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Anupama 11 July 2023: Toshu arrogantly argues with Vanraj that even Vanraj does mistakes, but only he is punished. Vanraj angrily says they are all wrong and only Toshu is right according to Toshu. He apologizes Kinjal for directly or indirectly asking her to forgive Toshu and now is asking her not to forgive at any cost as he doesn’t deserve her. He apologizes his parents that they have to lose their life’s earnings and jewelry because of Toshu. Leela says she is not sad as her jewelry is used for the family and asks him to go and give her jewelry to Jayanti Bhai.

Anupama 10 July 2023

Vanraj takes jewelry box with trembling hands and walks out of house. Toshu walks behind him.Anupama, Anuj, and Little Anu head back towards home in their car after visiting a milk factory when Kinjal calls Anupama and gets emotional. Anupama asks if everything is alright. Kinjal holding her emotions says everything is fine and disconnects call. Leela cries that everyone calender changes but not their fate and they are facing consequences of their wrong deeds in this life itself. Hasmukh warns her not to inform Anupama about it.

Leela says she will not as Anupama directly refused to help them. Little Anu tells her parents that she enjoy real factory tour today. Anuj says this is his life’s best trip as they both are with him. Anupama looks upset thinking about Kinjal’s call and thinks don’t know what must be happening in that house. Anuj notices her expressions and asks if she wants to visit Shah house. Anupama says no as she needs to learn not to cross a line. Litle Anu asks why didn’t they return home in scooter. Anuj says tripling is not allowed in a bike.

Anupama with her long speech describes the value of small vacations, small get-togethers with family, and a necessity to spend quality time with family, etc. Pakhi gets upset seeing Hasmukh and Leela’s condition and thinks if Adhik is trying support her family financially, she can be their emotional support at least. She asks Hasmukh if she shall press his head. Hasmukh says her brother needs her. Pakhi tries to comfort Samar. Samar feels guilty that he earns very less and can’t financially support his family.

Pakhi says he does whatever he can and emotionally helps his family unlike Toshu and her who increase family’s stress. Samar emotionally hugs her. Little Anu shows Maya’s gifts. Anupama asks her to call Maya as aunty. Little Anu says Maya asked her to call her MaaYa. Anuj notices Maaya’s message on gift that they will be together forever and gets suspicious. Anupama says maybe she didn’t mean that.

Vanraj returns home after repaying Jayanti Bhai’s debt. Pakhi offers him water and asks him not tow worry as Adhik has gone to meet his lawyer friend and is arranging money. Vanraj asks her not to do that, their presence as a big emotional strength is enough for us. He talks emotionally and says their house was a heaven until Anupama was at home and like Hasmukh said, Anupama was their house’s Laxmi and with her departure, even their happiness and wealth is gone.

Leela says he is right, then she curses Anupama for not supporting Toshu and says Anupama surely cursed them before leaving house.Dimple message Samar if all okay there. He replies nothing good. Little Anu with parents walks in and excitedly hugs Dimple. Dimple also feels happy seeing them and says she will prepare hot chocolate for Little Anu. Little Anu says she needs phone first and calls MaaYa. Dimple asks if her friend has a phone. Anuj says MaaYa is an adult woman. Dimple tells Little Anu that she should call elders by name. Little Anu says MaaYa taught her to call her by name. Dimple asks who is this aunty who is teaching indiscipline to Little Anu.

MaaYa eagerly waits for Little Anu’s call. Little Anu tells parents that MaaYa’s phone number is not reachable. Dimple asks how is this MaaYa and how does she remember MaaYa’s number. Little Anu says MaaYa got her byhearted. Anuj asks if MaaYa got her number byhearted to only Little Anu or all children. Little Anu says only her and starts chatting with MaaYa describing what all she did with her parents. Anuj gets suspicious and asks Anupama to check who this MaaYa. Anupama takes phone and speaks to MaaYa, but MaaYa disconnects call. Anuj asks her to redial. Anupama finds phone off. Little Anu says she wants to talk to MaaYa more. Anuj says its okay and takes her to her room to freshen up. Anupama thinks who is this MaaYa.

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