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Anupama 26 June 2022:Anupama tells Kinjal that she doesn’t like many of the things in Vanraj, but she didn’t see any hard working person like him. She tells her not to worry about home and give full dedication to her work. A staff member gives a letter to Vanraj saying Mr. Patel gave. Kinjal shows her chair to Anupama and says it’s just not a chair, it’s a power, an achievement. She asks Anupama to sit on the chair. Anupama hesitates. Kinjal says if she sits, then it will be lucky for her. She insists a lot and makes Anupama sit.

Anupama gets emotional. Kinjal says normally men sit there, but it’s a woman because of whom they are able to sit on that chair. A woman sacrifices all her dreams to be a housewife. Just like how offices have a big chair for bosses, every home should have a big chair for mothers. Kinjal asks her to sit comfortably. Anupama feels very happy.Vanraj enters and is shocked. Anupama’s smile disappears seeing him. He says, how dare you to sit on my chair, in my cabin. Wasn’t taking over my home enough that you are trying to take over his office now? What do you want? Why both saas-bahu are making my life hell? Anupama says she didn’t know it was his cabin. He asks how would she know! She was never capable enough that he would bring her to his office and show it to her. Kinjal tells him not to create scene. He says it’s them creating the scene. Kavya comes and provokes Vanraj that it wasn’t mere a coincidence that he lost job and Kinjal got a job in the same office.

Anupama is not as great as people think. Vanraj agrees saying he’s shocked. He didn’t see such avatar of Anupama in last 25 years. First she sat on the chair and now she’s acting she doesn’t know. His name is clearly written on the door. He checks and name plate is covered with white paper. A peon comes and removes the white paper, then takes out the name plate and it falls on the floor. He replaces it with Kinjal’s name. Vanraj is embarrassed. He looks at Anupama. Anupama picks up his name plate from the floor and says, if you create a scene, then you will become a scene. After that no matter how high his name plate is placed, his name will always be on floor. She gives his name plate to him, but he doesn’t take it. She says she was sad because he lost his job. But she is not responsible for him losing the job. He calls her uneducated, not capable enough to come to the office, and he thinks that she got him out of his job and put Kinjal on his place? It was his fate that he lost job and Kinjal got job because of her ability and qualification. Kinjal says and Anupama didn’t come there, she brought her. Vanraj asks why? She says because she’s her lucky charm.

She can come to her cabin at any time and sit on her chair as well. She says he must have come with some work, he can go ahead. He opens a drawer and takes out family photo. Anupama says first she wasn’t in family photo and now she won’t be in his fate either. He says despite saying she’s not there, she keeps coming in his life. He then wishes Kinjal all the best. She says thank you, sir. He snatches name plate from Anupama’s hand and leaves. Kinjal asks Anupama when all this will get fine? Anupama says she doesn’t know, but she is sure everything will be fine one day.Vanraj’s boss sees Vanraj in a lobby with his name plate in his hands. Boss asks why he took it out himself. Anyway, as he went to his cabin, he must have met Kinjal. Vanraj says so strange, work that he used to do, now his daughter-in-law. He taunts his boss that his company doesn’t run without Shahs. His boss attacks back saying, it’s amazing that no one lasted against him in that office except Kavya. In fact, he lost his job and Kavya is still there. He must be very lucky that women around him are becoming so successful. He gives his reference list saying with that, he will be able to get new job easily. Vanraj gets angry and reminds him that he is no longer his boss. He gives him back his reference list saying he will need it soon.

He quit company, not the industry. Anupama hears and thinks relations were already spoiled, now his fate is also spoiled. She hopes he gets a good job soon, so Kinjal can work without tension as well.Samar comes to Nandini with a gift. She asks which book is this now? He asks her to see. It’s a diary. She loves it. He says his previous diary got full and tells her to fill new diary with good things only. He’s there if she wants to share her sorrow. When she reads that diary in future, she should have a smile on her face. He holds her hand and kisses it. He goes away. She’s very happy. She starts writing in her new diary. She first writes Samar’s name.

Boss has arranged a conference. He says from now on, as per their new policy, they will assign a new talent for their new projects. Kinjal will be head of their new project. Kavya is angry. He tells Kinjal that he knows it’s her first project, but she doesn’t need to worry. Other employees including Kavya will assist her. After everyone leaves, Kavya says she must be very happy, right? But she got Vanraj’s position as a project head, that doesn’t mean she is her (Kavya’s) boss. Kinjal talks professionally and asks her to concentrate on their project. She expects personal and professional lives to remain separate. Kavya says she will change her team. Kinjal says, sure, she can try, but in case boss doesn’t agree, then she should remember what Kinjal just said.Anupama returns home. Baa says, good. Jhilmill has started troubling her already. Jhilmill says Baa is not letting her work peacefully. Mama and dad are having entertainment. Baa tells Anupama, see they are making her fun. Did Kinjal keep Jhilmill to do the work or argue with her? She first took away Vanraj’s chair and now put Jhilmill on her head. Anupama looks on. Baa tells her not to look like that. Vanraj told her everything.

Poor him doesn’t say anything that doesn’t mean saas-bahu can do anything. If they don’t want to live together, then don’t live. At least let him live peacefully. Anupama says, yes Baa, and walks away.Vanraj looks at his name plate and recalls Anupama telling him to answer the divorce notice as soon as he can.Kavya tells Vanraj that she was never insulted the way she was insulted today. Vanraj asks what he can do. She insists to reply to Anupama’s divorce notice as its not a news paper to read and keep it aside, Anu has challenged him. Anu informs Samar that Vanraj shouted at her and insulted her in office. Samar reacts. Anu says it was her mistake, she should have shut his mouth when he shouted her years ago; she kept silent due to sanskars, peace at home, and patni dharm; then she got habituated to be silent and Vanraj shouting at her; during wedding pheras, wife does pheras in front for 3 pheras adn then during 4th pheras husband comes front and wife goes behind and then never comes in front; wife keeps voice low and stands behind; she consoles herself when husband gets angry and never speak in high tone with her husband; her silence’s age elongates than her life; she learnt to reply but after her relationship ended.

Samar asks not to blame herself for her upbringing as she was taught that to be silent and anyone would feel that silently crying tolerating husband’s nonsense is greatness. Anu says his mother learnt to stand up for herself but that doesn’t mean she will push someone down, even she doesn’t want to push him down and wants separation in court peacefully without any drama.Kavya provokes Vanraj that she insulted him in office and even in divorce notice saying she doesn’t need any alimony from her, she is showing her greatness even here and she is sick. Vanraj reminisces Anu’s similar words and says he needs to strongly reply her.


Baa panics seeing grocery bill. Anu offers her tea. Baa asks if she saw the bill. Anu says yes, expenses have increased, but by god’s grace she, Toshu, and Kinjal are earning now. Baa says that doesn’t mean they will fly 2000 rs notes and asks if she brought chocolate corn flakes for Pakhi. Anu says yes she will feed her once she returns home someday. Mamaji with Bapuji walks in asking Samar when will he teach him hip hop dance. Kinjal returns home. Baa yells what did she do on her job’s first day. Anu offers her water and asks how was her first day. Kinjal says good. Baa asks if maide ki katori Kavya said something to her. Kinjal says Kavya is also working under same project. Samar asks if Kavya will work under her. She nods yes. Baa dances hearing that in happiness. Toshu returns. Anu offers him water and asks how was his first day. He says good, mom has given him responsibility to open Dave Coaching Centers in Mumbai. Samar asks if he will go to Mumbai. Toshu says yes, he cannot work sitting here. Kinjal looks at him.

Kavya introduces Vanraj to Ahemedabad’s best divorce lawyer Rohit Sethi. Vanraj says he had just heard about him and today met. Rohit says people wouldn’t like to meet him due to his profession. Back at home, Baa asks Toshu if he will go away from them. Toshu says not yet, still its a planning phase. Baa asks Anu if she will not feel bad if her son goes away. Anu says she will, but will not stop him as she wants her sons to fly high, she will feel bad if Toshu goes out and will feel more bad if Toshu’s dreams are not fulfilled. Baa asks if he has to take nagin Rakhi’s help for that. Anu says just like she is important to Kinjal, Rakhi is important to Toshu. Baa yells what kind of a woman she is, she doesn’t care if someone leaves home. Rohit tells Vanraj that Kavya briefed him about his divorce case. Vanraj shows him Anu’s sent notice. Rohit says he already read it and asks if he really wants to divorce his wife. Vanraj reminisces all the incidents. Kavya says he has to take divorce as there is nothing left. Vanraj says he doesn’t want to as there is a lot left between them, their 25-year-old memories and children, he can be angry on her but cannot leave her. Rohit asks again if he really wants divorce from his wife.

Baa continues yelling that Toshu thought of leaving them, but Anu broke whole house. Bapuji asks her not to blame Anu. Kinjal says Anu is right that shifting to another city should be their mutual decision and not only his. Toshu shouts if she thought before taking over papa’s job without even thinking how papa would feel. Baa backs him and yells at Anu that her children are following her. Anu says her situation was different and she doesn’t want a similar situation between Toshu and Kinjal. Kinjal says they need to talk. Toshu says yes we need to and walks to his room. Anu goes to prepare coffee for them. Baa yells that because of Anu, Vanraj left house and now Toshu and Kinjal, she broke the house and now Vanraj will not keep quiet. Vanraj says yes to Rohit. Kavya gets happy hearing that. Rohit says he will start his divorce proceedings along with Kavya and Anirudh’s. Vanraj says he needs to reply to Anu’s divorce notice. Rohit says don’t worry about that. Kavya thanks Rohit.

Kinjal confronts Toshu that he is becoming like papa and ignoring and yelling at her like Papa used used to with Mummy. Toshu shouts why she is overreacting and when she can take decisions why can’t he. She asks how can she leave house and run behind him. He asks then why did she elope with him. She says they were thinking only about themselves then, which was wrong, now they are married and cannot stay away from family peacefully. He says people stay in different cities, what is wrong if they dream about about a better life, he wants move ahead. She asks it means he wants to leave dear ones behind. He says he is just doing his job. She says this also means he is forcing her to quit her job. He shouts so what, Dave Coaching Center belongs to her. She says thank you for reminding her. He says everyone in this house are taking their decision and what is wrong if he does same, why she wants to become an ideal wife like mummy than a good wife. She asks if mummy was not a good wife. He says that is not a point, point is she wasn’t like this before. She says even he has changed. He says they need to change. She asks if love also changes. He says there is a time to go to Mumbai and they will discuss about it later. She says fine, now she realized that her mom was right and she was wrong, but when mom is doing wrong now he is thinking her right; she doesn’t know about personal life, he will do his best in professional life. He says she will do best in both.

Samar walks to Anu and asks if she will handle if Toshu goes away. She nods yes. He asks what if he goes. She turns crying. He says she is crying hearing that and even he is crying. She says when children go, they want to leave the house, a piece of mother’s heart goes away if they go, but her whole heart will go away if he goes, she wants him to move ahead and succeed in life, but if he goes she will feel as if her life is going; she will not stop him though as Bapuji says there is different between love and infatuation, one that is free is love and holding forcefully is infatuation. He hugs her emotionally and says Anupama I hate tears re. She laughs saying pagal chokra/mad boy.Vanraj gets his sling removed at hospital. Kavya thanks god that its gone. He says he feels pain though and says Rohit had called and they need meet him to sign divorce papers. She says she has some work, so if he has go in a cab. He agrees and calls taxi. Rakhi stops her car and taunts Vanraj that good his sling is out and asks Kavya if she didn’t go to office as she has important presentation. Kavya stands shocked. Rakhi says she is maa and not Anupama, she will obviously find out everything related to her daughter; she taunts Vanraj that she forgot that he lost his job, she feels sorry for him that he lost his house and job, he must be feeling more bad seeing her daughter in his place.

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