Anupama update Saturday 25 June 2022


Anupama 25 June 2022: Kavya fumes in anger and says she can’t believe that company will choose Kinjal who has no experience at all as new project head, now she has to report under Kinjal for the new project. At home, Kinjal swears that she didn’t know that she is getting Vanraj’s job. Baa yells not to lie as she purposefully took Vanraj’s job to insult him. Kinjal says she is thinking wrong. Baa continues that she and Anu want to insult Vanraj. Anu says she doesn’t even know where Vanraj works like her. Baa says Rakhi must have informed her then. Toshu asks not to drag Rakhi mom in this. Anu says he is right. Kavya continues shouting that Anu must be knowing about job interview and is taking revenge from Vanraj, now Kinjal will sit on her head. Baa insists Anu to ask Kinjal to leave her job.

Anu says company first terminated Vanraj and then gave job to Kinjal. Bapuji and mamaji back her and say if Kinjal leaves the job, company will hire someone else. Baa says Kinjal ahs to work with maide ki katori Kavya. Kinjal says she will not mix her professional and personal life and even she is sure Kavya will do same as she is a hard working professional woman. Kavya on the other side shouts professional my foot, Kinjal will vent out her anger in office and Anu will fill Kinjal’s ears, she hopes Baa or someone else should stop her. Baa continues insisting Kinjal to leave her job to stop Kavya bothering them. Toshu backs Baa and orders Kinjal to leaver job to stop any further complications at home. Samar says he is feeling bad for Mr. Shah, but its unfair to ask bhabhi to leave her job. Anu says he is right. Samar says Kinjal’s career will be affected if she rejects her first job. Kinjal says exactly, why should she. Toshu (who is a replica of his father) shouts because her husband is ordering her. Kinjal stands shocked hearing that.

Anu scolds him that a wife walks along husband and not behind him, he shouldn’t dare speak rudely to Kinjal either outside or in room. Kinjal pleads to let her work. Toshu says she will also not interfere then as he joined Dave Coaching classes. Kinjal confronts that he himself joined a job and wants her to leave her job. He says if she doesn’t he will also not whether she feels good or bad. Toshu walks to his room and looks at his appointment letter. Even Kinjal looks at her appointment letter.Samar meets Nandini and says mom missed new batch’s first online dance class. Nandini says its okay as Anu had family emergency and will give more time during next class. He says he will leave now, then looks at her. She asks lol, why he is giving lots of looks. He says he is seeing if his love is more beautiful or the person he loves, lol. She asks what does this lol mean. He says he knows and walks away.

Baa asks Bapuji why didn’t he explain Kinjal and Anu. Bapuji says he is tired of explaining everyone; Vanraj’s company ignored his years of hard work and terminated him, when situation is not in their favor, how can they fight with dear ones. Baa says when they were together, they could cross mountains of problems, but when they separated they can’t even move a pebble, their family separated and they just became spectators. Pakhi walks to them and they excitedly hug her and ask how is she. She says she is fine. Baa takes her in and asks if maide ki katori doesn’t give her food, she looks so lean in 2 days. She greets Mamaji. Samar asks if she forgot Kavya’s house address. She asks if he has any problem, if he wants to takeover her room. He says its not her room. Their nok jhok starts. Toshu enters and they both hug each other happily. Kinjal also greets her.

Anu gets very happy seeing her and hugs and kisses her, says she saw her in school but feels she is seeing her after many years, if she didn’t remember her, at least she would have called her. Pakhi says she came to take her stuff. Anu goes to bring her sandwich and cold coffee. Baa asks if she gets proper food. Pakhi says Kavya has hired a maid and she cooks for them. Anu hurriedly prepares sandich and cold coffee for Pakhi and serves her. She silently eats sandwich. Anu suggests her to do her own task, clean her bed, and prepare her own snacks and not depend on Kavya. She asks why didn’t she oil her hair. Pakhi asks not to worry as she will manage. Baa asks her to inform Kavya. Anu says she shouldn’t be a burden on anyone. Pakhi says she is not a burden on bestie Kavya. Samar warns to behave with mummy. Bapuji asks how are her studies going. Pakhi says she has annual function in her school. Anu says she is teaching dance to her class students for function. Pakhi says there is no need for that as she will solo perform with Kavya’s help. Baa says Kayva knows to do drama. Pakjhi says Kavya teaches her dance well and she will win competition for sure.

Vanraj gets worried for Pakhi. Kavya yells that Anu must be brainwashing her. Back at home, Kinjal offers her bag to Pakhi. Pakhi says she will take it from Kavya. Anu says she should accept bhabhi’s gift. Pakhi yells at Anu that if she loved her, she wouldn’t have let papa go and she never did anything for her. Anu says she let her go for her happiness and children’s happiness is most important to a mother, she can stay wherever she likes but should visit sometimes to meet them. Pakhi says she doesn’t think she will come. Bapuji asks why she is saying this, this is her house. Pakhi says its mummy’s house, mummy didn’t forgive papa and didn’t let him stay in this house, so she will not forgive mummy. Kavya calls her. Pakhi excitedly rushes to her and gets into car. Anu gets snacks for Kavya and gives it to Kavya. Kavya says there is no need for that. Anu says Pakhi is a kid and troubles sometimes, but calms down if she does so. Kavya says she knows Pakhi since 8 years and knows that she has her father and Bestie. Anu says but not mother and tries to leave. Kavya stops her and says Vanraj’s job termination and getting Kinjal in his place is her conspiracy.

Anu smiles and says she is pity on her to think like this. Kavya says Anu must have used some influence from her supporters in higher management. Anu says her supporter is above all, her Kanhaji. Kavya says Kinjal is unfit for the job. Anu says if she was unfit, then company wouldn’t have given her a job and she is sure her bahu will succeed with her talent. Kavya says she will accept it as challenge and knows how to reply. Anu emotionally sees off Pakhi asking her to take care of herself. She says she doesn’t mind what Vanraj and Kavya think of her, but what she thinks matters to her as she feels bad when she thinks her mother is wrong; she will be back to her once she realizes difference between right and wrong and she will wait for that day. Anu then performs pooja in kitchen with Kinjal and starts cooking. Kinjal asks if she has annual day function practice after school. Anu says she will get late today and says she is very happy that she is participating in this function and even Pakhi is there, Kavya is teaching her though, she hopes she fulfills her responsibility. Kinjal asks not to worry as she will rock. Anu says even she will rock.


Kinjal says she is so cute. Anu says a mother has to update herself over time, else she will be called old fashioned; she is learning so much from new generation, Kinjal is not at all nervous to face job’s first day and is so confident, but there was no self-confidence in her genarations as girls were always stopped from doing anything saying they are girls, but in new generation they learn they are girls and can live on their own terms. Kinjal says even Kavya is on her project. Anu says she shouldn’t bother and rock. Kinjal asks if Vanraj replied to her divorce notice. Anu says no. Kinjal asks if he changed his mind. Anu says he must be tensed regarding his job loss.Vanraj searches job over phone. Kavya says maid will come in sometime to help him and she will drop Pakhi to school. Vanraj says thanks. She says she has spoken regarding his job in 2-3 places, something will happen for sure. He says even he knows something will happen and she need to inform. She asks why men are so egoistic, from asking directions on road to taking help from girlfriend in job. He says good day and ignores her. She says its not going to be good day as his lovely bahu Kinjal will join job. He gets Dholakia’s call and informs Kavya that Dholakia called him to settle his dues at once. She says Kinjal will be there today. He says Dholakia wants to embarrass him more, its his job’s last day and Kinjal’s first day.

Baa feeds sweet curd to Kinjal and Toshu and wishes them good luck for their first day of job. Mamaji jokes. Anu feeds them curds next and wishing them all the best suggests not to mix professional and personal life and to work really hard. Kinjal says her mom didn’t drop her to school when it was her school’s first day, but she wants Anu to drop her to office on her first day as she is her lucky charm. Baa says she didn’t ask her. Bapuji comments if she goes, everything will spoil. She asks what? He means she needs to manage house here, else everything will spoil. Anu reminisces earlier incident where Vanraj doesn’t take her to office’s couple dinner party and rudely orders her take Meenu to hospital instead. Out of flashback, Anu says she never went to Vanraj’s office. Baa says he must be having some problem. Kinjal says whatever the reason is, he should have taken mummy to his office. On the other side, Kavya asks Vanraj to directly go to HR instead of facing Kinjal. Back to home, Anu says she will get ready soon. Kinjal says she is perfect the way she is. Baa says Anu didn’t take her to school till now. Bapuji says they don’t have a period of taunting in school. Mamaji laughs. Kinjal speaks to maid Jhilmil and hires her for full time household chores.

Baa yells if she will take all the decisions now. Kinjal says when she and Anu are going out for work, someone needs to be there to take care of Baa and Bapuji. Baa yells who will pay maid’s salary. Kinjal says she will. Their arguments start. Baa yells at Kinjal for long. Bapuji asks her not to stretch the issue and to let Kinjal go. Baa asks how cans he when her babu’s bahu is snatching he rhome ministry designation and continues yelling that Jhilmil will not prepare tasty food like Anu. Anu says she will prepare food. Kinjal asks why mummy is punished for preparing tasty food. Baa yells again. Toshu asks Kinjal not to misbehave with Baa. Kinjal says why should she, mummy works so hard and apart from that she has to do all house hold chores. Baa asks who will work if Jhilmil takes leave. Kinjal says they will order from hotel. Baa yells she will make them bankrupt. Bapuji warns her to stop now and let Kinjal go to her job. Baa walks away yelling. Bapuji tells Anu and Kinjal are his house’s laxmi and they need not bother about Baa’s taunts, he will handle her. Mamaji jokes again.

Vanraj with Kavya reaches office building. Security guard stops him and asks to sign on register. Vanraj says if he hasn’t seen him before. Guard says without ID, he cannot let anyone enter without entry. Kavya does entry on his behalf and takes him him. Anu with Kinjal reaches office next and gets mesmerized seeing such a big office. Kinjal shows her ID card and takes Anu in asking why didn’t papa bring her to office till now. Vanraj meets Dholakia who informs that he informed HR to settle everything at once as he doesn’t want to waste his time. Vanraj says he is very busy and good Dholakia knows about it. Dholakia says even he is busy and asks him to brief about his job to new candidate, Vanraj must be feeling weird seeing his bahu taking over his place. Anu enters office with Kinjal, and Kavya gets jealous noticing that. Kinjal takes her to her cabin. Anu touches door’s feet and says its a big cabin like they show in films, Toshu’s father was in big designation and must be having similar office, he gave 27 years for this office, worked really hard, and gave his best to this company. Vanraj walks towards his cabin to check once.

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