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Barrister Bahu 10 August 2022: Episode starts with Bondita going to her room and trying to write. She fails and cries. She prays that she doesn’t fail Anirudh’s trust and becomes barrister Bondita. Its morning, Bondita serves tea to Binoy and Trilochan. She asks Batuk to eat cocoa milk. He says its not good, so much cocoa is added. Trilochan asks him to drink kesar elaichi milk. Anirudh comes. Trilochan says these foreign things aren’t in our traditions, Brij’s Kanha drinks milk. Anirudh says this can’t be trusted. Trilochan asks him to meet Kanha and see him. Bondita thinks no, my lie will be caught. Anirudh says no, you have devotion for this, you do this. Binoy says its not imp for you Anirudh.

Anirudh praises Bondita and says she will win in her life, many victories are waiting for her, she should study. She asks now? He says yes, shall I get mahurat from Brij’s Kanha. She says Brijvasi.. He says forget it now. Bondita says you should teach Batuk also. He says its a good suggestion, come and study Batuk. Anirudh teaches Bondita and Batuk. He asks her to write what she had studied yesterday. She asks Batuk to help. Anirudh checks her book. Batuk helps her. Anirudh says good, bravo Bondita. Bondita feels bad to lie to him. He reads books. Batuk writes in her book. Anirudh turns. She acts to write. Anirudh says show me what did you write. They worry. Bondita changes the books. Anirudh checks and says wow, you wrote it well. He takes Batuk’s book and asks what’s this, why do you run away from studies, look at Bondita, she wrote it so neatly. Batuk looks at her.

Anirudh says look at her, she is so smart, very nice. She recalls Brij’s words. Anirudh says I will go and meet Mini. Bondita says yes, you go and take care of her. He asks her to write 50 times. Batuk gets upset that he has to write it. Bondita stops him. Trilochan asks where are you going. Anirudh says Mini’s house. Trilochan says you were studying Bondita. Anirudh says no, I asked her to write, she is smart. Trilochan says yes, she learns quickly, she is young, she is managing everything without you, look at Saudamini, she didn’t learn to manage herself. Anirudh says she is ill, its my duty to take care of her. Trilochan asks why, Bondita is your wife, why would you take Saudamini’s responsibility, are you her husband. Anirudh says I m her friend, she is my childhood friend, if she was a guy, would I not help her, would you stop me then, it means I should not help her as she is a girl, for me, girl and guy are equal and also their friendship.

Trilochan asks him to say truth, does he believe the friendship, is it not more than friendship, it can’t be anything else. He says Bondita is your wife, remember this Anirudh. Anirudh nods. Bondita praises Batuk and reminds his promise. He agrees to help her. She fools him. She laughs.Anirudh tells Trilochan that Mini is just his friend. Trilochan says she can’t be anything more than a friend and tells him to remember that Bondita is his wife. He has time and that’s why he’s able to give time to both, but time doesn’t stay same. What will happen when a day comes when he has to choose one? Anirudh says that day will never come. They both respect each other and understand his situation. He leaves. Trilochan says right now Bondita is a child. Will she be able to see this when she grows up?

Trilochan comes to Bondita and asks her relationship with this house. She says all her relationships. He says she is not saying what he wants to hear. Isn’t Anirudh her husband? She says yes they got married. He tries to make her understand that she needs to keep her husband in control, but in vain. She’s getting late. He sees Anirudh and Mini dancing through binoculars and is disgusted. She asks what happened. He tells her to see it herself. Mini asks Anirudh how Bondita is able to study so well. He says she’s asking this 3rd time. Bondita sees Anirudh and Mini and say they are looking like a prince and a princess. Trilochan tells her that she’s Anirudh’s princess. She laughs saying she can’t be princess. He says she is not able to see, but he can clearly see, Mini is making him dance on her finger. He tries to make her understand again, but he fails. She says she needs to finish her studies. He leaves.

Binoy calls Master and asks how Bondita is able to study. Master says it’s not possible or it might be due to Kanha’s magic. Binoy says what nonsense and hangs up.Bondita sets up effigy to fool family members that she’s at home and studying. She leaves and Binoy enters to talk to her. He sees she is not there and is surprised. He wonders where Bondita went. He looks outside window and sees Bondita running. He follows her.Bondita sees Saurabh asking Sampoorna from where she got goats. Bondita tells him that Kanhaji gave her goats. Saurabh asks what? She remembers Sampoorna requesting her not tell truth to Saurabh. She then tells Saurabh that Kanhaiya Kaka gave. He has many goats, so he gave her 4. Saurabh asks her what she’s doing there alone? Sampoorna acts of eating spicy food. Saurabh goes to get water. Bondita tells her that this Tapasya is going to be hard, but she’ll manage. She asks her now her in-laws won’t find another girl for Saurabh, right? Sampoorna says because of her everything is good now. Bondita leaves. Saurabh comes and asks where she went. Sampoorna says she had to leave. He gives her water. She says she will only drink after he forgives her. He forgives her.


Bondita arrives at Brijvasi’s place and continues her Tapasya/work for Brijvasi. Brijvasi is amazed how people are getting fooled. Binoy is searching for Bondita. Trilochan sees him and is surprised to find Binoya at Kanha’s place. Binoy says it’s not like that. Trilochan insists him to come inside and try asking something to Kanha. He says he only has one question when Bondita will leave from their lives. Trilochan says, never! She was and will always remain their house’s daughter-in-law. Binoy says he doesn’t believe this and leaves. He sees Bondita’s sandals outside and thinks she must be somewhere there. Trilochan asks Kanha that Anirudh will be saved from Mini’s trap, right? Kanha doesn’t say anything. Brijvasi wonders why Bondita is not speaking anything. She is not feeling well. Brijvasi tells Trilochan that he will have to come back later as it’s Kanha’s rest time.

Binoy is still there. He hears Brijvasi asking Bondita to come out. He wonders what she was doing underground. Brijvasi tells her that Kanha is very happy with her Tapasya. He reminds her that she has to come tomorrow as well. She says she knows and she also knows that she can’t tell this to anyone. Brijvasi is happy. She leaves. Binoy is happy as Bondita herself gave him a reason to kick her out of the house and even village. Brijvasi thinks Bondita is perfect for Kanha’s voice. He thinks of taking her with him everywhere he goes. He says Anirudh was right that he came with all information of this village. Everyone is running on his fingers. Bondita is just his puppet. Tomorrow it’s a big day and then he will take all robbed money, as well Bondita as under Anirudh’s eyes.

Anirudh sees sindhoor on a table and asks Mini what sindhoor is doing there? She throws it away and says who kept it there despite her telling everyone that sindhoor is not in her destiny. Whoever has done it, she will scold that person and throw them out of the house. Anirudh says it’s not a big deal.She says it is. Sindhoor will remain as a dust in her life. It will never be a pride thing for her. Anirudh gets emotional. She asks him to tell her whether she will be ever able to see her forehead with sindhoor of his name in mirror. Does she have this happiness in her destiny? No, right? She wishes she had someone to fill her forehead with sindhoor. He recalls doctor’s words to give her everything she wants, she will stay happy. He thinks about Bondita and is in dilemma what to do. He brings sindhoor box to her. She thinks he will fill her forehead. He says her forehead will have sindhoor, if that’s what makes her happy. He is sure sooner or later she will find a very good life partner who will give her all the happiness.

She is shocked. He looks outside the window and sees Bondita’s effigy. He further says he is very happy seeing Bondita’s dedication towards studies. He spends hours teaching her dance and other side Bondita studies alone. She finishes all homework. He divided his times to fulfill his responsibilities towards both, but after seeing Bondita’s hard work, he really wants to say ‘good job Bondita’. He is teaching her dance now, but still cannot stop praising Bondita. Meanwhile, Bondita is rushing to return to home. Saree moves due to wind and Bondita’s effigy breaks. He rushes outside and cannot see Bondita. He gets worried and goes to check Bondita.Mini says this is not working, she will have to do something big so that Anirudh starts hating Bondita. Anirudh comes to study room and is shocked.

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