Anupama starlife update Friday 11 August 2023

Anupama 11 August 2023: Rakhi tells Leela that she will keep a full-time male nurse for Toshu. Leela yells if she has gone mad. Rakhi asks why this family creates issues for everything, she is just keeping male nurse and not giving supari. Leela says why should they need an outsider when they are there to take care of Toshu. Rakhi asks who else will do, Kinjal? why shall Kinjal serve Toshu, there is a limit for sympathy, she has even look after Pari and her career. Leela says even she and Vanraj will help. Rakhi asks why middle class people have problem in taking help and making an issue. Kavya backs Rakhi. Rakhi says Kinjal’s business clients will not understand her problem, she has to meet her UK clients today. Kinjal says she knows, but wants to be with Toshu. Rakhi says she worked hard for 3 months for this meeting and her whole hard work will go in vain; its also about her and Toshu’s future and career; she doesn’t want to take my help but at least should work to support Shah family, etc.

Leela shouts again that she already told they don’t need a male nurse for Toshu. Kinjal says Rakhi is right; she, Kavya, and Samar have to look after their jobs and can’t be around Toshu always; Leela and Hasmukh are too old to lift Toshu alone and Vanraj alone can’t help; she has issues with Toshu but will continue to support him, they really need male nurse; she requests Vanraj to understand her problem. Vanraj agrees and asks her to go. Leela asks how will be here then. Kavya says they all will manage. Pakhi says she will take care of Pari. Kinjal gets ready for office and informs Toshu that she will be back soon.

Maaya gets jealous seeing Anupama and Anuj pampering Little Anu. Barkha taunts her that though Maaya gave birth to Little Anu, Anupama brought her up and hence she will not leave Anuj and Anupama; Maaya should pack her bags and leave. Leela and Hasmukh ask Vanraj to go and rest. Vanraj says he is tired but can’t sleep, so they should go and rest and take their medicines on time. Hasmukh says he will and not put more pressure on his children. Leela asks Vanraj not to worry about Toshu as she will check him regularly and even Samar will. She describes how Samar and Adhik helped them and says why don’t people notice boys’ efforts. She asks why didn’t Kavya return home yet. Kavya calls Vanraj and informs that her shooting is delayed and hence she will return home in the morning. Leela hopes someone clears their problems with a magical wand.

Vanraj says until Anupama was in this house, they never faced any problem as she used to handle everything alone. Leela says she was thinking. Vanraj asks her not to think of calling Anupama here as she has her own family to take care of own family and even handle Maaya. They run to Toshu’s room hearing a sound and find him fallen unconscious on floor. Vanraj blames Samar for not taking care of Toshu in Kinjal’s absence. He notices Toshu’s injured forehad and shakes him to wake him up. Toshu doesn’t wake up. Vanraj shouts in fear.

Anupama makes Little Anu and Anuj asleep and prays god to set everything right at Shah family. Doctor visits Toshu and informs that he is fine and sleeping, lucky he got a minor injury. He leaves saying he will return in the morning for checkup. Samar apologizes Vanraj for the mishap. Vanraj and Leela yell at him. Hasmukh asks them to stop as Toshu is fine. Samar says he will stay with Toshu tonight. Vanraj says there is no need for that. Samar pleads him to forgive him and promises not to make a mistake again. Hasmukh says Toshu is asleep, so they all should go. Vanraj pampers Toshu and leaves. Samar takes care of Toshu and apologizes for leaving him alone for a minute.

Anupama feels anxious and worried for Toshu. She thinks of calling Samar. Maaya asks why is she awake till now. Anupama says she is worried for Toshu. Maaya asks if she shall prepare tea for her. Anupama says its okay and asks why is she awake. Maaya says she was sleeping with Little Anu till now, so she is not getting sleep. Anupama thanks her for taking care of Little Anu in her absence. Maaya returns to her room and thinks she is not here to hear Anupama’s thank you and will get whatever she wants at any cost.

Pari cries vigorously. Leela yells that a child needs her mother, but Kinjal left her daughter for a business meeting. She blames Kinjal for Toshu’s fall. Kinjal with Rakhi returns home and shows her concern for Toshu. Leela yells at her for leaving her husband alone to fall down. Vanraj asks her not to blame Kinjal. Leela continues yelling at Kinjal. Kinjal feels offended. Rakhi gives a befitting reply to Leela and says her daughter is not her servant to serve family and even hear ther nonsense. Vanraj shouts to stop now. Rakhi shouts back why should she stop, her daughter is not their servant to bear their nonsense.

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