. She members phone getting off and says she purposefully switched it off. He asks why did she take time to answer him then, what was she thinking. She stands silent. He remembers Sunny’s advice to observe her silence to find out if she loves him, says he is angry on her as she went to Pulkit’s house without informing him, don’t know what Pulkit must be thinking about him. Sai says Devi questioned if Pakhi interfered between them again, Devi knows the truth though she never informed her about it.

Nurse calls Virat for appointment. They both walk in. Doctor says his recovery is exceptional, looks like his wife is taking good care of him. He gives him fitness certificate and says he can give him medicines for speedy recovery, he is very lucky to have such a caring wife. Sai says she just followed her responsibility. He says love makes a person follow his/her responsibilities. Virat thinks everyone are talking about same, does Sai really love him. They walk out of doctor’s cabin. Virat looks at his certificate carefully. Sai says he is looking at it as if it is a tamra patra/gallantry award. Sai says he can rejoin duty soon, if it has any other meaning. She thinks he is really boring and didn’t even ask her to stay back. He stares at her. She asks why is he staring at her, if he wants to say something. He says he doesn’t want to, but does she want to say something. She says she wants to say which she never told, she is telling him for the firs time that.. nervously thinks she should tell what she is thinking since last night. He thinks if she wants to say I love you. She shyingly says says she.. him. He says even he.. She snaps her fingers waking him up from his imagination and asks what is he thinking. He says she was telling something. She says she told she is going to college and will meet him at home in the evening. He thinks she didn’t speak her heart out, anyways she will return home in the evening.

Sai returns to Chavan Nivas in the evening. Ashwin happily hugs him and says she was worried for him. Ninad says even he was worried for her and was thought that she wouldn’t return. Sai says there is a difference between true people and liars, liars lie can easily caught, it shows that he was praying not to send her back home. Bhavani yells why didn’t she return home last night without informing, this is her house and not a guest house to come and go whenever she wants, she has to follow her rules. Sai says her thinking will never change, she knows her presence doesn’t matter to Bhavani and she just wants to question her. Omkar (getting a chance of a day) yells this shameless girl is misbehaving with vahini again. Sonali yells there is no use of telling her anything, Virat clearly ordered her to call and inform vahini, but she doesn’t listen to even Virat. Ninad yells Sai should and he feels like breaking her mouth. Sai says if he scolds her like a father, she is happy to listen to him, but if he shows his power, everyone knows in this house what she can do. Ninad yells if she is threatening him. She says she is explaining him. Ashwini asks them to stop. Sonali yells again. Sai says Ninad threatened her and they all are silently watching, if this is Chavan family culture. Bhavani yells to dare not talk about her family culture. Sai says when she doesn’t hesitate to criticize Aaba’s culture, why she can’t tolerate criticism. Bhavani yells she stayed at a stranger’s house last night.

Mohit says she stayed at Devi’s house and didn’t do anything wrong. Karishma argues with him. Sonali yells that Sai is brainwashing even Karishma. Ashwini says they shouldn’t compare their bad nature with Sai’s good nature, she doesn’t want to listen anything and is happy that Sai returned home safely. Mohit asks how can they yell at Sai for staying at Devi’s house. Bhavani warns him to stop or else she will forget that he is this family’s son. Sonali asks him to stop. Pakhi walks down and asks if she also should question Mohit and Sai’s relationship.

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