Lost in Love update Saturday 25 June 2022

Lost in Love 25 June 2022: Virat tells Sai that Pulkit lied to her that Harini is his and Devi’s mother and made Madhuri as Harini’s guardian, so he doubts that Harini and Pulkit and Madhuri’s daughter. Sai says he has misunderstood as Pulkit considers Madhuri as his sister. Virat (portrays himself as the dumbest IPS officer on earth) asks then why Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. Sai says they both call each other with short form of their name, Madhuri calls Harini as Hari and Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. Virat asks if Pulkit to her this and she blindly trusted him.

Sai says he is blindly trusting an anonymous letter which is sent to defame Pulkit, what if she sends an anonymous letter that Virat Chavan is a smuggler, will he consider it true and arrest himself. Virat angrily looks at her and says if she thinks this is a conspiracy, he will investigate after holi and find out who send this letter and its location, its a question of his family and Devi’s dignity. Pakhi standing near door hears their conversation. Virat notices her and asks if she had some work. She says she will come after sometime. He says she came at the right time as he was explaining Sai that Pulkit is cooking up stories to fool Sai and gain her trust. Pakhi says she is sure that Sai is intelligent and not a fool. Sai says she is intelligent and knows that Pulkit is not lying.

Pakhi asks how can she trust Pulkit who went missing years ago and din’t even come once to meet Devi, its because Chavan family knows about Pulkit’s intentions. Sai says it doesn’t take time to know a person’s truth, she is sure Pulkit is right and she doesn’t care what other family members think. Virat asks her to end this topic right now, he knows what to do with Pulkit and knows Pulkit’s end will not be good for breaking Devi’s heart, so Sai shouldn’t support Pulkit or else she will also be in trouble. Sai says she will face any trouble for Devi’s happiness. Pakhi (in an asthmatic voice) asks to let elders handle these issues and when elders don’t want Devi and Pulkit’s relationship to come out, why she is hell bent to bear unnecessary responsibility. Sai says she can bear any responsibility and will do whatever she feels right.

Virat yells Pakhi is trying to suggest her something good, but Sai is finding wrong even in it. Pakhi says how ever she tries to protect herself, Virat’s wife always insults her; she had come to talk about Samrat but didn’t want to disturb him. Sai says Virat doesn’t get disturbed with her presence and even she doesn’t as Pakhi’s presence doesn’t matter to her, but her presence disturbs Pakhi, so she should go out and speak with Virat as she cannot leave this room often. Virat says let us go out and speak about Samrat and warns Sai not to discuss about Devi and Pulkit’s marriage with him or any family member until he completes his investigation.Virat takes Pakhi to terrace and asks what she wants to talk about Virat. Pakhi says she sent many letters to Samrat’s office, but always getsa reply that the don’t know about Virat’s whereabouts yet and will inform her once they find out; she can console herself, but how will she console Mansi and Bhavani.

Virat says even he doesn’t know as he called Samrat’s office many times, now even brigadier Sood doesn’t pick his call as he doesn’t have any answer when will Samrat return; they can just pray god for Samrat’s safety. He gets emotional saying this is a first holi where his brother Jeeva is not with him. She consoles him and says this is her first holi after marriage and her husband is not with her, but Virat has his wife with her. She starts badmouthing about Sai again.Sai cries looking at Aaba’s pic and asks if she does whatever she likes, Pakhi alleges her and now even Virat thinks same; she wants Pulkit and Devi’s marriage and knows Pulkit is right, but the whole world including Virat is against this marriage; her Aaba taught her that one blow can break a bridge and like Aaba used to fight against injustice risking his life, even she will fight for justice taking a risk as she cannot see Devi sad anymore. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is not bad at hear, but stubborn and doesn’t stop till she reaches her destiny. Pakhi asks him to make sure Sai’s act doesn’t trouble family and she hopes after Virat’s warning, Sai will not go against him. Virat hopes same.

Next morning, Sai gets ready remembering Virat informing about seeing Sangeeta’s name as Pulkit’s spouse in college document and she seeing Devi’s name and thinks of getting that document and showing it to family. She walks to Devi’s room, sees her crying remembering Pulkit, consoles her and walks to kitchen to help Ashwini prepare food. Ashwini asks why she came to kitchen so early. Sai asks her to take care of Devi as she is in deep sorrow remembering Pulkit. Ashwini says she knows. Bhavani enters and yells at them. Sai says Pulkit is not wrong. Bhavani yells that she doesn’t trust her and is more worried about Devi, so she will not agree for Pulkit and Devi’s wedding. Pakhi enters yelling at Pakhi and says she pities on Virat that he married Sai. Sai confronts her and starts preparing tea. Bhavani stops her saying Pakhi will prepare tea and taunts to go to college directly and not somewhere else. Sai thinks she will bring document and prove that Pulkit is not a betrayer.

Sai reaches college admin office and sees nobody there. She sees Pulkit’s profile file in cupboard and tries to open it, but its locked. Peon enters and asks how did she enter without permission. Sai says she called, but no one replied. Peon informs that holi holidays have started and staff has left. Sai asks if Vinayak sir had come. He says he just left now and must be in parking area. Sai rushes to Vinayak and reminding him about coming with Pulkit requests to show him Pulkit’s profile file, but Vinayak leaves saying he cannot give staff details to anyone. She thinks she has to wait for 1 week to find out truth.

Bhavani, Saloni, Pakhi, and Ashwini are in kitchen when they hear Devi breaking stuff in her room and rush to her room. Devi panics and insists to return her gift which Pulkit gave her. Ashwini tries to calm her down. Devi collapses. Ashwini worried rushes to bring water for her. Bhavani asks Pakhi to call Ninad and Omkar and ask them to bring doctor along. Ashwini informs Sai about same, and Sai rushes home. Devi subconsciously murmurs Pulkit, she wants to marry Pulkit, Sai.. Doctor gives her injection and tells Bhavani that Devi is going through a shock which affected her mind badly, it must be old or new issue and they have to assure her that her problem will be solved. Sai asks what if they can’t convince her that they will solve her problem. Doctor says then they will have to admit her in hospital, he has given her hypnotic injection and she will sleep for sometime, they can call her if there is any problem. Bhavani pampers Devi and angrily looks at Sai. Ashwini asks everyone to leave and let Devi rest.

Sai calls Pulkit and when he doesn’t pick call voice mails him that Devi’s condition is really bad and she needs his help. Bhavani blames Sai that Devi’s condition worsened because of her. Ninad and Omkar (who were waiting for their chance) back her and yell that if she had not brought servant’s son Pulkit home, Devi’s condition wouldn’t have been worse and doctor wouldn’t have decided to send Devi to a hospital.Sai says they may blame her and if they listen to their inner voice, they will hear that they are responsible for Devi’s condition by separating her from her love; she will call Virat and inform him about Devi’s condition, maybe Virat will understand and may get Devi and Pulkit married.

Ashwini informs that Pulkit has gone to Amaravati. Sai says he didn’t inform her. Sonali yells how will she know as she is just hellbent to get Devi and Pulkit married.

Ashwini says Virat has gone to complete some assignments. Omkar yells he will send Sai to hospital. Sai warns to keep his thinking to himself and says they should understand that Pulkit really loves Devi and will keep her happy. Sonali yells if she is not happy even after this. Omkar yells good Virat is not here or else he would have taught her a lesson. Ashwini asks them to stop bothering Sai and says they should think of Devi as her condition is really worse and they need to worry for her. Bhavani yells that its all because of jungli mulgi Sai, but now she has to think what she didn’t want to. Sonali asks what she will do.

Bhavani says she always thought good for her daughter, but now she cannot see her daughter’s condition; Pulkit was their servan’t son and will always be; she never wanted Pulkit to marry Devi. She says Sai that she told Pulkit is not married to anyone else and asks her to bring Pulkit to her and make him prove that the evidence which Virat gave against Pulkit is wrong. Sai asks her to repeat. Bhavani repeats. Sai akss if she really wants to meet Pulkit. Bhavani says yes. Ninad and Omkar yell why she wants to meet a man who married someone else and is living with another woman.

Saloni also yells and tries to change her decision. Bhavani says they can’t imagine how helpless she is feeling, Devi was 15 years old when her father passed away and since then I am taking all decisions of this house; it was her decision to separate Devi from Pulkit and Ninad and Omkar just helped her; she cannot her daughter’s bad condition anymore, now situation has changed and along with being a head of this family, she is also a mother and a mother cannot see her daughter’s worse condition, so she is helpless in front of her motherhood.She holds Sai’s hand and says she used to curse her and now is seeking help from her for her daughter; she asks Sai to bring Pulkit to her.Sai asks if Pulkit proves his innocence, will she get Pulkit and Devi married. Bhavani says yes, leaving all her puppets in shock and Sai and Ashwini happy.

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