Anupama starlife update Monday 24 July 2023

Anupama 24 July 2023: Anupama tells Maaya that usually they shouldn’t bet on children, but they will bet and after 15 days they have to accept whatever decision Little Anu takes. She asks Maaya will she accept if Little Anu refuses to go with her and wants to stay with them. She walks to home temple holding Maaya’s hand and asks her to take an oath that she will leave from here forever if she can’t win Little Anu’s heart in 15 days. Maaya takes oath on Kanhaji and Little Anu. Anupama also takes oath on Kanhaji and Little Anu that if Maaya wins Little Anu’s heart, they will back off silently. She lights akhand jyot for 15 days sand keeps 15 beetle nut pieces for 15 days. Maaya thinks she will win Little Anu’s heart for sure. Anupama hopes Little Anu stays with her Yashoda maiya and Nand baba.

Maaya informs Anu that Little Anu’s birthday is after 2 days which only she knows about. Anupama excitedly says she will celebrate her Little girl’s birthday lavishly for the firs time. She offers sugar to Maaya and says a mother can never have bitterness in her mind. Anupama then walks to Anuj and bandages his finger injury. Anuj thanks her and asks why did she do this. Anupama says because Maaya is Little Anu’s mother. Anuj says Maaya abandoned Little Anu. Anupama says any mother will not abandon her child until she becomes totally helpless. Anuj says he doesn’t know all that, truth is Maaya gave birth to a daughter and abandoned her, they held Little Anu’s hand and she is their daughter now. Anupama says according to Maaya, even they don’t have right on Little Anu after knowing the truth and are wrong. Anuj says they are not wrong and he doesn’t trust Maaya.

Anupama says she wants to tell him one thing. Anuj gets anxious and asks if she promised something to Maaya. Anupama informs him about her 15-day challenge to Maaya. Anuj suffers a panic attack and says its not fair that only mothers are deciding everything without thinking about a father, he needs his daughter at any cost, what if Little Anu goes away from there, his world will shatter. Anupama tries best to justify herself and informs that Little Anu’s birthday is after 2 days and they will celebrate it in a grand way. Anuj says they 2 will. Anupama says 3. Anuj says no. Anupama tries convince him that 15 days would be days of of hope for them. Anuj says its not right. Maaya thinks everything will be alright, there will be a new start from tomorrow.

Next morning, Little Anu performs pooja with Maaya and apologizes her for getting angry on her yesterday as she was hurt. Maaya says its okay and says she can question her anything as she is staying with her here. Little Anu feels excited that she can stay with 2 mothers like Kanhaji. Anupama informs her that tomrow is her birthday and they will celebrate it in a grand way. Little Anu runs and hugs her, leaving Maaya disappointed, and asks her to prepare birthday cake tomorrow. Anupama says they will. Anuj lifts her and she hugs them both. She then goes to inform others about her birthday. Maaya stands sad.

Toshu with his assistant excitedly packs foot packets and boasts that he will grow his food business to the new heights. Hasmukh says being positive is good, but he should also think about negative aspects. Vanraj warns him, but Toshu continues his jokergiri. Vanraj then notices Kavya going out and asks where is she going. She says to finish London visa formalities. He says he warned her not to go with Mohit. He says she is going with a team. Anupama asks Maaya if she knows the holy shlokas she chanted during prayers. Maaya says her father taught her. She asks if they together can decide about Little Anu’s birthday celebration as she doesn’t know Little Anu well despite being her mother. Anuj smiles and says one who wish to know wouldn’t abandon their children. Anupama stops him and asks Maaya what was she saying.

Maaya says she just met Little Anu in farm house and doesn’t know much about her. Anuj asks why did she meet her daughter furtively at farm house. She says she doesn’t know. He says its interesting, how would such a lost soul raise Little Anu. Maaya says god has given her Little Anu to upbring her. Anuj says god gave Little Anu even to them. Maaya says not to upbring though. Anuj asks really, why did she meet Little Anu furitively then. Maaya says sometimes heart takes erratic decisions and explains later. Anuj says its all a drama. Anupama asks them to stop their argument and concentrate on celebrating Little Anu’s first birthday. She asks Maaya what is her plan. Maaya says she really doesn’t know. Anuj says how will she know as she abandoned Little Anu. Maaya asks why he is taunting her repeatedly. Anuj says why always mothers take a decision and forget a father. Anuj tries to justifying herself again. Anuj stops her and says whatever they did whatever the could, now a father will do what he can.

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