Anupama starlife update Sunday 2 July 2023

Anupama 2 July 2023: Anupama takes some tips from Devika to plan a surprise romantic dinner for Anuj and blushes when Devika pulls her leg. Devika asks her to inform her later what all happened. Anupama says who discusses that and asks if she will not visit them on new year’s eve. Devika says she will come tomorrow. At Shah house, during breakfast, Toshu asks Leela to prepare tea and snacks for his clients. Leela scolds him.

Anupama 1 July 2023

Vanraj walks for breakfast. Leela asks about Kavya. Kavya walks in wearing short clothes. Leela says she should stop wearing her childhood clothes and says its smaller than her kerchief. Hasmukh says even Pakhi wears such clothes. Kavya thanks him and tells Leela that these are her work clothes. Leela says these look like modeling clothes. Kavya says she is right, she got a modeling contract.

Leela asks Vanraj why don’t he stop Kavya. Vanraj says modeling is also a job and let her continue her passion. Toshu he is happy that Kavya is following her passion. Kavya thanks him. Kinjal rushes out ready for office. Leela asks her to have breakfast. Kinjal says her workload has increased after her stupid assistant left the job, so she needs to go. Toshu says she will change her opinion once he earns in crores. Kinjal says after hearing Toshu’s stupid ideas, she has stopped expecting anything from him and would herself take care of herself and Pari from hereon.

She and Kavya leave for job. Vanraj goes to drop Kavya. Leela fumes. Hasmukh says they can’t force their decisions on their children. Leela asks who will have breakfast now. Samar with Dimple walks in and says they will. Leela frowns and asks Dimple why did she come. Samar says he brought her in. Hasmukh asks them to join as Leela prepared tasty dhoklas. Leela frowns more seeing Dimple enjoying dhokla.

Anupama eagerly waits for Anuj and gets ready singing a song Tum Aaye To Aaya Mujhe Yaad Gali Mein Aaj Chand Nikla.. She imagines romancing him and decorates whole house for a romantic dinner with him. Anuj walks in. Anupama hugs him excitedly, recites a romantic poem for him, and says him I love you repeately. Anuj feels nervous. Anupama notices someone standing behind and switches on light. She feels anxious seeing Anuj’s friend. Anuj’s friend asks if he should go. Anuj signals no.

Friend jokes with a funny poem and asks Anuj to introduce him. Anuj says he is his childhood friend Dheeraj. Dheeraj shows his jovial behavior and walks in holding Anupama’s heart. He notices cake, dark chocolate, and decorationn and says he spoilt their romantic plan, so he will come some other time. Anuj stops him and asks him not to make Anupama embarrassed. Dheeraj continues his jokes and informs that he is Anuj’s childhood buddy.

Anupama asks if he jokes always. Dheeraj says only 1 out of 10 jokes work and he keeps joking to stop himself from sadness. Anuj asks how is his wife and says his girlfriend’s name was Priyanka Chopra. Dheeraj changes topic and continues to joke. He asks Anupama if she prepared something for Anuj, he will enjoy some of it. Anuj also jokes and says he is feeling happy after a long time or else he was lost running around life. Anupama goes to arrange dinner. Dheeraj and Anuj’s jokes continue.

Anupama thinks she should prepare 1-2 more special dishes for Anuj’s special friend and feels shy thinking she just expressed her love without noticing things around. She thinks why Anu said he is tired running around. Anuj walks in and apologizes her for bringing Dheeraj uninformed and thanks her. She says its okay. Dheeraj calls Anuj asking where is bathroom. Anupama asks Anuj to go and help his friend and says I love you. Anuj leaves without repling. Anupama feels.

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