Aparajita Zeeworld update Wednesday 12 July 2023

Aparajita 12 July 2023: Dadi cries and says Akshay is not coming back, please find him. Aparajita takes Dadi from there. Sunil tells Mohini that you people keep doing drama, he leaves with his family. Niya asks Mohini to search for Akshay. Veer glares at her and leaves. Mohini asks Niya to leave. She calls someone and asks where is Akshay?

Aparajita asks Disha to go and look for Akshay. Disha says maybe he saw the video and must be shocked. Aparajita says he cares about Chhavi, if he had seen the video then he wouldn’t be silent like this. He must have broken my trust but he earned my trust as a father. Maybe someone might be trying to hurt him like Veer or Mohini. Aparajita asks her to go and search for him. Chhavi comes there and asks what’s going on? I know something is going on but you can’t even share things with me? especially when it comes to papa?

Aparajita says nothing happened, I just asked Disha to go and look for him. She asks all her kids to go and search for him. Aparajita thinks where is Mohini? maybe she is up to something.

Veer asks Sunil where did Akshay go from the party?

Mohini calls someone and says we have to do this.

Akshay is locked in a truck and tied.

Chhavi, Asha, Disha and Niya go out of the house to look for Akshay. Disha comes to the market and asks the seller if he saw Akshay? She shows his photo and the man says yes he came here to get a phone repaired. Disha calls Aparajita. The seller says I repaired the phone but he left without taking the phone and someone else came to take the phone, he said that Akshay sent him. Aparajita says who would take the phone? was it Veer? She asks Disha to show Veer’s photo to him. She shows it to him and she says no, he didn’t come. Aparajita says only Veer or Mohini would care about this video.. she ends call. Disha looks around in the market and finds Akshay’s watch on the ground.

Aparajita says what if Akshay is in trouble because of me? Dadi is crying for Akshay. Aparajita checks and says she has high fever. She calls the doctor and says she is not waking up. The doctor says I will send medicines and a nurse. Disha calls Aparajita and tells her about his watch. Niya calls Aparajita and says I have found Akshay’s brouch. Aparajita asks Disha to check the CCTV footage of the shop. Niya says I am coming there too.

Mohini calls her man and asks when will it be done?

Aparajita thinks it feels like someone kidnapped Akshay.. what if Mohini is behind this? can she do this with her husband? I have to talk to her. She leaves Dadi from there.

Aparajita looks around for Mohini in the house. Mohini calls her man and says this needs to happen right now. Aparajita hides and hears her. Mohini says I know you are in Dubai and has your men to look for Akshay but you know Anish how important Akshay is for me, I can give my life for Akshay. Aparajita thinks if its not Mohini then Veer?

Disha looks at the CCTV footage with Niya. The seller shows them the man who took the phone. Niya cries looking at his brouch. Disha looks on. She says you love your father and I hate him but nothing will happen to him, she hugs her and says we will find him together. She takes her from there.

Akshay is freexing in the cold truck and cries for help.

Aparajita comes to the mandir and prays for Akshay. She says I know Akshay has hurt me but please don’t hurt Dadi and he is my kids’ father, Dadi will die without him. I have nothing against him, please save him. Disha calls her and says a man came to take the phone. Disha says a truck passed by and nothing else. Aparajita says it means that truck must have entered a dead-end or in the colony as that’s the only way from there. What if Akshay is in that truck?

Chhavi calls Veer and says we can’t find Akshay, I thinks Aparajita and Disha know something but aren’t telling me. She asks him to do something and find him. Veer ends the call and takes off his hoodie. The flashback shows how he heard Disha telling Mohini that they have proof against Veer. Then he attacked Akshay and kidnapped him.

Chhavi tells Asha that I feel like papa is near us. Veer comes there and says he is near you, he is in your heart right? he will be fine. Chhavi says I don’t want your words, go and find him. Veer says don’t worry, my father is searching for him. Veer hugs her and says relax. He thinks your papa wanted to know my truth so I had to attack him, I didn’t want to kill him but maybe he saw my face so he won’t be returning home now.

Aparajita sits alone with Dadi and says she kept saying Akshay is in danger but I didn’t listen, I was so worried about Chhavi that I didn’t listen to you. Its not like I don’t care about him, I do care about him and he left for our daughter. Mohini comes there and asks if Dadi woke up? Dadi murmurs that he is here. Aparajita asks who? Dadi wakes up and says the priest is here. Mohini and Aparajita hold Dadi. They stare at each other but help Dadi together.

The priest arrives at Akshay’s house and cleans it with his prayers. Aparajita, Mohini and Dadi come there. Dadi asks him to come inside. He enters the house and looks around. Aparajita takes his blessings, Mohini tries to go to him but he stops her. The priest tells Dadi that I told you to not let Akshay leave the house. Dadi says he didn’t listen, please save him. Is he okay? The priest says he is in unrest, he is tied and somewhere in danger.

Dadi cries and says please save him. You have done a lot so show us the path this time also. The priest says the solution is that we have to do havan for Akshay. Mohini says what rubbish is this? we have to go and search for Akshay. Aparajita says the priest is always right, I think we should do what he says. Dadi says he warned me about Akshay but he didn’t listen and see what happened. The priest says we have 5 hours and the havan will be difficult but we have to do it. Akshay’s wife will do the havan. Mohini says I am his wife and I will do anything required for Akshay. The priest points his finger at Aparajita and says she has to do the havan as she is still Akshay’s wife. She has to do it to save him. Aparajita thinks I care about Akshay’s life but to do this havan as a wife? The priest says you are still tied to your husband, your prayers will bring him back.

Mohini says I am his wife and only I will do the havan otherwise nothing will happen in this house. The priest says its not the time to think about others. Dadi says he is right, we should think about Akshay only. Dadi tells Aparajita that I know Akshay has hurt you but I have taken you as my daughter, please save his wife, I also think you are still Akshay’s wife, please fulfill your duty as a wife, can you do this for me? you have done a lot for us but I am begging you to do this to save Akshay’s life. Aparajita is confused and says but how can I.. Mohini glares at her and takes her from there.

Mohini tells Aparajita that you wanted this position right? you wanted to be known as Akshay’s wife, are you happy snatching this from me? Aparajita says I understand your pain because I have gone through it. I have been living 15 years with this pain so I don’t want to give you this pain. Mohini says Dadi kept saying to Akshay to not go but you didn’t stop him, you just wanted to be proven right and didn’t care about him.

Aparajita glares at her and says you are blaming me? this is happening because of you, you knew Veer is not a good person but you wanted to destroy my daughter’s life for your gain. I gathered that proof after so much trouble but you destroyed that too. If Akshay had seen that video then he wouldn’t have gone out but you destroyed that phone so he is in danger because of you only, you are responsible for all this. You wanted to burn my life but you destroyed your owns. I was doing all this to save Chhavi’s life but you did all this for what? because of your jealousy only. Mohini sits down and says its true that I am insecure when it comes Akshay and its true that I have tried to hurt you and your daughters because of that insecurity but the biggest truth is that I love Akshay a lot and if anything happens to him then I will be finished.

I know I am a bad person.. she sits in front of her and says I am a bad person but you always do everything so please help me find Akshay. Aparajita says you don’t need my help, you need to help yourself. Only you can save him, he went to get the phone repaired and what did that phone have? it had proof against Veer so if Akshay is missing then only Veer would benefit from this, only you can kill the snake. You played the game to keep your husband with you but now you have to play this game to save your husband. Your fight is not with me but with Veer, you have to bring your husband back from Veer. I am with you in this fight but are you with me in this fight? Mohini looks on and shakes her hand with Aparajita. Aparajita says we have 5 hours, if you don’t want me to do this pooja as Akshay’s wife then go and find out where Akshay is. Mohini nods.

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