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If you were not there 22 July 2023: Gajender is shocked to hear the name of Bhagwathi, he is not able to believe the truth, Niyati questions who is Bhagwati and asks the reason he is standing there in a quiet manner, she requests him to tell her because this Bhagwati might be the one behind this kidnapping however Gajender says it cannot happen however Niyati informs this is possible, she advises him to go and order his people to search for Saira and Abhimanyu as this would help them all in this case, Sulochana asks Gajender why is he not answering the questions of Niyati.

Sulochana exclaims that she is that black moment of their past because of which they ha to leave their village and everything which hey owned, and since because of her Abhimanyu got separated, she insists on taking Niyati with her if Bhagwati is the reason behind it all, Niyati also questions Manaroma what is the reason when she replies it is better for Niyati to go back with her mother, Amma jee exclaims how are these old horrors of heir past coming to haunt them. Niyati questions why they are standing still, Sulochana informs because he is dead, twenty years ago he was killed the hands of Gajender.Amma jee explains that Bhagwati was the reason they were forced to leave their village and everything, he was a Bahubali of that village, Gajender agrees exclaiming that Bhagwati had made their life a living hell, he recalls how the has his men had held their family when he started fighting with them but in that anger, he accidentally killed him, after which he asked Ram to run away with everyone.

Shugun exclaims her father meant everything to her and she still knows that he always used to say that Shugun should become like her but not an uneducated person, but now when she is going to fulfil his dreams he is not even alive, this all happened because of that Gajender Panday who acts as he is a good person but is actually wrong, he would now have to pay for his crimes as he is also going to lose his son.

Shugun exclaims that she started searching for Abhimanyu, since he is the son of a wealthy father, she found out that he is in Mumbai and suffering a mental illness, she also for the first time found out he met Niyati who is a nurse and expressed his love for her, she then used his illness as a tool for her revenge by buying out his doctor, she asked him to increase the intensity of the shocks by almost three times so he gets mad, however to her surprise he lost his memory and which is when she revealed the second part of her plan by when she met him in the market, with the goons so he has fallen in love with her, she now has both sides of the game in her hands.In another part of the city, Abhimanyu wakes up realizing he is tied and not even able to see anything because of the mask, he manages to sit up while the people are guarding him.

Gajender in the house exclaims he never intended to kill him and did not even know him at all, he just came into their lives as a storm, he found out that Bhagwati wanted to take control over the entire property of the village for Shakti Pardshan, he was really ambitious and cruel person, so with his cleverness took control over half of the property, whoever stood against him died so every villager ran from the village and he along with Ram would have also run away, but he misbehaved with Amma and even pushed her so they got in a fight after which he send his goons to kidnap them, he wanted to kill Gajender but he knew that Bhagwati would also harm his family which is why he pickd that knife because of which he desired to protect them however killed Bhagwati.

Gajender reveals that after the death of Bhagwati his men tried to come after them so they left the village and while running came to UP, he realized that this would also have happened to Ram as he was suffering just like them, but when they came here they had nothing to eat so he tried working his best in order to become a bigger person and forgot about their past, Niyati however coming to him says that he must find out about anyone who is a relative of Bhagwati and might come to take revenge from him, Mami jee however says she feels that it is any other enemy of Bhai Sahab as he has a lot of business but Niyati informs that she feels if the name of Bhagwati has come so any of his relative might have come to take revenge, she requests Gajender to find out about all the relatives.
The friends of Shugun exclaims it is enough to work by this city but their fathers used to work together and had a clear rule to kill twice as much so she suggests they can kill them, Shugun exclaims that she wants to take revenge for all the moments which she spent without her father but Abhimanyu ruined her plan after running from his home so she had to get him kidnapped, however she warns them to not make the same mistake which they made with Saira as if it happens then they will also lose their lives.

Abhimanyu after waking up blows a whistle when the kidnappers exclaims he has woken up, Abhimanyu mentions he has a habit of whistling in his sleep, he questions why did they kidnap him, the kidnappers warn him to stop talking, Abhimanyu asks them to take off the cloth as it smells lot and he feels they have not washed it, however the kidnappers order him to stay quiet, Abhimanyu threatens to sing a song and as he starts dinging they get really irritated and ask him to stay quiet but he doesnot, Abhimanyu asks them to open it as then he will stop singing, they lift the mask when Abhimanyu promises to stay quiet but thinks of a plan to run away, he realizes they all have weapons and if he tries to run away then they will start practicing on him.

Abhimanyu requests them to let him go and attend the bathroom but they refuse saying he must do whatever he desires while being tied, he replies this means they can clean it after him, however the kidnappers’ questions if he thinks they are his servants, mentioning they have heard a lot of excuses like this so would not let him go. Abhimanyu once again starts singing which forces the kidnapper to take him outside to take a bath as they say otherwise he would hurt their heads, they take him when he asks why are they not opening his hands because then they must help him, the kidnapper is forced to open the hands when they threaten to kill him if he even tries to run away, they donot even let him close the door. Abhimanyu thinks it is not easy to keep him in captivity as now they would be searching for him.

The inspector says that with the information Gajender provided he managed to take all the information from Bihar police, from their perspective this is Bahubali who died twenty years ago and it also has the information about his family, Gajender points out his wife and the daughter, when Niyati asks if he knows anything about the family, Gajender replies that he saw them twenty years ago but doesnot know what happened to them after the incident. Niyati explains they have to do something else and cannot wait for this information, Gajender explains that he has alerted everyone to find out the truth, Niyati informs they have to go to the location where the jeep of Abhimanyu is parked, Gajender exclaims they both will go together, Sulochana tries to stop her but Niyati exlciams she needs to find her husband, Gajender gets a headache when he is about to leave, Niyati asks Kamna to bring some salt water and also the machine, she mentions that his blood pressure is raised, she asks if he is feeling fine, he exclaims that the father whose son has been kidnapped how can he remain calm, Niyati requests him to stay behind while she is going to go and find him, Gajender asks both the guards to go with Niyati and also orders the police to send a team to that location, he advises her to take care of herself.

Abhimanyu requests to go and attend the bathroom, he is looking and closes the door as soon as the kidnapper looks away, Abhimanyu mentions their service is really poor and he cannot let him attend the bathroom without any worry, he makes sure that the kidnapper gets unconscious and then plans to run away with intelligence otherwise he would not be able to fight these people as they al have guns.

Niyati reaches the location of the jeep asking the inspector if they found Abhimanyu, he replies that the son of Gajender Panday has been kidnapped and they will surely manage to find him, Niyati insists on helping them, she asks about the keys of the Godown, the inspector explains this is a private Godown and they have asked for the kyes, Niyati walks towards the side to find another passage when Shugun walks out with her friends, she advises the kidnappers to make sure Saira and Abhimanyu are not able to run away and he doesnot din she is the mastermind behind this all, as till the time he loves her then everything is for the better. Abhimanyu also sees the guards at the door, he hits hm the back so he gets unconscious, Niyati is with the police when they hear someone ordering to look around the property and find him.

Niyati asks if they have gotten the keys when the inspector replies it is still on the way, Niyati informs they cannot wait that long so the lock must be broken, the constable breaks the lockj with his gun. Abhimanyu while hiding hears that they are eager to find him, he thinks it feels all the kidnapper of Lucknow are busy searching for him, they see him so rush to catch him, meanwhile Niyati has also entered the property with the police but is shocked to find the door opened, the inspector quickly divides his entire team in separate teams so they can search the entire property.

Niyati while looking for Abhimanyu manages toi find Saira, she is helping her when a kidnapper tries to hit her however Niyati hits im in the head, the police also enter the room when she asks them to call an ambulance, Niyati walks out of the room after hearing the voice of a bullet.Niyati sees Abhimanyu running after climbing from the wall and the kidnappers following him, she gets startles thinking it cannot happen so also runs after them, Niyati runs into the jungle where she runs frantically until she meets Abhimanyu, he immediately asks for her hand after which she smiles, he pulls her close and goes to the other side of the tree, they both are constantly looking into each other’s eyes, are not able to even move. Niyati takes his name, but he signals her to remain quiet when he sees that the kidnappers are still searching for him, he taking her hand runs to the other side of the jungle with all his might, meanwhile the kidnappers are still following them. Both of them run the best they can when he accidentally hits a tree and they both stumble down a slope after which he holds her while they are clinging from a root of a tree, he uses all his strength to make sure they do not fall. Niyati starts getting scared seeing the fall, she asks him to see and even he is left startled, but he has to control his emotions so asks her to keep quiet as the kidnappers must think that they have either fallen down the cliff or have run away from the forest, Niyati constantly asks him to protect her as she is loosing her grip, Abhimanyu says they are in this mess because of her yet she is still scolding him, he asks her to not worry as he is going to find a way to save them both, they both try to walk up.

The kidnappers come when one of them informs he feels they have fallen in the cliff, the head says they cannot take any chance so must keep searching, Niyati tries to wipe off the blood but in the process she is about to fall, Abhimanyu manages to catch her exclaiming she is right as first she would not leave him but is now slipping, Niyati is so scared so says she will not be saved but Abhimanyu promises that he will not let anything happen to her, Abhimanyu exclaims he feels there is some sort of Kismet connection between them both, Niyati recalls their first conversation when he said the same thing, they both are still clinging from the cliff.

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