Anupama starlife update Sunday 23 July 2023

Anupama 23 July 2023: Anuj asks Anupama what is wrong with her, why did she promise Little Anu to let Maaya stay in their house while he can’t stand Maaya a bit. He asks how could she get such idea in her mind and she should have discussed with him at least. Anupama says she had only 2 option, either mother goes to a daughter or daughter goes to a mother, she can’t let her daughter go away from her and hence had to take this decision. Anuj says Little Anu will not go anywhere. Anupama asks what would he do if Maaya gets corat/court’s order or if Little Anu falls ill chanting Maaya, does he think she doesn’t love Little Anu; they can’t do wrong with Little Anu for their sake. Anuj asks if she is sure that Maaya will not do anything wrong staying in their house, Maaya can even kidnap Little Anu and escape.

Anupama says she doesn’t want that happen, she knows a mother can go to any extent for her child, and he should trust this mother. Anuj says he wants to question this mother if she is trying to get up Little Anu’s responsibilities.Anupama says she would rather die before thinking so. She cries that a mother tolerates everything for her children, even husband’s taunt. Anuj says he wasn’t taunting her. Anupama continues to cry and says she is ready to take her daughter’s reach responsibility, Maaya is demanding her own daughter and they should make sure that both Little Anu and Maaya are happy. Anuj runs in park recalling quality time spent with Little Anu and his love for her. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain.. song plays in the background.

Anupama holds him and says they need to handle themselves for the battle. Anu pleads her not to let her daughter go away from him. Anupama says a child has only 1 family and can’t have 2, its up to Little Anu to choose which one she wants and they will let her go if she finds happiness with Maaya. She says Yashoda maiya and Devaki maa didn’t face such situation, she is sure even it would have been tough for them. Anuj says Little Anu is his daughter. Anupama says they will do whatever is right and leave the reason on god.

Anupama calls Maaya. Maaya asks if Little Anu is fine, did her fever increased. Anupama says Little Anu is fine, its a question of their daughter and hence she wants Maaya to come and stay at Kapadia house. Maaya asks if she is sure. Anupama says they are not tricking her and are just worried for Little Anu. Barkha tells Ankush that she never thought Anupama being so intelligent would take such a foolish decision, she knows nothing about Maaya. Ankush says that doesn’t mean Maaya is a bad woman. Barkha says Maaya is a shady woman who trains young models and sends them abroad, she doubts she will do same with Kavya and trap her, such woman can’t be Little Anu’s mother. Ankush says she is right. Barkha says they should support Anuj if they want to stay in this house. Ankush says she is farsighted and is supporting Anuj so that he supports her in the future when Ankush brings his son in this house. Barkha says he can do whatever he wants to and she will whatever she wants to, thinks she will not let him divorce though.

Little Anu insists to meet Maaya. Anuj fears that Maaya will misuse their goodness and is planning against them. Anupama says let us see what happens. Maaya walks in with her bag. A photoframe falls down and breaks. Anuj picks it and gets hurt. Anupama tells Maaya that they have to stay under same roof for the sake of Little Anu. Maaya asks how will they solve this mystery. Anupama says they have to. Maaya promises that she will not break their trust and gain back her rights on Little Anu in a proper way. Anupama says even they expect her to play fair and not interfere between them and Little Anu. Anuj walks away from there. Anupama says they don’t know much about her and would like to listen about her past if she wants to or else they will make sure that their daughter feels happy with all 3 of them.

Maaya says she is happy that her daughter got foster parents like them, even she loves her daughter immensely but is not generous enough to handover her daughter to them and go away empty handed. Anupama says Maaya gave them 15 days, now she will give her 15 days to win Little Anu’s heart without any trick and if Little Anu refuses to go with her, she will silently go away from there but can visit her whenever she wants to and can’t make her claim on her again. Maaya says she can’t do that. Anupama says it was Maaya’s decision to abandon Little Anu, she called Maaya here to have a fair fight and not just handover Little Anu easily to Maaya; she wants Little Anu to choose whom she wants to stay with, etc.

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