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Anupama 3 July 2023: Hasmukh notices Leela over phone and taunts that she is busy gossiping over phone whole day and then complains whole day went just like that. He asks whom she is calling. Leela says she is calling Anupama to apologize. Hasmukh jokes if aliens replaced Leela’s doppelganger here. Leela says she realized that Anuj was right, they are unnecessarily dragged Anupama in their problems forgetting that she has her own family to look after.

Anupama 2 July 2023

Hasmukh says if she is really thinking same, she should apologize Anupama before she changes her mind. Vanraj walks in and asks what happened. Leela says Anupama. Vanraj asks not to start again. Leela says she wants to apologize Anupama and asks him to call Samar to have dinner. Vanraj says he must be somewhere busy dreaming. Samar walks in with Dimple.

Leela asks Dimple to go home. Samar says he came to take his bike keys to drop Dimple home. Leela asks why can’t she go by herself. Dimple asks Leela to speak to her directly, she knows Leela doesn’t like her for a particular reason, she is here just for work and is just a colleague of Samar.Leela says even Vanraj and Kavya used to say same. Hasmukh says there is no need to dig a past always.

Leela says she doesn’t want Dimple to visit their house as she doesn’t like her. Dimple asks if she has any treasure hidden in her house that anyone would die to jump in. Vanraj asks Dimple to go home and asks Samar to drop her. Leela fumes that they don’t let her live in peace. Anupama serves dinner to Anuj and Dheeraj. Dheeraj says Anupama, her food, and Anuj are amazing. Anuj saks if he is praising him. Dheeraj says he is amazed to hear that Anuj waited for 26 years for Anupama. Anuj says love makes one go to any extent. Dheeraj insists Anuapama to tell her side of the story.

Anupama gets Leela’s call just then. Anuj feels angry seeing that. Anupama hesitates to pick call seeing Anuj’s face. Dheeraj asks her pick it. Anupama says she will call back later. Dheeraj jokes again. Anuj laughs out loudly.Leela scolds Vanraj for sending Samar with Dimpy and warns him not to let Dimpy inside their house again as she plans to become their family bahu. Vanraj says he doesn’t mind if that happens as he learnt a lesson after Pakhi’s story, he will accept his children’s decision and not force them with his decisions.

Hasmukh backs him and says they need to learn to let their children become self reliant. Leela continues her adamancy and says she will never accept Dimple as her bahu. Samar stops midway at an ice cream stall to celebrate their new customers. Dimple feels guilty for giving a befitting reply to Leela. Samar suggests her not to bother and reveals that he likes her.Anuj and Anupma continue to laugh on Dheeraj’s jokes. Anupama asks Dheeraj tell about his and Priyanka’s love story. He says he will some other time and continues to joke with Anuj. Anuj boasts that he married a woman whom he loved since 26 years. Anupama feels good.

Dheeraj asks if Anuj made any other best friend after him. Anuj says Anupama was his best friend before marriage. Dheeraj asks what after that. Anuj says when the relationship changes, its meaning also changes. Dheeraj asks Anuj not to bore him and asks Anupama what did she see in Anuj. Anupama his questions should what did Anuj see in her as she like a soil and Anuj a paras stone which turned a soil into gold. She continues that like any other girl she was taught by her mother to always suffer silently, so she was suffering silently in her first marriage;

she got a family and children in her first marriage on conditions but never got love and respect; it was like living on landmines in that house and with just 1 wrong step, she used to experience a blast from her MIL, husband, and children; Anuj supported her and introduced her to herself.She continues that he taught her how to be strong and self-reliant; she was Anugamini/one who follows behind in her previous marriage, but Anuj made her Ardhangini/better half and taught her to walk together; she was in mud and couldn’t leave the dust behind when she moved on; she was trying to hold on every relationship and forgot her most important relationship;

Anuj never showed his right on her and even she forgot to give his right; people misused Anuj’s goodness and she didn’t oppose; he always supported her, but she didn’t support him. She runs from there unable to control her emotions and cries lying on her bed.

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