Guddan update Saturday 25 June 2022


Guddan 25 June 2022: Pushpa says you ruined this wedding Guddan. You will fix it. You have to find a new venue for Chiku’s wedding if you want your restaurant back. Guddan says I have a place, my house. Pushpa says it’s such a small house. Saru says Pushpa this mahorat won’t ever come back. Do it from there. Pushpa says I am leaving you today because of Sary ma, this is your last chance. Go and begin the preps.

Lights are off. Rashi says she must be so hurt. It’s all dark without her. Agastya comes to Rashi. He says why are you sad? You are getting mama. You should be happy. She says nothing. He says let’s watch a movie. Rashi prays and says thank you for fulfilling my wish and making Choti wear the chunri.Pushpa apologizes to Niya’s family. They say it’s okay. Pushpa says that Guddan keeps creating problems for me. I won’t let her mess anything now. Pushpa give a ring to Arushi. Agastya says what is this for? Pushpa says keep the rings with yourselves Niya and Pushpa and bring it on the engagement tomorrow. Niya says to rashi good by baby girl. Give a hug to your mama. Rashi says in heart I hope Choti becomes my maa.

DJ says what are you saying? First they made you work and now using our house as venue? Guddan says we have to do this for the restaurant. Aarav says I will bring it back. Guddan says no this is my responsibility. DJ says okay we will do it here. I can do anything for you. We will win for sure. Guddan hugs them and says thank you.Niya says to Rashi where is the ring? I know the box you gave to papa doesn’t have the ring. Rashi says I won’t give it to you. I will never let you become my mom. Niya says I think you didn’t learn your lessons. She scares her and says I am a witch, I will drink your blood. Agastya comes as Rashi screams for help. Pushpa says she keeps creating mess. Everyone sees Niya. Niya says I was missing Rashi, I got her this gift. Rashi says she’s lying. Rashi says why are you lying. It could be nightmare. Niya cries and says sorry, if you have a problem with me I won’t come tomorrow. Pushpa says she’s a problem herself. Movies have ruined her mind. She will no longer watch movies.

Rashi cries. Agastya consoles her. She says you don’t love of support me. Gudddan would have supported me more. Agastya says so she understands my daughter more than me now?Guddan prepares for the function. Agastya comes. He says what have you done? Guddan says what did you do? He says Rashi. Guddan says is she okay? I told you to take extra care of her. He says I know how to handle my daughter.Guddan falls. Agastya holds her. Guddan says you can’t do anything. Not to trust, not to keep upto someone’s trust. Pushpa comes and says what’s happening here?

Agastya says I will police. Guddan says Rashi isn’t here. Pushpa says what is happening here? I came to see the preps. Why did you come here? He says I came to check if she did anything? Pushpa says is it as per our status of middle class like them? Agastya says everything is going well. Guddan shows the decorations to Pushpa. She says once this wedding is done, I will never see you. Guddan says in heart I hope Agastya finds Rashi.Guddan sees Rashi. She says what are you doing here? Rashi cries. Guddan hugs her and says what happened. Rashi cries and says no one loves, no one trusts me. I wanna stay with you only. That Niya is evil. she is very bad. Pushpa is coming upstairs. Guddan says if Pushpa sees her I will be in trouble. Pushpa comes there and says what is happening here? I was waiting for you. What are you doing here? Guddan shows her caricatures of Agastya and Niya. Rashi is hidden behind sofa. Guddan says how did you like it? She says what is this black mark? Guddan says I will clean it. Pushpa says you can’t do anything right. Guddan cleans it. Pushpa says if anything goes wrong tomorrow, you will have to suffer. This is your last chance.


Guddan says Rashi what happened? If anything goes wrong Pushpa will take my restaurant. Rashi says I don’t want to get you in trouble. She’s very evil. No one is helping me. Guddan says your dad loves you a lot. Let me speak to him.Guddan calls Agastya. He says yes? Guddan says speak with respect. She says I found Rashi, come and take her home. Guddan says to Rashi pancakes? She says yayyy. Guddan gives her pancakes. Rashi says in heart I wanna stay here, I want God to make you my mama tomorrow so we can stay here forever. Rashi says your dad was chef right? She says yes, he was so famous. She says your mama? Choti says she’s so famous. She had so many fans. People confuse me with her. People said she could do anything. I will never give up like her. Rashi says I wish I can become like you. Rashi says that wire is broken. Rashi says in heart I will keep distracting you so you can’t call papa and I can spend time with you.

Guddan falls asleep. It’s morning. Rashi says good morning. Guddan says you’re still here? Rashi says yes. She says you distracted me from calling your dad right? He will be so mad. Guddan calls Agastya. He says I knew Rashi was at your place and you were lying. She says I called you. He says I had no network. Guddan says this must be your plan with your mom. He says I only want my daughter back. She says don’t you understand things? You are an idiot yourself. He says this won’t have been a problem if you called again. Guddan says you should have heart in first place.
He says take care of her now. Pushpa comes and says Agastya did you even sleep? Did she do anything? He says I got late last night.

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