Anupama starlife update Wednesday 12 July 2023

Anupama 12 July 2023: Dimple notices Anupama upset and asks if she is fine. Anupama asks if she was present at Shah house during Toshu’s drama, what had happened? Dimple recalls the event and hesitates to speak. Leela calls Anupama and says she wants to speak. Samar gives headache pill to Vanraj and asks about Leela’s jewelry. Vanraj says he gave it as guarantee and will get it back after paying money. Samar gets Dimpy’s call who informs about Leela visiting Anupama. Leela refuse to enter Anupama’s house and criticizes her for not supporting Toshu.

Anupama 11 July 2023

Dimple hears their conversation and thinks Leela is unbelievable, instead of breaking Toshu’s head, she is blaming Anupama instead. Leela blames Anupama for Shah family’s problems and says Anupama must have left the house after cursing them and hence nobody is happy.Anupama warns her to stop accusing her, why would she curse her own family. Leela says she did. Anupama says she doesn’t want to talk to her if she wants to blame her.

She says she didn’t support Toshu as she wants Toshu to realize his mistake and change himself,and if she thinks she is doing good by supporting Toshu, she is wrong as she is letting Toshu to be irresponsible and arrogant. Leela shouts only she is wrong always. Anupama says Leela, Vanraj, Toshu, and Pakhi always play a victim card and blame others for their mistake. She says everyday she prays for Shah family first and then her family, how can Leela think that she will curse her parents and children, its up to her whether she believes her or not, she should leave if she doesn’t want to come in.

Leela says she accepts that she always troubled Anupama but never thought wrong for her, but if Anupama has cursed them, even their curse will hit Anupama and Anupama’s family will shatter. Dimpy offends Leela and warns her to stop her nonsense. Leela yells she is not talking to her. Dimpy says even she isn’t. Leela leaves in auto. Vanraj walks in next, looks at Anupama, and walks away.Anupama feels upset recalling Leela’s curse and says when she hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone, nothing will happen to her and her family. Dimpy says she is right, Leela has gone mad as Anupama refused to help Toshu. Anupama asks Dimpy not to inform Anuj about it or else he will also get upset.

She repeatedly says nothing will go wrong and everything will be good this upcoming maker sankranti. Leela returns home and prays god that she had to curse Anupama as Anupama was wrong today. Vanraj asks what was the need to do that when they had decided not to drag Anupama again in their problems. Leela says she spoke her heart out and is not a saint that her curse will come true, Anupama proved a proverb wrong that a mother can never harm her child, Vanraj does so much for his children and Anupama just brushed off from her responsibility. Vanraj asks why should Anupama support Toshu.

Leela justifies that Toshu will continue his unacceptable acts forever and they have to bear him, etc.Anupama continues to feel upset and repeats nothing will happen. Anupama continues justifying her and Toshu’s acts and cries that they are all crying here, but Anupama is enjoying happily with her husband and daughter and even with Dimpy who is no one to her. Vanraj comforts her and says Anupama did a lot for us and what if by chance her curse hits them back. Leela continues crying that her happy family is cursed by Anupama. Anuj makes her rest and assures that everything will be alright. She assures him that whether anyone supports him or not, his mother will always support him.

Anupma walks to Litle Anu’s room and notices Anuj making her sleep. Anuj notices her and asks when did she come. She says since 10 minutes. They both express their love for Litle Anu and their plan to celebrate makar sankranti in a lavish way with Anupama. They continue to show their concern and immense love for Little Anu.

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