Naagin update Thursday 11 August 2022


Naagin 11 August 2022: Episode begins with Meher gets afraid seeing Bani. Ritu questions Bani. Before Bani says anything, Taapish informs Bani that Meera is missing. Jay says they has to search her in the jungle. Everyone leaves to search Meera. Shukla asks Jay that why he is helping Bani nowadays. Jay says he still wants power but he can get that by staying with Bani too. Shukla says he wanted Adi naagin’s power and asks did he changed now. Jay says his emotions changed for sure.Taapish tells Bani about the incident which happened earlier and tells her how he saved Meera. Bani shocks hearing him and goes to that same place. She pleads Meera to come back. Taapish tells her that they has to marry and tells her to move back.

Meera says she has to jump from here. Taapish says if she jumps then he has to jump also because he loves her and asks she too loves him or not. Someone comes out of water. Meera asks him that who is he. He says he is water God and her father also. Ritu says Meera says her daughter. He says she was his daughter in her previous birth. He asks does she remember him and tells her to return to him. Ritu says she is her daughter.Taapish says he is going to marry her.Water God says Meera will get all the powers if she returns to him then. Bani tells Meera to take decision thinking about her happiness nothing else. Water God says his world is so different from this world because his world doesn’t have any sorrow. Meera says she loves Taapish so she picks him and this world. Her father he will wait for her.

She says she won’t return to him in this birth and tells him to go back. He leaves from there.Bani and Ritu hugs Meera. Then Taapish hugs Meera and says he can’t wait more for marriage now. Veer asks Bani that what she will choose. She says she needs time to decide and answers him indirectly. Next day, Bani gives tea to Meera but she passes it to Taapish. She was about to give tea cup to Jay but Veer comes between them and takes that cup from her. He asks her to answer his question. She says she already answered him yesterday.He tells her to answer her directly. She says he has to guess what she said if he find out then he can come to the store room. Veer mocks Jay then tells Taapish about his confusion. Meera, Taapish laughs at him saying Bani told them what happened and tells him to decode it by himself.


Bani shocks seeing Jay in store room. Jay apologize to Bani for coming between her and Veer and was about to leave from there. She stops him and says so much changed between them.He says he understand that but it feels weird because just to reunite with her he born again and leaves from there.Veer overhears their conversation and misunderstood her thinking she called Jay also there. Bani tries to talk to Veer but he ignores her. They argues with each other. Mehanti artist asks what Bani wants to write on her hand. Bani tells her to write V. Meera hears her and teases her.Balwant tells Veer that he knows that he lied to them about Chandrakala and asks him to tell the truth. Veer asks him why he kept her in that room till now.

Balwant says she was devil that’s why. Bani again tries to talk to Veer but he goes to dance with others. Maarkat tries to use moon to get more power. Pandityan gets to know about that and says seems like she is searching someone. Maarkat uses her power and channels the evil energy of the moon and waits for someone to see the moon.Veer looks at the moon and gets hypnotised.Bani tells Veer that it was her mistake and apologize to him saying from now on she won’t hide anything from him and tries to show her mehanti to him. He says he saw her with Jay and heard their talks about their past. She says Jay talked about that. He says he can’t tolerate deceiving and talks bad about her character too. She was about to say something but he pushes her and she falls down. Everyone shocks seeing that. Then Veer moves towards Bani and insults her.

Balwant smiles seeing that. Veer insults Ritu too. Bani shocks seeing his changed behavior and wonders what happened to him suddenly. Jay takes stand for Bani but Veer insults him too and tells him to leave his house. Jay refuses to leave this house saying it’s his house also. Balwant asks what Jay saying. Jay says he is Veer’s brother and Balwant’s son.

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