Rajjo starlife update Sunday 23 July 2023

Rajjo 23 July 2023: The Episode starts with doctor saying we have everything to help her, don’t worry, your wife will get fine soon. Mukund asks what’s the need to get insulted. Rajjo packs her bag. A glass falls. She picks a piece of glass. Kalindi argues with Chirag. She says you are still pitying Rajjo. He says I m also angry on her, I may not forgive her ever. Rajjo hears this and cries. Kalindi says let Madhu and Arjun do whatever they want. He says she needs treatment, I want her to get fine. She says be with Sia, don’t talk to Rajjo. He says I want her to agree for the treatment. Rajjo says you have always supported me, I will expose the lie and bring out the truth. She goes.

Madhu and Jhilmil catch Rajjo and kick her out. Rajjo says you will come yourself and trust me if you know me, if you don’t come,even then I won’t lose, I will do anything to find my Maai. A man signs Rajjo. She says Nanku is here in disguise, what is he doing. She runs to Nanku. He gives her a note.Arjun thinks why is she making it tough for me. Rajjo leaves in the van. Arjun worries. Madhu says its your responsibility now. Pushkar asks her not to worry, Rajjo won’t know anything. The van stops at the signal. Rajjo thinks to fight and run away. She attacks the nurse and gets down the ambulance. She runs away. The ward boy runs after her. Rajjo hides. She checks Nanku’s message. She reads… forgive me, whatever I did, it was for your and Mannu’s betterment, I couldn’t tell the truth, you are right, Mannu went to Magar taal, villagers might have seen her, they can tell you about her, you have to find out, go and find your mum, just you can save her.

Rajjo thanks him for not letting her hope break. She covers her face and goes. Arjun thinks how would be Rajjo there. Niharika comes and says don’t hide your tears from me, I know you are hurt, you know Rajjo’s pain, you tolerate this pain for her sake, when she gets fine and comes back, then you both can start a new life, I will get coffee for you. Arjun cries and misses Rajjo. He says shame on me, I m not there with Rajjo to help her.

Rajjo comes to Magar taal and cries for Mannu. A man comes and says city people can’t come here, it’s a big crime. He catches her. Arjun prays for Rajjo’s safety. Sia calls him out. Arjun turns and sees everyone smiling. Chirag and everyone surprise Arjun on his birthday. Arjun stays sad. Rajjo says you are mistaken, I m not any enemy, I m Rajjo, I have come here to find my mum, she came here to Magar taal, she is missing, please help me find her. The man says she is lying. Madhu blesses Arjun. Arjun thinks to talk to Rajjo. Sia says cut the cake before going. Niharika and Pushkar come. They also wish Arjun. Arjun worries for Rajjo. Rajjo picks a stone and says I will not get punished when I m not at fault, its about my mum, I didn’t come to harm anyone, I came to find my mum, help me in finding her, I will go from here.

The men get angry and don’t believe her. A lady comes and asks what’s happening here. The men greet the lady. She asks who is this girl. The man says she is saying she came to find her mum. Rajjo says I m saying the truth. The lady says come here. Rajjo says my mum is fair, tall, she wears salwar suit. She describes Mannu’s clothes and shoes. She asks do you know something, tell me. The lady shows the blood stained shoes. Rajjo gets shocked.

Rajjo crying and stepping back. She falls down and holds the edge of the cliff. Sia asks Arjun to cut the cake. Niharika says cut it for Sia’s sake. Kalindi says yes, you look worried. Madhu says they came here for your sake. Arjun says I wish Rajjo gets fine and comes home soon. Swara says I also want this. Mukund asks her to shut up. Everyone sings the birthday song. He says sorry Sia, I won’t cut the cake until Rajjo gets fine and comes home. Arjun looks for his phone. He calls the hospital. Nurse asks what shall I tell Arjun. Doctor says you tell him that Rajjo is getting treated. Nurse lies to Rajjo. Arjun says I want to talk to Rajjo, I will need 2 mins to send police there. She says actually, she has run away by hitting the ward boys, we couldn’t find her. He is shocked.

He prays and leaves from the balcony.
Pushkar and Madhu celebrate and drink. She takes a juice drink. She says I m worried that Rajjo can come back. He says Mannu is dead, we have handled Rajjo also, she has nothing. Madhu says she is brave and determined, what about Arjun, he isn’t talking to anyone. Pushkar says it happens, give him some time, he will forget everything, he will forget Rajjo and her love story also. Arjun comes to Magar taal and looks for Rajjo. Tujhse juda….plays… He falls down. He gets shocked seeing Rajjo covered inside the pile of dry leaves. He asks her to get up and see, he has come. He shouts Rajjo. The wine bottle breaks on its own. Pushkar asks how did this break on own, something is wrong. Madhu says wind has made the bottle fall. Pushkar says no, it broke first and then fell down.

Madhu says I will go home and clean my clothes, drink less, you are growing old. She leaves. He asks why am I scared, Mannu is dead, Rajjo can’t come out of the trap. The lights flicker. He sees Mannu’s ghost and shouts. He gets scared. Arjun asks Rajjo to open eyes.He shouts for help. Rajjo opens eyes. He says I promise, I won’t make you away from me. Pushkar calls the doctor. Doctor says Rajjo has run away, we couldn’t find her anywhere. Pushkar is shocked. He says what’s happening. Arjun takes care of Rajjo. He says hit me, I did wrong with you. Yaar mila hai…plays… Madhu comes to Pushkar. She says you are drunk, you got old, so you are seeing dead people, Mannu is dead. Pushkar says no, her spirit is here. She scares him and laughs.

He says I have seen her spirit. She asks did you do your work well, why are you scared, what are you hiding from me.He says yes, but Rajjo has run away. She asks what, she has run away. She gets angry on him. He asks how shall we find Rajjo. They hear family talking about Rajjo. Madhu goes out to see. Arjun says Rajjo had run away, I found her unconscious at the lakeside. Madhu says we should send her back to the hospital. Arjun says Rajjo’s life can be in danger. Madhu says you worry for her, what about us. Arjun takes Rajjo with him. Madhu argues. He says Rajjo won’t go anywhere, she will stay here, I take responsibility of her, its my last decision.

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