Anupama update Monday 27 June 2022

Anupama 27 June 2022: Vanraj asks Rakhi to do something new instead of her same old taunts and asks if she doesn’t get bored with it. Rakhi taunts back saying she can understand his frustration as his wife threw a divorce notice on his face, he must be in a seeing a simple housewife Anu taking such a big step, its shocking for even her; she thought if he leaves Anu, she cannot tolerate it and would die in sorrow, but she will take revenge from him and a cow has become injured tiger who will not spare him; she knew that Kinjal is going for interview to his company, but she didn’t stop him; she even sat on his chair yesterday;

he must be thinking how did she find out about it, she has her sources all around; a masala grinding woman has grinded a chutney out of him; she heard Anu just asked divorce without any alimony, Anu will take revenge for his each heinous act whether she ask alimony or not. Vanraj says even he hasn’t worn bangles and will reply to each Anu’s attack. Rakhi taunts that he is very naive and doesn’t have a bit of scope in this case, woman are always pitied and Anu will become a victim with her tears and Vanraj/Kavya will become villians and society will spit on them and they won’t be able to show their face to anyone, Anu will become a star of everyone’s eyes and a messiah of husband-tortured women, he never knows she may become a political party leader as she gives speeches well; she can see only darkness for them, only Vanraj has lost a job and Anu may get Kavya also out of job and they may not even have money to pay a lawyer. She finally says she spoke what she wanted to and they can leave now. Vanraj stands tensed reminiscing his nameplate on floor.

After annual function preparation, students tell Anu that they enjoyed a lot and ask if they will win. She says winning or losing is in god’s hands, they just need to perform their best. They say she is so cool. Pakhi stands jealous noticing that. Anu noticing her sees off students and rushing to Pakhi tries to pamper her and then offers her burger. Pakhi stands silently. Anu keeps burger in her bag and asks if she is happy at Kavya’s house as she doesn’t have Samar, grandparents, mother, and Kinjal there; they all remember her. Pakhi says she is fine. Anu says house is empty without her and asks how is her practice going, if Kavya is teaching her well. Pakhi reminisces requesting Kavya to teach her dance as they didn’t even select a song yet. Kavya says she is very tensed as Anu has sent Kinjal over her who troubles her a lot, so she cannot manage. Anu asks if someone is sad. Pakhi walks away. Anu prays god to keep Pakhi happy.

At home, Baa says she was happy earlier thinking Kinjal hasn’t gone on her mom, but if she had gone it would have been good as she would have made Kavya insane with her taunts. Anu asks why should they think bad about someone, what will they get by giving pain to someone, and prays god that Kavya stays happy in her house and they stay happy in their house. She walks picking sauce bottles and drops them seeing Vanraj coming in front of her suddenly. Vanraj says she wanted a reply to her divorce notice and now he has brought now. He shouts that she says she doesn’t want anything and just peaceful divorce and on the other side she is showing that she is tortured by her husband and wants to prove her greatness by not asking alimony; as if he is destroyed, met with an accident and lost his job because of her curse; she is acting great and on the other side her plans to insult and destroy him; on the other side her arrogance and stubbornness; she wants to prove that she left him instead. She says she cannot understands what he is saying. He asks her to read the notice in front of everyone. Anu opens notice and looks at it.

He laughs and says he forgot that she doesn’t know English. Samar takes notice and stands shocked reading it. Vanraj smirks at him. Anu asks what is written in it. Vanraj says whatever written is truth. Anu and Baa insist to read. Samar says its written that Anu is.. Kinjal reads notice next and angrily looks at Vanraj. Anu asks again what is written in it. Vanraj asks if she will or he should. Kinjal says its written that Anu is mentally unstable, she gets panic attacks and staying with her is risky for his life, so he needs divorce from her. Family stands shocked heafring that.Bapuji asks Vanraj how can he stoop so low, he taught him to maintain his decency even in anger. Baa says she supported him always but not in this matter. Toshu asks what is this. Kinjal says this is nonsense, how can call mummy insane to satisfy his ego. Vanraj says its between his and his wife, so they shouldn’t interfere. He asks Anu if she remembers how she used to get panic attacks repeatedly, how she sat behind a swinger at midnight, how she got panic attack during their second wedding night, he himself saw her getting panic attacks and don’t know how many times she would have got panic attacks, even she knows that she is mentally unstable and repeats if she agrees or not.

Anu shouts yes she gets panic attacks; she hid behind swinger and her hands were shivering in fear. He says she agrees then. She says its true and there is a reason behind it. He asks what is it. She shouts Vanraj Shah, he is the reason for her fear, a woman shivers when the ground under her slips and his betrayal slipped the ground under her; she considered him as god, but he betrayed her; she became what he wanted to; this story may be bitter, but its ending will not be bitter; his story was cheap, but now its disgusting. Vanraj says he replies he is questioned; she insulted him in his house, office and everywhere; now she will realize what is insult. Anu says she has suffered insult for 25 years and suffocation and wanted to live freely, but he cannot even tolerate that; if a 25-year-old sandalwood tree is cut, it spreads perfume even then, but nothing is left here; a woman ties many knots around her which she cannot open even if she wants, but his heinous act opened all her knots and a hidden feeling left in the corner of her house for him died today, now everything is finished.

She continues that good he showed his heinous face in front of everyone, now Toshu will not blame her, Baa will realize that her son is unfit to even for hatred. She is thankful for clearing her hurdle and replying to her divorce notice; he tried to throw dirt on her, but when a woman, wife, and mother’s heart is hurt, she becomes fire and dirt cannot stay on fire; he can do whatever he wants and stoop low, she will reply to his each answer in front of everyone in court; he left his house and she left her fear; she thought this story will end peacefully, but if a few more pagers are to be added, she is ready for it as she is different now and he should remember it. Family watches them silently. Vanraj says if she is different, then he is not earlier Vanraj, now there won’t be any hesitation but battle.

Vanraj walks away after fighting with Anu. Anu falls down reminiscing his words. Kinjal and Samar hold her and request to calm down as she doesn’t have to think much about what papa told and it shouldn’t affect her. Baa yells to spoil Anu more by supporting her. Kinjal pleads to stop at this time. Baa walks away. Samar repeats she doesn’t have to think anything at this time. Anu shouts why should she think now, he told in front of his children, parents, and Mamaji that she is mentally insane; she is really mentally insane or else she wouldn’t have expected respect from him, would have insulted him in court, wouldn’t have thought of peaceful ending of this relationship and let him live peacefully. Samar says he is frustrated seeing divorce notice and doesn’t know what he is doing. Kinjal says he is feeling bad seeing her speaking after 25 years, so she wants to break her courage. Anu says her heart is broken but not courage. Samar says she should give a befitting reply to Mr. Shah. Samar shouts to stop provoking mummy against papa. Samar says he was papa but not anymore after today’s had, he had already stopped calling him papa. Toshu says blood relationship cannot be denied, he made a mistake, but they cannot deny that his blood is running in our veins.

Samar asks what was he doing when Mr. Shah when he alleged mummy as mentally unstable. Toshu shouts he told in anger. Samar says even he says that he is a cheap mean. Toshu holds his collar. Samar says even he felt angry when he called mummy mentally unstable, he feels bad seeing Toshu not supporting mummy. Toshu shouts if he should pour ghee in fire and provoke mummy more. Samar says he will the whole world how cheap Mr. Shah is. Toshu holds his collar again and shouts enough, he will hit him if he speaks against papa. Samar says truth will not change. Toshu shouts mummy is responsible for whatever is happening and not papa; mummy knows papa is very short tempered, even then she hurt his ego. Kinjal and Anu look at him in shock. Toshu blames Anu that she sent him divorce notice and papa just reacted to it. Samar says if he feels so, he feels really sorry for bhabi as he sees Vanraj Shah in him. Toshu shouts if he will shout at his brother. Samar says he will. Their physical fight starts. Bapuji asks them to stop. Toshu walks away. Kinjal walks behind him. Samar leaves home. Anu sits shocked.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. Kavya asks if Anu read the notice and what did she say. He drinks water and says she was in shock seeing notice reply and boasted that she has changed and will not keep quiet, so even he told that he will give her a befitting reply. Kavya says he did right, now Anu will keep quiet. She then provokes him to claim his house also. He says there is no need for that as its his parents’ house. She asks what after his parents’ death, she may not even take care of his parents after sometime. Vanraj says Anupama would never do that, she is bad and arrogant, but not a cheat; she will not stoop low to trouble his children and parents. Kavya says she is doing everything which tyey couldn’t think, they couldn’t think she should play such a big level game, he should throw her out, when family and house belong to him, he shouldn’t think much; she will be back to her senses when she will be on road. Samar enters and shouts how dare she is to talk rubbish about his mummy.

Toshu tells Kinjal that he kept quiet as Samar is younger to him. Kinjal says whatever Samar told is right. Toshu shouts that she is also supporting Samar, he is not surprised as she thinks that mummy is a devi and papa a villain. Anu hears their conversation standing near door. Baa yells at her its a sound of her house breaking, she and they all are paying to satisfy her ego and self-respect. Kinjal says just because Vanraj is his papa doesn’t mean he is right. Toshu says he wanted to correct things, but mummy didn’t give him a chance. Baa yells that people say right that a woman can unite the house and even break it; she used to think maide hi katori kavya broke their house, but truth is she broke their house. Toshu says they shouldn’t speak if she supports mummy. Kinjal says fine, anyways they are fighting more than chatting these days. Anu walks shattered and hears Baa blaming Anu and Bapuji confronting that she is blind in son’s love and cannot see what he did, he called Anu as mentally insane and what not.

Baa says Anu provoked him. He asks what if someone provokes him to kick her out of house, will it be his mistake or one who provoked him. Baa says whatever it is, Anu is the reason for all this, because of her Vanraj left home, Pakhi is staying with Kavya, two brothers are fighting, even Kinjal and Toshu are fighting, don’t know what else is left to see.Vanraj asks sSamar what is he doing here. He says Vanraj did and he came to reply. Vanraj asks to return home and not create drama. Samar says he is mummy’s son and even has his blood in him, so he came to create drama. Vanraj shouts to behave himself. Kavya shouts its her house and he should get out. He says he came speak to Mr. Shah and confronts Vanraj that his life is revolving around necessity and stubbornness, he wanted mummy’s service when fell ill and was taking only her name and now after getting well is back to Kavya to show his stubbornness; he has even ego and when its hurt, he comes to blame mummy like today and called her mentally unstable; he was so different a few days ago as he wanted to return to the house and family, he celebrated birthday and behaved so well with mummy; he should be an actor instead of being in corporate. Kavya shouts shut up. He says he is speaking to his mummy’s husband and says if mummy is not taking revenge, god is punishing him by performing his accident and then snatching his job; he is lucky that he married mummy 25 years ago, if he was not his mummy’s husband and grandparents’ son, he would have slapped him. Vanraj shouts enough. Samar shouts not to shout as he is not the one who will be silent, he used to be in limits because of mummy, but now he will not. Vanraj shouts if he is not ashamed to speak to his father like this. Samar says he feels ashamed to call him his father. Kavya shouts enough, its her house and she will not let him insult V. She provokes Vanraj that Anu has sent Samar to fight with him and she has manipulated Samar and using Vanraj’s weakness as weapon, she is such a mean cheap woman. Samar warns to shut up. Kavya continues that Anu acts as good, but she is a mean, cheap and manipulative woman. Samar shouts you..

Vanraj raises hand, but Samar holds it.Anu cleans mess on floor and sits crying reminiscing all the incidents happened today. Mamaji walks in and says its not her mistake. Anu says Samar left home in anger, she is worried that he may… Mamaji says Samar is mature and he will call Samar and find out. Anu prays god to protect Samar. Samar warns Vanraj that his mummy taught him not to misbehave with elders, so he will stop him instead of replying, but if he raises his hand on mummy, he can break it, etc. Kavya provokes Samar to argue even with her and hit her on her mother’s order. Vanraj asks her to stop it as Samar is a kid. Kavya say she is not a kid but his mummy’s puppet and came to hit her. She continues provoking him continuously. He angrily raises hand but throws nearby stuff down and says he will not stoop low like her as his mummy taught her to respect women and not like her boyfriend who insults women. He walks away angrily. Kavya asks Vanraj if he saw what Samar did.

Vanraj says he saw everything, she provoked Samar, but he didn’t do anything. She insists him to take an action or else if she does, he cannot do anything. He doesn’t react. She says she will not keep quiet for his wife and son’s misbehavior. She calls police and files police complaint against Samar. Anu gets worried for Samar.

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