Anupama starlife update Wednesday 9 August 2023

Anupama 9 August 2023: Anupama and Vanraj bring paralyzed Toshu home on a wheelchair. Toshu’s leg falls off wheelchair. Vanraj keeps it back, recalling his last fight with Toshu. He tells Toshu that everyone are welcoming him. Pakhi shows welcome home card to him. Hasmukh says their son returned home and asks Leela not to cry in front of Toshu. Leela smiles. Kinjal welcomes Toshu home. Anupama says let us perform tilak via Pari as its auspicious. Abhi Mujhme Kahin Bakhi Si Hai Zindagi. song plays in the background.

Anupama comforts Toshu and asks him not to cry a bit. Vanraj says she is right. Anupama performs his aarti and showers flowers on him. Neighbors clap nad feels sorry for him. Anupama prays god for Toshu’s speedy recovery. Vanrajand Samar drive his wheelchair to his room. Anupama breaks down seeing once he leaves and says her young son cannot even stand, hug his siblings, or hold his daugher. Leela and Hasmukh comfort her. Anupama wipes her tears and says Toshu will be fine soon.

Anuj returns home thinking he needs to help Little Anu finish her homework and finds Maaya cooking in a kitchen. Maaya greets him hi and says she will prepare tea for him. Anuj says he is going to Little Anu’s room. Barkha warns Maaya to dare not try to become Anupama as Anupama was out because of Toshu’s illness and will return home. Maaya says if she had paid the same attention she is paying to her, she would have been happy with her husband. Barkha gets angry and says she is tolerating her here just because she’s Little Anu’s mother. Anuj stops her and asks why she still angry on Maaya, she should have some dignity and not increase their problems. Little Anu walks in and shows him her school homework.

Toshu breaks down seeing Kinjal supporting him and recalls his infidelity and misbehavior towards her. He apologizes her and says god gave him punishment for hurting her. Kinjal asks him not to say that as she never thought bad for him. Vanraj ties to leave house to bring fruits for Toshu and feels drowsy and weak. Anuj enters and holds him on time. Family scolds him to take rest if he wants to take care of Toshu. Anuj apologizes Leela for his misbehavior. Hasmukh says whatever he says, its not even 1% of Leela’s atrocities; its his and Anupama’s kind heart that brings them back here. Leela asks Anuj and Anupama to go home as Little Anu must be missing them. Vanraj tells Anuj that he will repay his loan soon.

Anuj says there is no need for that as Anupama paid the bills with her savings, so they should thank Toshu’s mother. He with Anupama then meets Toshu, kisses his forehead, and says they are with him always. Anupama says she will come tomorrow and asks Kinjal to call her if anything happens. Toshu calls Anupama. Anupama returns to him and asks what happened. Tosh apologizes her for hurting him. Anupama breaks down hugging him.


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