Anupama update Tuesday 9 August 2022

Anupama 9 August 2022: Samar prepares himself for dance competition. He injures his leg on a nail while warming up. Nandini gets worried for him seeing that. Host asks Samar and another contestant to be ready to perform on stage. Toshu yells at Kinjal knowing about her pregnancy and says they had decided not to have baby for 5 years and concentrate on heir careers. She says he cannot blame only her as they both are equally responsible. Pakhi hears their argument passing by and and thinks of informing Vanraj to explain Toshu. Nandini bandages Samar’s injury and asks him not to perform with it as even Anu would say him same. He says mummy wouldn’t have given up if she was in his place. Host calls Samar’s name.

Anupama 8 August 2022

Pakhi brings Kinjal blindfolded to living room and makes her sit with Baa, Bapuji, and Rakhi while they are video chatting with Anu, Vanraj, and Toshu. Kinjal asks Anu what is all this. Anu says this is family; nobody has right to speak between husband and wife, but when issue gets out of control, family has to interfere, not with authority but with love. Bapuji says their generation, they used to marry first and then love and in Kinjal’s generation, they love first and then marry. Baa says they married, then had kids, and then thought of love if there was time left. Bapuji says whatever the reason is, children are most important. Toshu says there is time for family planning and he is not ready right now. Vanraj says when Toshuw as about to born, even he was not ready and in dilemma as he didn’t have a job, no saving, etc., but when he held Toshu in his hand, he forgot everything. Anu says even they agree that they should become parents when they are ready for it. Ba says when they get god’s surprise blessings, even then they should celebrate. Rakhi says Baa is right, she didn’t want to become a mother, but when she found out, she cried happily; when parents listen to child’s heart beat, their life changes. Anu says then a journey of parenthood starts by weaving socks for child, looking for prams, etc.

Vanraj says a lot of happiness enters their lives when baby comes. Anu says immense happiness. Rakhi gets Kinjal’s pregnancy report and informs everyone that Kinjal is not pregnant. Kinjal gets sad hearing that. Anu says so what if its not today, they both should be prepared for future happiness.Pakhi sees Nandini’s call and includes her in conference call. Samar shows his trophy. Anu emotionally congratulates him. He says its her victory and he is coming home soon with trophy. Pakhi jokes with him. Bapuji says after so many days, they are together, even while they are away. Vanraj says they are returning home. Samar says even they are. Toshu says he doens’t know till when his flight will be delayed, but he is also on his way too. While returning home in taxi, Nandini kisses Samar’s trophy and says its very special for him. Samar says mummy used to kiss papa’s bonus amount and keep it safely, why women are so emotional, he is so lucky to have her and mummy in his life. He asks not to praise her or else she will gain weight with it. He says she is not obese but healthy and is very pretty. She asks not to praise much. He romantically kisses her forehead. Two bikers follow their taxi.

Pakhi gets her class mate Kabir’s call who asks why didn’t she attend school since 3 days. She asks if he noticed it. He says yes and invites her for party at his home as his parents are out and she is special like his other special friends. She says he is busy with Sheena in class always. He says Sheena is his best friend and Pakhi is his special friend. Pakhi says she cannot. He asks to give some excuse and come. She says she wants to, but her parents and brothers are not at home and nobody is there to drop her. He says as she wishes, but he would be happy if she comes. She gets excited thinking class’ most handsome boy invited her and messages that she will try. Kabir shows Pakhi’s message to his friend and challenges that he will lure her and even kiss her to win their challenge. Pakhi asks Bapuji where is Baa. Bapuji says Baa wen to Dolly’s house as Dolly has gone out, so Baa wil not come until Dolly returns. Pakhi thinks its good and discusses about Anu and Vanraj. Bapuji speaks and calls Mamaji to go for vegetable shopping. Karan repeatedly messages her Pakhi to come. Pakhi tries to take Bapuji’s permission, but Bapuji walks away busy over phone. She thinks whose permission will she take now.

Samar and Nandini’s romance continues. He asks her not to wear ring. She says its special as its his first gift of love for her. Tu To Sadi Care Nai plays in the background. Two bikers continue following them, sstop taxi, and at knife’s point warn them them to get out of taxi. Kavya on the other side thinks she needs to get out Anu and Vanraj’s divorce notice somehow from house somehow. Once Samar and Nsandini are out, thieves threaten to give them mobile and all their belongings. They do same. They finally see Nandini’s ring and insist to give it. Nandini reminisces Samar gifting it and denies to give it. Thieves threaten if she will give her life or ring. She says she can give her life but not ring.Nandini denies to give Samar’s gifted to thieves. Samar requests not to stretch the issue. Thief gets adamant. Samar says its not a gold ring and tells Nandini that he will get her new ring. She says its a symbol of their love, so she will not give it.

Kavya tries to climb ladder to reach Vanraj’s room nervously to steal Vanraj and Anu’s divorce date letter thinking if Anupama can do this, why can’t she. She fails. Pakhi comes to balcony chatting with Kinjal to help her go out of house for her friend’s party. Kinjal denies to help her. Kavya fumes she should go to hell, but go from balcony. Pakhi calls her friend Shivani and says she cannot attend party. Kavya takes back ladder thinking she will come later. Friend suggests her to give excuse of group studies and come. Pakhi hesitantly agrees and apologizes her parent’s photo. Kavya returns to pick her fallen keys and hearing Pakhi thinks of taking revenge from her. Pakhi thinks nobody will find out her lie.

Goons continue misbehaving with Nandini and uses degratory remarks for Samar. Samar angrily trashes goons. Goons overpower him. Nandini trashes goons next for beating Samar. One of them pulls knife and stabs at her. Samar holds his hand and trashes him again. Goons return their stuff and run away. Nandini scolds Samar for risking his life. He says he cannot see anyone harming her. She says she was fighting for his ring. He expresses his love for her and says he would have died if something had happened to her. She says she got a second love with great difficulty and doesn’t want to lose him, so he should promise her that he will not leave her forever. He promises and hugs her saying LOL. They get back into taxi, and Samar asks driver to take them to temple.

Back at home, Mamaji’s jokergiri starts and he asks Bapuji to take him back home. Bapuji says they are at home. Mamaji asks where is didi/Baa then. Bapuji explains that Meenu is ill and Dolly is not at home, so Baa went to Dolly’s house to take care of Meenu. Mamaji says I know mainu remember che. Pakhi says she will not have dinner today as she has group studies via video conference and she cannot come out of her room. Bapuji agrees. Pakhi happily walks to her room. Kavya waits for Pakhi to make a mistake. Pakhi rushes to her room and switching on laptop for fake clothes selects dresses for party. Bapuji calls her and she nervously opens door. Bapuji offers her coffee and asks to study well. She nods yes. He asks why did she lock door from inside. He says she was preparing for online class and doesn’t want to be disturbed by Mamaji. Bapuji agrees and leaves. She locks door from inside and gets ready excitedly. She then looks at family pics and reminisces Anu taking promise not to go anywhere without informing them. She calls Anu, but her phone is not reachable; thinks she shouldn’t go hiding. Karan messages he is waiting for her and Shivani messages that she is waiting outside for her.

Pakhi silently gets out of room and seeing Mamaji and Bapuji in hall walks away hiding. Kavya records her going out and thinks she will create a big drama with Pakhi’s one mistake. Pakhi reaches Karan’s house and seeing him dancing only a few friends asks where is the party. He says elders party this way and says she looks gorgeous. She shyingly thanks him and dances with him. He thinks he will kiss her and complete his challenge made to friends.Samar takes Nandini to temple. Nandini asks why did he bring her here.He says he came to senior of love Kavyaji to give her assurance of love. She asks how will he. He takes her in. She asks what will he do.

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