Anupama update Thursday 11 August 2022

Anupama 11 August 2022: Anupama asks Samar to show his trophy to family. He says as you order boss. She suggests that he shouldn’t think that he is world’s best dancer by winning this trophy as there is a long way to success and he will work hard and never get arrogant with his success. He promises. She says she will prepare some sweet for him. He says she forgot their happywala dance and dances with her with Meri Dunya Hai Tujhme playing in the background. She emotionally hugs him again after dance and asks him again to show his trophy to everyone. He leaves. She thinks she wanted to inform him that there are only 2 days left for divorce, but seeing his happiness, she doesn’t want to spoil it.

Samar shows trophy to Bapuji first. Bapuji says he knew only he would win this trophy. Samafr says he had to for mummy’s sake and informs that Vanrja motivated him to win this trophy. Bapuji says his son has grown up to understand and follow his responsibilities. Samar says he has to for his mummy. Bapuji says Anupama is lucky to have a son like him. Samar asks to inform him in detail what happened behind him. Bapuji says Anupama and Vanraj went to resort and were stuck there because of which he had to bear Baa and yadon ki barat/Mamaji. Samar laughs. Bapuji says anything can happen in life. Samar says they can’t say when there will be curfew and flight will be canceled.Nandini sees Kavya packing her clothes and asks if she is shifting somewhere else. Kavya happily says there is no need for that as Vanraj is getting divorced in 2 days and she will shift to his house. Nandini stands shocked hearing that. Kavya says even her line is clear after Anu’s divorce and she can marry Samar.

Nandini says LOL for her day dreaming and she is turning psycho day by day. Vanraj enters and says Nandini is telling right, says he wants to talk to Kavya. Anu while cooking thinks she knew this would happen, then why she is feeling bad. Kavya asks Vanraj what the hell was that, why did he support Nandini. He says if she continues her weird acts, whole world will call her psycho; why did she inform about his divorce date to family as he wanted to inform them in his way. She says he should have informed about it to her. He says he didn’t come to discuss about it and warns her to stay away from him and his family for 2 days and don’t care any drama or issue. She thinks when she waited for so many year, she can wait for 2 more days, but will accompany V for his divorce finalization so that he shouldn’t do any drama there.Mamaji enjoys juice sitting on Baa’s swinger and tells Bapuji that until Didi/Baa is awake, he cannot sit on it, Baa’s divorce can never happen. He asks if Vanraj and Anu’s divorce cannot be stopped. Bapuji asks why don’t he forget this issue when he can forget everything.

He says his didi is in deep sorrow because of this. Bapuji says relationships give them both happiness and sorrows. Mamaji jokes that he didn’t marry for the same reason as Ranveer Singh married Deepika and decided not to marry. GHe continues joking.Vanraj sees Anu cooking with Tere Bina Jiya plays in the radio. Anu reminisces her massaging his back and he insisting her to sing a song for her. She sings Tere Bina Jiya He says she praises her singing and falls down. She hopes she sings for him whole life like this. Out of flashback, she looks at him getting inside home. Pakhi in her room cries watching her parents’ pics on laptop. Kinjal walks to her. She asks Kinjal to do something that will stop mummy papa’s divorce. Kinjal says whatever they will do would be bad for mummy papa and its their lives and they can live the way they are; mummy papa are in more sorrow than them. Pakhi asks why are they doing this then. Kinjal asks if she will wear the dress which she doesn’t like or have food which she doesn’t like. Pakhi says no. Kinjal asks then how can they force anyone to live with someone whom they don’t like; in their country, parents sacrifice for children’s life; good mummy took her decision at least and stood for herself when its a question of her dignity, she is proud of mummy; whatever happens will be for good. Pakhi says she doesn’t know what to do as her mentor Toshu is not here. Kinjal says she is here though. Pakhi says she will fight till the end and not give up. Kinjal thinks its better to accept the truth instead of running away from it.

Anu prepares cake and searches gems choc for decoration. She finds gems nearby which Vanraj bought and decorates cake. Bapuji walks in and asks if she prepared cake. She says her son won trophy, so celebration is a must. He asks about gems and she describes its story. He says whatever happens is for good and asks about Vanraj motivating Samar. Anu says at least they tried to reconcile their differences. Anu asks him to help them reconcile their differences when she is not here.He gets emotional and says father needs son’s support when he becomes gold; he has a son, but his daughter is leaving him.

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