Anupama starlife update Thursday 28 March 2024

Anupama 28 March 2024: Anupama shows empty kheer bowl to Anuj and says she had kept a full bowl of kheer for Samar, he came in and finished it. Barkha asks men not to make such cheap jokes. Kinjal says she is right. Leela says they are making cheap prank as we didn’t allow them in our party.

Anupama calls Samar to stop hiding and come out now. Anuj says Samar will not come as he is shot, he is no more. All ladies are shocked to hear that and break down. Anupama refuses to believe it and shouts her son is absolutely fine and they are joking. Dimpy stumbles. Anupama holds her and says Samar is absolutely fine. Leela starts crying loudly. Anupama scolds each male member to stop their cheap joke and asks if they are drunk. She reminds Kavya how Vanraj and Anuj behaved when they got drink in a Mumbai party.

Vanraj breaks down shouting their son has left them. Anupama stands frozen. Cithi Na Koi Sandesh… song plays in the background. Anupama imagines Samar waving at her near the door and runs towards him and falls down. Family rushes to him and gets her in. Anupama subconsciously murmurs Samar and thinks Toshu as Samar. She hugs him and says men were lying, he is with her itself. Toshu breaks down. Anupama realizes it’s Toshu and asks him to call her Samar. She then recalls Anuj’s words and breaks down.

At the hospital, Anuj looks at Vanraj and thinks he can understand what it means to lose a young son, don’t know what Anupama’s condition is at home. Inspector informs Anuj that they can take Samar’s body after postmortem. Vanraj shouts at him not to call his son as a dead body. Inspector apologizes and says they have to keep emotions aside in their duty. Doctor gives Vanraj an organ donation form to sign to read. Anupama continues to cry loudly. Kinjal asks her to come and comfort Dimpy for the sake of her baby. Vanraj asks Vanraj how can I sign these papers. Anuj says he knows it’s very painful for a parent to think of it, but he has to; their house is dark, but they can get light in someone else’s light by singing this organ donation form.

Anupama recalls Samar’s request and thinks she will handle Dimpy and her baby. She asks if Samar returned home. Kinjal says Vanraj, Toshu, and Anuj have gone to hospital to bring him home.

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