Destined by fate update Thursday 10 August 2023

Destined by fate 10 August 2023: Sayuri serves tea to Kanha while he is busy at work and noticing him tensed asks if something happened. Kanha says there are some business irregularities which Dhanraj and Tej are hiding from him. Sayuri says maybe they both don’t want to disturb him so soon. Kanha says even then she shouldn’t hide anything. Sayuri asks him to worry much as they will involve him when they feel he is ready for that.

Kusum visits Sharmas with sweets. Indu asks what is special today. Kusum says Saroj sent these sweets and invited them at 11 a.m. for Nakul and Rashmi’s engagement. Rashmi feels happy. Indu asks why did Saroj take this sudden decision. Kusum says she is just a messenger, Indu should question Saroj when she visits them for engagement ceremony. Once Kusum leaves, Indu feels suspicious of Saroj’s sudden change and thinks why she is doing this.

Sayuri asks Kanha to inform her if he needs anything as she is going to kitchen. He gets romantic and flirts with her. Saroj feels jealous seeing that. Kanha gets conscious seeing her. Kusum returns home with her teddy and reminds Sayuri that it was her favorite teddy and had given it to Sayuri when she liked it. Sayuri says she can keep her favorite teddy back. Kusum gets a call and walks aside. Saroj taunts that only broken and dilapidated things come from her samdhan/Indu’s house. Sayuri thinks why did Saroj say that, if she is thinking to much or Saroj is up to something.

Kanha informs Nakul about his engagement tonight. Nakul gets nervous and asks why engagement so soon. Kanha says their cousins are already married in their age, he suggests to get engaged and then marry whenever he is ready for marriage. Nakul says he wants to seek Rashmi’s opinion first. Kanha says he felt good that he respects Rashmi’s opinion. Nakul says he learnt it from Kanha.

Saroj enters kitchen to prepare feast for Sharmas. Kusum informs that Sayuri already prepared kheer. Saroj says she needs to prepare Indu and Bhanu’s favorite dishes and asks what is Rashmi’s favorite dish. Kusum says Sayuri knows. Sayuri informs what Rashmi likes. Kusum says she should prepare even Sayuri’s favorite sweets. Saroj says let us concentrate on the important work and prepare what Rashmi likes. Sayuri feels sad. Kusum cheers her up.

Rashmi gets ready for the engagement in a sari and feels uncomfortable. Indu and Bhanu say she doens’t have to trouble herself and should wear whatever she is comfortable in. Rashmi says she wants to please Rashmi for the efforts she made to accept her and determines to wear sari. Indu and Bhanu look at each other’s face. She calls Kanha and seeks help from him. Kanha takes Sayuri’s favorite sweets for her. Sayuri feels disheartend with Saroj’s unkind and superficial behavior. Kanha comforts her and suggests her to just go with the flow with 1 step at a time. He then does hermakeup and makes her smile.

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