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Anupama 24 September 2022: Vanraj comforts Pakhi when she breaks down. At Kapadia house, Ankush asks Anuj and Anupama if they are fine. They nod yes. Barkha asks how can they be fine seeing Vanraj’s drama. Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t have problem with her children’s visit, but has problem with Vanraj’s uncalled anger as Little Anu stays here and he doesn’t want any adverse affect on her mind. Adhik says he thinks Vanraj uncle.. Anuj warns him to zip his mouth and sks what was the need to visit Shah house and seek Pakhi’s clothes. Barkha says actually Adhik. Anuj warns him to stop supporting Adhik for his wrongdoings and says she should consult Anupama first before making any commitment to Pakhi and should be careful from hereon. Anupama holds his hand and tries to control his anger. Anuj asks Adhik not to visit Shah house from hereon and Barkha not to ask Pakhi to stay here as only her parents would decide about her in the future. He walks away followed by Ankush.

Vanraj tells Pakhi that he tries to be a good father each day, but children consider only mother as a friend and father as an enemy; he tried his best to become her friend, she should consider him at least a father if not a friend. He says he has only his parents and children in his life and he does everything for his children and doesn’t want to separate them from his life. Kavya feels bad hearing that. Anupama on the other side thinks she will not let her children go away from at any cost. Ankush apologizes Anuj on Barkha and Adhik’s behalf and says he will speak to them. Anuj thanks him. Ankush asks if heis angry on Anupama. Anuj says never. Ankush asks him to chill and complements on his nail paint saying even Sara used to do same with him during childhood. Anuj laughs.

Vanraj tells Pakhi that he will work hard and earn money for her and needs her support in that. Pakhi apologizes Vanraj for her act and says Anupama doesn’t love him anymore as she loves her new daughter now. Kinjal says is not like that. Pakhi says or else either Anuj or Anupama would have asked her to stay back at least once. Ankush tongue lashes Adhik for trying to misuse Pakhi as he will not gain anything out off it. Adhik asks what is wrong in trying, he will get a lot as parents love their children unconditionally and Vanraj’s tough image would easily melt down with Pakhi’s tears. Ankush says they would be on road before that as Anuj spared them today but will not in the future if they repeat their mistake. Barkha says Ankush is right. Adhik says he knows what he is doing.

Anuj returns to his room and Anupama asks if she is angry. Anupama says no. Anuj asks if she loves him or not. She shyingly says a lot. He says even he MaAn her and says he will bring little Anu from Sara’s room. Anuj gets romantic and jumps on bed and gets hurt with the toys thrown by little Anu on it. Anupama says she will clean them immediately. He asks her to forget about the stuff and respect her husband’s feelings. She feels shy.Kavya confronts Vanraj for considering only his parents and children as his family and not her. He says its not like that. She says he always ignores her whenever its about family like he used to ignore Anupama before, even Pakhi thinks Anupama is ignoring her over Little Anu which is wrong. She says Anupama never tried to separate children from him or provoked them against him, but when Pakhi was speaking against Anupama, Vanraj didn’t speak a word and in fact she feels he did it purposefully.

Vanraj defends himself and says Anupama herself separated from her children. Kavya thinks how he considers himself as always right and others wrong.Vanraj goes to Pakhi’s room and pampers her while she is asleep. Anupama calls Pakhi. Vanraj picks call and says she is sleeping. Anupama asks if she was crying. Vanraj says she was and asks Anupama not to worry as he knows how to handle his daughter. Anupama gets a nightmare of clicking family selfie but finding only herself in the picture. She finds her all relationships going away from her including Anuj. She wakes up and cries hugging Anuj and pleading him not to leave her. Anuj comforts her and says dreams are the imagination of their mind and she should change her imagination. He asks her to close her eyes and imagine her whole family around her. She imagines same and sleeps peacefully. Anuj prays god to give Anupama’s all problems to him and not give her any trouble. Next morning, Anupama with Little Anu performs tulsi pooja and thinks she didn’t find Samar in her dream and prays god for his safety. Anuj smile seeeing them praying.

Little Anu performs tulsi ji and surya/sun pooja with Anupama and asks her why do they perform tulsi ji and suun pooja. Anupama says if they don’t pray sun, it will not rise and there won’t be life on earth. Anupama asks what about tulsi ji. Anupama says its Kanhaji’s favorite and has immense medical qualities and provides them oxygen at night, there is science behind each pooja. She prays that one woman has many relationships, Kanha should protect each relationship. Anuj watches them smilingly and tells Little Anu that she will visit her nanu papa/Hasmukh’s house today.Pakhi video chats with Adhik and says everything messes up because of her parents. Adhik says its okay, he can do anything for her and is really missing her. Pakhi feels happy hearing that. Adhik says it would have been good if she had stayed at his home as he likes her to be in his house. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She feels more excited and says she will meet him outside the college.


Anupama prepares for shravan maas pooja with Little Anu and describes its importance. Little Anu goes to inform GK about the pooja. Barkha says its good if girls visits their parental hosue for pooja, she wants Pakhi to visit them as she is worried for Pakhi. Anuj asks her not to worry about Pakhi. Barkha says there should be someone to worry about Pakhi. Anuja says that someone is Anupama, so Barkha shouldn’t brother. Ankush says Barkha and Adhik are not doing anything. Anuj says he didn’t take Adhik’s name and warns Adhik not to repeat what he did yesterday. Barkha says he cannot speak to Adhik like this. Anuj asks if Adhik is not his dear one. Ankush says Adhik is. Anuj says he can scold and slap his dear ones, but he doesn’t want that situation to arise. He asks Ankush to get Adhik to work. Barkha and Adhik stand speechless.Kinjal braids Pakhi’s hair. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she doesn’t have college today. Pakhi says her 2 lectures are cancelled, so she will go late. Vanraj offers her money and asks her to go via cab. Pakhi asks if he will not drop her to college. Vanraj says she sought a chance from him, so he is giving her a chance. Leela says he is doing a mistake as Pakhi will misuse it. Vanraj asks her not to interfere between him and his daughter.

Anuj braids Anupama’s hair. Na Kajre ki dhaar, an motion ke haar.. song plays in the background. Anupama asks why did he talk about yesterday’s event, already there is tension around the house. Anuj says house is made and destroyed by family members, so they have take an action at the right time. He says he knows what Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik are doing and even she should; ignoring family memberbers’ small issues is good, but forgiving their big mistakes is foolishness and he wants them both to avoid it. Anupama says there are many festivals lined up in the coming months. Anuj says he will inform his decision to Ankush and Barkha, Anupama shouldn’t stop him then. Ankush overhears their conversation and thinks what Anuj has decided.Kinjal likes kheer prepared by Leela. Leela says that means it time for baby’s arrival. Rakhi walks in and says its time for even naani/grandma’s arrival. Leela asks why she barges in often uninvited. Rakhi says she has only 1 daughter and only 1 samhava. :eela asks to meet her daughter then without spilling any venom. Kavya says Rakhi has come to meet her daughter, so Leela should relax. Rakhi taunts that she is seeing improved Kavya 2.0 version who is behaving good. Kavya asks when can she see Rakhi 2.0 version. Rakhi says never. Hasmukh asks her season for coming. Rakhi says she has booked a best hospital’s best maternity suite for Kinjal’s delivery. Vanraj says that means she didn’t come for her daughter, even they could have booked the hospital room. Rakhi says just like they messed up with baby shower ceremony, daughter’s first delivery is mother’s right and anyways there would be lots of work after delivery, she would have trusted them if Anupama was there, etc.

Leela feels offended and argues with her. Kinjal asks them to stop fighting and tells Rakhi that she already told her not to make an issue at her in-laws’ place, asks Baa if their argument is important that her, her delivery will happen at her in-laws’ place. She panics. Family comforts her. Vanraj says its decided that Kinjal’s delivery would be at her in-law’s place. Rakhi calls her assistant and asks her to pack her stuff as she will stay at Shah house till Kinjal’s delivery. Shahs look at her in shock. Rakhi says when the have problem with Kinjal’s stay at her mother’s house, she will stay there til Kinjal’s delivery.Little Anu enters and says she brought balloons for the baby. Rakhi interacts with her and is shocked to know that Anupama adopted her. Anupama walks in. Pakhi shouts at her why she came here when I am not allowed in her house and asks her to leave with her daughter. Vanraj asks her to behave. Pakhi continues humiliating Anupama. Kavya gets angry and she never saw an arrogant and mannerless girl like Pakhi in her life and asks why she has problem if her mother is fostering a small girl, she used to run to her ignoring her more before acting as a troubled child, then she acts as an adult having an affair, and now showing her utter shameless and rude behavior towards her mother. Pakhi comments one who had an affair with her father is commenting on her and warns her to stop supporting her sautan. Vanraj warns her to stop. Pakhi warns him not to interfere in her matter. Little Anu requests her not to fight with her mummy. Pakhi shouts at Little Anu. Anupama asks if she has lost her mind to misbehave with a kid. Pakhi continues shouting and misbehaving.

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