Anupama starlife update Thursday 13 July 2023

Anupama 13 July 2023: Vanraj returns to his room and lies down. Kavya recalls his bitter words demaning her modeling profession. Vanraj also recalls Kavya refusing to give him money. Kavya says he didn’t do right by demeaning her profession, she will not stop now whoever tries to stop her. Vanraj says she can do whatever she wants to, just spare him. She says fine, he should look after his family from hereon and she will look after herself. Next morning, Anuj notices Anupama preparing food and insists to help her, but she refuses.

Anupama 12 July 2023

He notices sesame laddu and says Little Anu likes sesame laddu a lot. Anupama says she knows and describes how different ingredients with different qualities unite and do wonders. Anuj says he felt jealous yesterday when Little Anu was showing more importance to MaaYa. Anupama says it’s common for parents. Anuj gives an example of his childhood event and such human emotion is normal. They decide to brush it off from them. Anuj romances Anupama while helping her prepare festival feast.

Zindagi Bangaye Ho Tum.. song plays in the background. Leela prepares snacks for makar sankranti. Pakhi brings puddings for them and excitedly describes how she prepared it. Samar pulls her leg. Kavya says her director Mohit’s friend is organizing a big makar sankranti event and she got passes. Pakhi excitedly says she and Adhik love it. Toshu says if its a big event, big people will also attend it. Samar warns him not to start his greedy drama over there.

Pakhi says let us coordinate their dress for the party tomorrow Everyone agree. Kavya says she is going to work now. Vanraj asks if she doesn’t have makar sankranti holiday Anuj and Anupama take Little Anu to buy kites from a small vendor. Little Anu asks why shall they buy kites from a small vendor and not a big shop. Anupama explains the difficulties faced by small vendors and how they will help small vendors celebrate festival with their family by buying their goods without any bargain. MaaYa records their video hiding. Vanraj asks Kavya if its important for her to go out when whole family is together. Kavya reminds him that even he used to do that and used to say work is work Hasmukh says she shouldn’t skip work.

Pakhi says even Adhik wanted to stay at home, but had to attend an important meeting. Pakhi gets a call and informs family that Mohit and another colleague have come to pick her up. Vanraj and Leela get angry hearing that. Vanraj gets jealous watching Kavya freely chatting with Mohit. Kavya brings Mohit home and introduces him to family. Leela asks if they need a director even for a 20-second advertisement. Kavya says yes, Mohit is a very good director.

Little Anu returns home with her parents after buying kites and excitedly shows them to Dimpy. Anuj tells Anupama he always wanted such a life. Anupama says Dheeraj should move on in life with Devika as Priyanka must also be wanting Dheeraj to be happy in life. Anuj says even Dheeraj was saying same and praises Anupama for thinking about everyone involved in her life. MaaYa clicks their pics hiding. Anupama asks if he spoke to orphanage owner Abhay. Anuj says Abhay suggested him to speak to his lawyer and legally adopt Anu as soon as possible. Little Anu likes a dress online and tells Anuj that she wants to wear it for festival but its sold out.

Anupama says she can prepare it but not in a day. Anuj asks her not to put so much effort. Anupama says she will prepare the dress later and Little Anu can wear it during Basant Panchami festival. Little Anu thanks her. MaaYa continues to record their video.Ankush and Barkha return home arguing and get nervous Anupama and Anuj. They ask if they didn’t go to orphanage. Anupama says they will go after some time. Anuj asks how was their trip. Ankush says it was good. Anuj asks where they had been. Ankush anxiously blabbers. Barkha asks him to tell that they had been to Mumbai. Mohit interacts with Vanraj and apologizes him for being rude on video call.

He says Kavya has a lot of potential and can grow big if Vanraj supports her, soon there may be a day when Leela and Vanraj would be known as Kavya’s MIL and husband. Vanraj says they became close friends just in 2 days. Mohit says he will leave now and tells Kavya that he will wait with Neha in car for her. Ankush tries to change topic. Barkha continues arguing and says she will not bring that boy in this house. Ankush says its his wish. Anuj asks which boy. Barkha says Ankush’s illegitimate son. Anuj and Anupama are shocked to hear that. MaaYa continues to record their video.

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