Married Again update Sunday 26 June 2022


Married Again 26 June 2022: Yash and arti reach on the hoghway where the dubeys are waiting for them with the kids. Shobha too emphatically tells arti to get her son back and take her revenge from prashant. Yash takes palak’s watch and asks arti to go fearless, adn be assured that he would be following her.She takes the taxi waiting for her, as prashant had directed and yash follows her in his car. Arti is tensed all the while, and her hands keep touching the watch to ensure its presence. After a while, the taxi driver tells arti to get into an auto waiting for her. She complies and the auto driver takes her off. yash is following all the while. Then she is asked by the auto driver to gte into a car and drive off. She complies again. The travel continues. Arti is visibly frustrated. She calls up prashant and finds the phone ringing in the car only. She is shocked to find prashant as the driver. Meanwhile, yash is upset that the connection to the watch is broken off.

Scene 2:
Location: In a hospital
Prashant forcibly gets arti to the hospital saying that he wants arti to have an operation, while arti is protesting all the while. When the doctor finds this commotion, she hesitates, but prashant threatens her for life, if she doesnt agree to abort arti’s baby. Seeing no other option, she agrees to it, much to arti’s scare, and decides to give her and anaesthesia. As she keeps calling out to yash, prashant finds out about the GPS device and breaks off the watch. As the doctor is about to inject it in arti, much to her protests, yash comes in and gets into a fight with prashant, thereby saving arti from the abortion. Prashant and yash continue fighting, one getting victorious over the other, at different times.

They both are wounded but still continue to fight. Both start feeling dizzy but do not give up. Finally yash gives him a kick, that makes him land directly chest forward into iron rails. with great difficulty, he retracts himself from there. Meanwhile, yash too is very hurt and is unconsciousness.
picture3 arti regains her conscious in the hospital and seeing yash, out of his senses, is berserk and starts screaming out at him. He finally wakes up and finds prashant lying on the ground. He goes over to prashant and tries to ask him where’s he hidden ansh. But he, with an evil look on his face, keeps saying that he wont tell them and would keep them being tortured for their son. Saying so, he takes his last breath and dies. Arti and yash are shocked to see this. while yash gets up in a daze, arti screams at him to wake up and tell about ansh. The dubeys too arrive and are shocked to see their son dead. Yash apologizes to shobha for the same, while she goes over to her son. She asks him not to apologize saying he died due to his deeds and not due to yash.

Suraj and prashant too arrive at the scene. Pankaj talks to someone on the phone, and comes back to tell suraj that he has talked to the superintendent and they wont accuse yash of murder since he did it for ansh’s and arti’s defense. suraj says that he didnt do it for arti but for his son, yash who would be branded a murderer today, had they not saved yash by talking to the suprintendent. suraj blames arti for all this and also puts the responsibility of yash’s deeds on her.Meanwhile, the police arrives and assures pankaj that they wont accuse yash of murder. Shobha asks about ansh stoically, showing no expression on her face after seeing her own son’s dead body. Yash says that prashant died without saying anything. The dubeys tell them to go look for ansh and not lament on somebody who’s dead. Yash and arti leave for finding ansh. Duebyji says that prashant was after all their son, howsoever bad he was, lamenting over his death.

The inspector tells pankaj that they would have to take the body for postmortem and they would issue a death certificate by tomorrow. Meanwhile, someone sees what looks like a keychain hanging out of prashant’s pocket and he discreetly and surreptitiously, with a handkerchief so as not to get fingerprints on it, takes it out of prashaant’s pockets.

Scene 3:
Location: Prashant’s house
The duebys, teary eyed perform the final rites of prashant with the priest. As the priest calls out for the parents, dubey goes to shobha to tell her that the priest is calling for them. Shobha says that he had died long back, when he had tried to get arti back, when he had forgotten arti’s favours and tries to separate yash from arti, his soul had died right then, it was only the breaths that left him today. Dubeyji tells her to do it, if only to save face in the society, or else people would say that they didnt morun the death of their only son. She retorts saying that even raavan’s death isnt mourned over, rather its celebrated for the victory of the truth over lies. She says that she too would celebrate when yash returns with ansh. Dubeyji again tries to convince her, but in vain as she says that ist better to be without a child than to have a child like prashant, as he knows the pain that she went through, for being a mother to a son liek prashant.

Yash and arti are frantically searching for ansh, asking people and showing them his photograph. They hear the sound of a temple bell and decide to pray to the god for ansh’s arrival safely. They enter the temple and pray to the lord while the priest does the tilak. Arti and yash, both pray for ansh’s safety and his returning to them soon. They come out of the temple, tensed and upset and sit on the stairs, helpless and disappointed. A child comes to them with a pooja thali, and asks arti to extend her hand . When she does so, he tells that its his birthday today and gives them prashad and leaves. Arti breaks down thinking about ansh, while yash tries to comfort him and takes him from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Leonia Hotel
Ansh wakes up in a bed and looks around and starts screaming for his parents and not finding them, starts crying. He climbs down the bed, but its locked from outside. he gets back on the bed and finds a phone, and idals up yash’s no. Yash gets his call and is shocked to hear ansh’s voice. Ansh says that he’s locked in a room and asks yash to come and get him. Yash asks him if there’s a window and see if there’s anything outside and name if he recognizes anything.

Ansh says that he sees a bus depot and a bigstatue. also people are coming and going with bags. Yash asks ansh to look around for menu or a writing pad. Ansh finds the menu and tells the first alphabets of the words LEONIA hotel. After that, the phone gets disconnected due to low battery of yash’s phone. They decide to go to a nearby booth and find out the address of the no, the call came from.Yash and arti reach upto the hotel and find from the receptionist, that prashant had checked into a hotel with ansh and tells them the room no 602. The receptionist is skeptic to give yash and arti permission to go to ansh’s room but after talking to her manager, she allows them to go to ansh’s room and asks a butler to guide them.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
A person is shown riding a bike, carrying the key retrieved from prashant’s pocket.Meanwhile, the person riding a bike approaches the hotel too and goes towards the room 602 with the keys in his hand. Ansh is scared when he sees some unknown person barging into his room and approaching him. He forcibly takes ansh, and smothering him with his hand, takes him out of the room, and through the back door and outside the hotel.pic1

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
The same person who kidnapped ansh, is shown approaching the Scindia mansion. He enters the house and is stopped by the guard, who tries to ask him who he wants to meet, but he pushes the guard away and goes inside the house. He buttons up his shirt and finds the top button missing. Nevertheless, he keeps walking inside the house, with audacity. He sits on a chair, and is approached by pankaj, who asks him about his identity and what caused such bravery on his part. The stranger says that noone in the world can possibly stop him and identifies him as akash. Akash tries to be oversmart and corny heroic in his demeanour. Pankaj asks him the reason for coming here. Akash tells him that he has come since he is needed in this house. Buaji tells pankaj that suraj has called him for the driver’s job and he says with determination that suraj would never let him touch his car. Akash says that he knows pretty much to drive anything. Pankaj says then tha is what he should do and leave since he’s not wanted here.

But akash says that he wouldnt go till he meets the person who has called him here, referring to suraj. Pankaj keeps trying to argue that suraj would never let this man work for him in his house. But much to his amazement, suraj asks pankaj to give akash the car keys and tell him to understand his work from Ramdhar.Akash greets suraj with folded hands, and then congratulates him for having appreciated him. Suraj tells him to go meet ramdeen outside. When pankaj tries to question akash’s recruitment, suraj says that he’s capable, strong and brave and they need a servant like this in their house for themselves. Suraj and buaji leave, leaving pankaj puzzled.

Arti and yash reach their home, and collide into akash walking, lost in himself and wonder who he is. He asks arti to go inside the house and he would come after finishing an important work. She enters the house, and imagines hearing his voice calling out to him, but is sad not finding him anywhere. She again breaks down into tears. gaytair comes upto him with tea, and comforts her saying that she realises what a mother goesw through, when the son is not in front of her eyes, but reminds her that she has two daughters that are waiting for their mother to feed them, and alos the unborn son, thats completely dependant on her. she asks arti to be responsible for herself and her family. She says that arti might call her selfish, but as a mother in law, she hopes that arti wont let yash’s family to have any problems.

Buaji sees this from a distance. While gayatri gives her food to feed her daughters, buaji sarcastically says that she wont be able to take care of her step daughters, since she has just gone through the loss of her first husband and become a widow and on top of that lost her son too. Gayatri warns buaji and gives food to arti to feed the kids upstairs.

Scene 2:
Location: Prashant’s house
The dubays are looking at the news clipping in the tv, about ansh;s diappearance. yash comes and sees them all sad and greif stricken. He says toshobha that he and arti wants to ask something from them, and that is that they are going through a bad time and didnt do well to them. He says that thye rae younger than them and naive too and want their blessings that they dont make anymore mistakes ever again. They therefore, want them to live in their house as if they have a fatherly figure in the house, they can overcome mountains. He takes shobha’s hands saying that a child may grow as much, they always are a child in the eyes of their mother. He breaks down saying that he wants her to be like his mother in this difficult time and give them their consent for coming with him. she agrees, overwhelmed with tears.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti feeds palak and apologizes for being such a bad mother and not taking care of her daughters, whne palak tells her that she has been hungry for a long time. Palak says that she is the best mother in the world, and that she loves her and yash would come any minute now, with ansh back in the house. She consoles arti saying that she shouldnt worry at all. The dubeys, who have come in with yash, see this and shobha tells dubeyji that a family who sticks together during, tough times, can overcome any situation in life. She thinks that now she’s hopeful that they would find ansh soon.

Yash comes to arti showing her who he has brought with him, for living with hem and supporting them through this bad time.Arti runs and hugs shobha, who comforts her asking what is she tying in her sari. Arti shows shobha the flower that ansh had given her, remembering her conversation with him in mangalpur. She starts crying in yash’s arms.

Akash goes to a dorr, and talks to a person behind the door, asking for his payment for his work. when he gets it, he says, carrying ansh on the back, eyeing the key, says to himslf with a cunningness, that this key would open the pandora’s box of the scindia’s family and its head’s shady deeds. He goes inside the room.Arti is woken up the sound of a vase broken and comes out to the hallway to find and is shocked to see it. Buaji comes and slams the servant for being reckless in keeping the windows open which cause dthe vase to break. She then sees arti, and says that she should go and sleep since it was their loss and not her and her family’s. She goes away thinking, that she had a close shave today. Meanwhile, akash carrying ansh on his shoulders is treading very cautiously, in what looks like a store room.

The inspector tells the next morning, that it might be a kidnapping case, by someone who knew of prashant’s intentions. When yash says that they would have got arnsom call then. The inspector says that for precautions, they have tapped their phones and in case they get any other info, then they should inform the police. seeing akash, he asks about his identity. Akash introuduces himself to the inspector as Suraj’s speacial driver. Dubeyji oo urges the inspector to take the case seriously.

He says that he would try everything within hiss reach and that they shouldnt worry. Meanwhile akash thinks that the present situation personifies the saying, “GOAN MEIN CHHORA BAGAL MEIN DHINDORA”.



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