Anupama update Monday 26 September 2022

Anupama 26 September 2022: Vanraj asks Anuj to leave from Shah house with his wife and daughter. Anuj says he was quiet because of Anupama and will not speak because of her. He reminds Shahs that they had mortgaged their house with Rakhi; he cleared their mortgage and gave job to Vanraj and Kavya favoring them, but Vanraj and his 2 children are absolutely classless and don’t value other’s favor. He then reminds Leela that Anupama considers her as mother and fought for her when she kicked Hasmukh out of the house and Vanraj went against her; Leela just called Anupama as daughter by mouth after that, but still continued her toxic behavior towards Anupama. Vanraj asks if his story is over, he can go now. Anuj says he has to listen to it completely. He then tongue lashes Toshu for staying at his in-laws’ pent house when his wife was at his house and calls him spinless and selfish man. He further tongue lashes Pakhi for being arrogant and immature.

Anupama 25 September 2022

Vanraj holds Anuj’s collar and shouts at him to dare not speak against his daughter. Anuj also holds his collar. Their verbal tussle continue. Family tries to separate them. Anupama breaks down and shouts to stop. Anuj gives up seeing her condition and comforts her. Leela with Toshu and Pakhi’s support asks Anupama to leave with her husband and daughter. Toshu says Anupama will never change. Kinjal says even he will never change. Kavya says she always complained that Shah family didn’t accept her, but now feels happy that a psycho family didn’t accept her. Pakhi threatens to elope from the house if Anupama doesn’t leave. Leela repeats Anupama to never come back again. Anupama says she will never come here again.

Kinjal cries this is unfair, why should she bear punishment for spoilt brat Pakhi’s mistakes. She pleads Anupama not to do that for her sake. Kavya tongue lashes Pakhi that she doesn’t know what Pakhi did, she will never get her mother back if she loses her again and says she will repent for her act. Pakhi says he repents for being Anupama’s daughter. Anupama stands more heartbroken hearing that and recalls her earlier bonding with Pakhi. She tells Anuj that Little Anu has gone out. Anuj says let us go from here. Anupama says just 2 minutes. Anuj asks her to give them a befitting reply and not bear their nonsense, he and Little Anu will wait for her outside. He walks out of Shah house and thinks his relationship with Shah family has ended today.

Anupama says she will never return to this house. Vanraj says he would be thankful to her if she leaves before her husband returns again. Anupama says she wants to talk to the women of this house for 2 minutes. Vanraj says she can complete her ladies sangeet and then leave from here. Anuj panics recalling Vanraj and Pakhi’s bitter words. Little Anu asks Hasmukh to tell her a story. He tells her a story of goodness and badness and says one shouldn’t leave their goodness and adopt other’s badness.Anupama tells Pakhi that she will never return to this house and will never forget her insult. She gives a long explanation on how a mother preserves children’s everything and howmuch she is hurt, how their relationship as a mother and daughter will never change, etc. She then tells Leela that she will always be her mother and a mother can never be wrong, etc. She asks Rakhi if she she had a wholesome entertainment today and hopes she doesn’t meet Rakhi again at Shah house. Rakhi assures her that she will take care of Kinjal till Kinjal’s delivery. Anupama says she need not worry until Rakhi, Kavya, and Leela are with Kinjal. She then comforts Kinjal. Kinjal pleads her not to get so angry that she doesn’t return to her own house. Anupama says she is heart broken completely and asks her not to cry more as she is also becoming a mother. She prays Kinjal doesn’t see a day which she saw even in her dreams. She says what if one daughter broke her relationship with her, she has another daughter with her. She hugs Kavya and Kinjal emotionally and leaves Shah house.

Anupama tells Kinjal that she will not visit Shah house, but will be for her always whenever she needs her. Kinjal pleads her not to leave her alone. Anupama says Rakhi, Kavya, Leela, and even her unborn baby are there to support her. She asks her to talk to her unborn baby whenever she feels lonely. She reminds Leela that she had an opportunity to visit America when Pakhi was about to born, but she rejected that offer and sacrificed her dancing dream for the sake of Pakhi; Pakhi gave her a nice reward for that. She then tells Kavya that Vanraj never valued their relationship, gives a long explanation about the meaning of relationship to men, and thanks Kavya for supporting her when Pakhi showed her her place. Kavya thanks her for giving the meaning for her life and says she also loves her a lot. Anupama says she knows even Kavya wants a baby. Kavya says she understood the pain which nobody understood. Anupama says if it was in her hands, she would have blessed her to have her own baby, but she can’t after her daughter gave a nice reward. She asks Kavya to take care of Kinjal.

She then addresses Pakhi and says a mother can happily sacrifice herself for her child. She hugs Pakhi emotionally. Pakhi feels irritated. Anupama says she will never return to this house. Kinjal asks not even for rakhi festival. Anupama says she will never return for anything, but Shah family will always be in herits a question of prayers. Little Anu returns to Anuj with Hasmukh. Anuj asks where she had been. Little Anu says to have cream roll with nanu papa and asks if he set everything right inside Shah house as Pakhi is very angry on mummy. Anuj says they are taking her mummy home and would never return to Shah house. Little Anu says Kinjal’s baby will miss her, so she needs to visit baby often. She goes to bring water bottle for Hasmukh.Hasmukh tells Anuj that he and Anupama are mature, but Little Anu is innocent and needs relationships. Anuj tells he cannot tolerate the brutal insult faced by Anupama via Pakhi and is heartbroken, so he will never bring Anupama back to Shah house again in life.

Hasmukh asks not even to meet him. Anuj says no and says he has one complaint with him that he always somehow left the hosue whenever Anupama was insulted and never confronted his wife and son when they humiliated Anu. He says Hasmukh is always welcome at his house, but Anupama will never come again to Shah house. He apologizes him for questioning him and says he cannot control himself whenever Anupama is humiliated. Hasmukh says he should fight for his wife. Anuj apologizes him again if he hurt him anytime knowingly or unknowingly. Little Anu returns.

Anupama prays Kanhaji to keep his blessings always on Shah family. She then address Vanraj that he never respected their relationships, but today he shouldn’t have exacerbated the issue between a mother and daughter and created an unbreakable wall between them. She says her respect for him is lost after today’s behavior and says Kanhaji will never forgive him for that. She says her name was never on this house’s nameplate, but her soul will always be present here and one day she may return here and repeat Vanraj’s dialogue that Anupama is back. She then prays god to give someone conscience to Toshu. She asks Kavya and Kinjal to take care of the family and walks out of Shah house with a heavy heart describing her feelings in a poem.

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