Anupama update Wednesday 10 August 2022

Anupama 10 August 2022: Mamaji brings popcorn for Bapuji and jokes that there is no drama at home since a few days. Bapuji reminds him about Baa’s drama with neighbors. Kavya enters and asks if she should give them a sensational news to double popcorn’s taste. Bapuji says there is no one at home. Mamaji says she is didi’s maide ki katori who does drama always and asks Kavya to go as didi is not at home and ordered not to let any drama happen at home in her absence. Kavya asks what about the drama which is happening behind them. Bapuji asks what does she mean. Kavya says it would have been better if Baa was present here to hear the news, she is not like Pakhi who is arrogant, egoistic, careless, etc. Bapuji warns her to mind her tongue and reminds what happened during Vanraj’s birthday.

Kavya says Pakhi is not a kid and she has gone out uninformed. Mamaji says Pakhi is studying in her room. Kavya shows video of Kavya going out and asks who is this then. Bapuji and Mamaji rush to Pakhi’s room, knock her door, open it using spare keys and are shocked to see her missing. Kavya says she has gone to her friend’s house to party.Pakhi continues dancing with her friends in party when one friend drops cold drinks on another friend and takes her to the washroom leaving Pakhi and Kabir alone. On the other side, Samar takes Nandini to the temple. She asks why did he bring her here. He says he wants to promise her to be together forever. She asks if he knows about her past, she still shivers remembering her past, what will happen if his family finds out about her past. He says they will accept her the way she is, he will take 7 oaths with her today and soon his family will join him; they can perform rituals later but take oaths first. He revolves around a holy tree and takes first oath that he will never make her feel insecure, will be always hers forever, and will never leave her even if she asks him to.

Bapuji calls Pakhi, but she doesn’t pick call. Kavya says she must be busy enjoying partying. Bapuji asks her to leave, calls Kinjal and asks if she knows Pakhi’s friend Kabir. Kinjal says not much and asks what happened. He explains whole issue and asks not to inform Baa or anyone about it. Kinjal promises and says she will find Kabir’s address via other friends. Kavya thinks family is busy panicking, so she can easily enter Vanraj’s room and steal his divorce date letter. Mamaji stops her and shows her main door. Pakhi senses Kabir trying to touch her and asks what the hell he is doing. He says nothing. Samar takes second oath that there won’t be any conditions in his love and he will always love her unconditionally. He asks how will they love each other if they find out this is their life’s last day. She says immensely. He takes oath that he will love her immensely always like its their life’s last day.

Mamaji eagerly waits for Kinjal’s call and tells Mamaji that he is feeling something is wrong, hopes Pakhi is fine wherever she is; Anupama is not at home just for 2 days and this happened. Mamaji says Pakhi took advantage of parent’s absence. children make mistake under friend’s pressure, she is small and should have asked informed him once before going out; hopes she is fine or else they cannot face Anu and Vanraj. Mamaji calls Kinjal. Pakhi warns Kabir to stop touching her. Kabir holds her tightly and says he knows she is having crush on him since 2-3 years and hence came running to him on his invitation, so let us enjoy.

She tries to free herself. Samar takes next oath that he will control his ego like mummy, will never hesitate to apologize, will accept his mistake first, and will always try to make her smile. She asks what if she doesn’t smile. He says he will try his best to make her smile.Kavya returns. Mamaji stops her and asks why didn’t she go. Kavya says she came to light temple lamp. Mamaji says they are here to do that. Kavya says she is also worried for Pakhi, so let her go in. Kabir continues misbehaving with Pakhi. Pakhi warns him to stop. Pakhi pushes him away. He angrily tries to slap her. She holds his hand and gives him 2 tight slaps instead and orders him to say sorry. He denies. She warns to gather whole building. He says sorry. She warns to dare not misbehave with any girl again, good she slapped him and if her mummy had slapped him, he would have fallen down. She walks away fuming. Samar takes next oath that he will love her forever. She says its earlier oath, but some oaths are good to hear repeatedly. He asks to check if she is feeling insecure. She says people can’t even get one oath, but she is lucky to get so many oaths. Samar says mummy is right that they should visit temple often for peace of mind and leaves temple holding her hand.

Kinjal calls Bapuji that Pakhi has left her friend’s house and will reach home soon. Bapuji relaxes and says he was waiting for her car, how is Meenu now. Kinjal says she is fine now and Dolly returned from office, so she and Baa are returning home soon. Mamaji reads newspaper and jokes. Bapuji laughs. Pakhi returns home feeling guilty. Bapuji asks where had she gone. Pakhi apologizes him, explains whole incident, and says she shouldn’t have gone out uninformed. Bapuji says he felt bad that she made a mistake, but felt good that she didn’t hide it and learnt from her mistake; she would have returned home uninformed, but she proved that she is Anupama’s daughter. Pakhi says she will not make any mistake in the future. Bapuji says she is not god not to make mistakes, human makes mistakes, acccep them, learn from them, and make sure they don’t repeat it. She smiles. He says let us enjoy cold coffee. She says she will get him sugarless coffee. He says he will not inform Vanraj about her mistake, but will inform Anu though later. He thanks god that child returned home safely.

Vanraj driving bike back towards home asks Anu when shall they inform family about their divorce final hearing. She says its after 2 days, so they need to inform family. He says how will they handle Samar and Toshu. She says they have to somehow.Pakhi feels guilty for lying to family for her stupid classmate Kabir. She thinks as Bapuji says, she should inform parents before going out. Kavya enters Vanraj’s room via balcony climbing ladder and thinks if Anu can enter like this during holi festival, why can’t she. She drops vase. Baa hearing sound walks in thinking a cat must have come and searches it. Kavya hides behind her. Pakhi informs Baa that Anu and Vanraj are coming. Baa walks away with her. Kavya searches Vanraj and Anu’s divorce date letter and finding it thinks why did V hide his divorce date from her; he didn’t even inform his family about it or else they wouldn’t have planned picnic for him and Anu and Baa/Pakhi wouldn’t have been flying high with hopes, see will enjoy seeing family’s reaction when she will inform them about divorce date.

Vanraj with Anu returns home with grocery shopping on the way. Kavya whistles at them and comments that seeing them, it looks like their picnic went well. Baa walks out with family and says she didn’t know society has kept white cat as watchman. Kavya says they are world’s coolest couple who went on picnic even when their divorce date is very near. Baa says they are couple and can go wherever they want to, why is she jealous. She says good they spent time together as they are getting divorced after 2 days. Family stands shocked hearing that. Kavya shows divorce date letter to them. Kavya taunts Vanraj that she thought he didn’t inform only her, but he didn’t inform even his family; anyways 1 day is gone and only 1.5 days are left, so all the best. She walks away smirking holding divorce date letter.

Family walks in sadly. Vanraj follows them. Anu stands remembering Kavya’s taunts. Vanraj walks to Anu and holding her hand says there is still some time left and takes her in. Pakhi asks why didn’t they inform them about it. Baa says so that they don’t feel bad. Bapuji says so that they can gather good memories with family till separation. Anu and Vanraj apologize. Pakhi cries vigorously hugging them and says it means tomorrow morning they will be having only 48 hours left. Anu says people don’t get 2 hours of peaceful life, but they are getting 48 hours to enjoy life. She describes all her pending chores and says she willl prepare tea for them first and then gajar halwa for her Sweety. Bapuji consoles Pakhi.

Samar with Nandini returns home and asks her get out of taxi. She says she doesn’t want to, but has to go. He kisses her forehead and hopes he takes her along, but then says that day will come soon. Pal Do plays in the background. She holds his hand, kisses his dance trophy and gives it to him. He throws flying kiss on her, and she goes to her house. He then looking at Anu in kitchen remembers hoping to buy her a house.Anu sees trophy and gets happy realizing Samar came. Samar says rockstar mummy’s rockstar son and touches her feet. She blesses him. He says he missed her. She says even she missed him a lot. He gives credit of his trophy to her and says people clap for children forgetting that mummies are real winners. She thanks him for the way he is, being the world’s best son, supporting her and being her strength always.He asks why is she giving farewell speech now itself, she shouldn’t give this speech when she will go or else he will cry. She smiles. He says they have a lot of memories attached to this kitchen, reminiscing all the events. Anu says this is their hangout place, they used to support each other here and its very special for them.He emotionally says he will member their memories, her, her food, her scolding, etc. She says even she will miss all that and hugs him.

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