Twist of fate update Friday 15 December 2023

Twist of fate 15 December 2023:  Ranbir hugs Prachi to stop her from seeing Khushi. Prachi asks him to leave her. Ranbir says don’t leave me. They feel the hug. Ranbir then opens his eyes and signs Khushi to go. Prachi breaks the hug. Ranbir says I felt something, everything is past, but I feel. Prachi says I didn’t feel anything.

He says ofcourse, I didn’t feel anything. Prachi says exactly, not even a bit. She asks why you are looking there. Ranbir says I don’t want to look at you and that’s why I looked at there. Prachi asks who is there? Ranbir says there is someone there, and says you are a girl and can react, but don’t get scared, I am here. He says he can see ghost here even now. Prachi asks where? Ranbir goes to hide Khushi, seeing Khushi trying to run. He tells her that he lied to distract Parvati. Khushi hides. Prachi says there is no ghost here. She comes to Ranbir and tries to open the door. She says the door is not opening. They argue.

Prachi says she will open the door. While she tries to open the door, his eye gets a bit hurt. Prachi tries to see. He asks her to stay away from him.

Rhea brings water and gives to Kohlis. Vikram says God shall give you strength, as you are lying to your real sister, as it is tough for you and it is not easy for everyone to do this. Pallavi says sorry to Rhea and says the way Ranbir talks to you, I am so sorry.

Rhea asks her not to say sorry and says I know Ranbir says anything in anger, but he really doesn’t mean it, I know it and that’s why don’t feel bad about his words. Door bell rings. Meera comes inside with Dadi and Shahana. Pallavi says they have come for orphanage. Meera says Khushi is missing. Vikram says warden and Prachi are here. Dadi tells that even we think the same. She says Pallavi wanted to adopt Khushi and told that day outside the temple, even when she didn’t know that Khushi is not Laali’s daughter. She says when you couldn’t get her, you all planned to kidnap her.

Ranbir tells Prachi that her pallu hit his eye. Prachi blows on her pallu and keeps it on his eye. She asks if he is feeling better then come to search Khushi. Pallavi asks Shahana how she can accuse them. Dadi stops Shahana from telling them that they know Ranbir knows that Khushi is his daughter. Meera asks them not to accuse each other, and says we love her. She says Khushi can be here or not. Pallavi says she is not here. Shahana asks Rhea to understand Prachi’s condition and tell her that Khushi is here, for her sake. Rhea says Shahana…I. Dida thinks of Rhea’s words. Inspector comes there to check their house. Dida and Pallavi tell that they will not let him search their house.

Vikram asks Inspector to bring search warrant and tells that Prachi and warden are already searching in the house. Inspector shows the search warrant and goes inside. Pallavi goes behind them and asks them to go and search in Prachi’s house, says you will find Khushi there. Vikram says Pallavi. Pallavi asks what, they are searching in my house and I am feeling bad. Inspector says how you handle her? Vikram says I will tell you later in free time.

Inspector goes out. Vikram asks Pallavi not to do overacting and asks her to trust her son. Prachi tries to open the door. Ranbir looks at Khushi. Prachi asks what is he looking at? Ranbir says I see the ghost. Prachi asks where is it? She is about to see Khushi, when Ranbir hears someone coming and shouts for help, says they are stuck inside. Inspector opens the door and asks if Khushi is here? Ranbir says Prachi checked, she is not here. Prachi says Khushi is not here. Inspector says they shall check outside.

He goes. Prachi also goes behind him. Ranbir closes the door and tells Pallavi and Vikram that Khushi is here. Khushi comes out and Pallavi hugs her. Prachi opens the door and sees Pallavi hugging Vikram. Ranbir says my parents start romancing anywhere, don’t see the place etc. Vikram says he is comforting her as she got emotional and worried for Khushi. Ranbir says Khushi will be found. Prachi goes from there. Ranbir hides Khushi to hide for some more time.

Prachi walks into the hall while everyone else is waiting, she asks what is Shahana and Dadi doing here, Dadi replies they were worried about her so they came here, Shahana mentions that Meera jee got a call from her warden who told her that Prachi is also here so they both came with her, Prachi asks if they both did not tell anyone the truth which they have found out about Khushi and Ranbir, Prachi wonders what might they be talking about, Shahana mentions she doensot think that Rhea would be un aware of the truth, as they went to the orphanage so she might have found the truth.

Thee inspector comes back when Meera jee asks if they found out about anything, Ranbir questions why are they talking as if Khushi is not a girl but just some grains, Ranbir says he has been trying to explain but they all refuse to trust him. Prachi walking in front of him ask why is he talking about trust, Ranbir questions why does she mistrust him and behave in such a weird manner. Prachi gets shocked asking him how he would once again say that he has not done anything wrong and always speaks the truth, Ranbir replies but even Prachi does not always tell him the truth but she tries to hide everything. The officials of the NGO mention they are going to leave, they request the Police Inspector to also inform them if they find out about anything.

Prachi exclaims what can she say to anyone of them since she is used to getting hurt from her loved ones, Ranbir also replies that even he is used to getting hurt by his loved ones and now they have come to cause the same injury once again. Prachi calls Ranbir explaining she will pray to find Khushi because if she is not found then the person who has taken her would have to suffer Ranbir asks her to go and threaten him from her own house, Prachi angrily leaves with Dadi and Shahana.

Akshay is waiting for Prachi, he gets really tensed then calls someone informing that he is going to send the photo of a girl whom he wants to be found, he advises them to do whatever they must for it, he explains the person has been investigating for a very long time so would be able to do it.

Prachi comes back with Dadi and Shahana when Dadi asks Akshay what is he doing here, Prachi question about the health of uncle, Akshay reveals his dad is fine and doing better so this is why he could not stop himself from coming here. Prachi explains that nothing could do something at this point, Prachi is constantly thinking about the beautiful moments spent with Khushi and how she always made her laugh. Akshay prays to Bhagwan that he should return the happiness of Prachi, while he is willing to sacrifice all his happiness just for her. Prachi stumbles and is about to fall when Akshay helps her stand up, mentioning she should not look him like this as he has only helped her life a friend so knows that she deserves all the happiness in the world. Prachi goes to stand beside Dadi who is crying, they all start walking into the house when Akshay thinks he cannot even say how much he loves her because he cannot lose her friendship.

Khushi is playing while Rhea is helping her, Khushi explains that she is very good at playing hide and seek but has never played such a real game as no one was able to catch her so she won the game Ranbir along with everyone mention that happiness has come back to this house due to Khushi, she asks if she would stay here then where is her room. Rhea apologizes explaining that she was not able to do it today, but her room would be complete by tomorrow.

Vikram calls Khushi to him explaining that she will live with them for the rest of her life so can sleep with him today, Pallavi however explains that today she can sleep with her, Khushi mentions she just wants to sleep with her father today while tomorrow would sleep with Dida, then Vikram uncle and after that Pallavi, she says that they both live in the same room. Ranbir suggests Khushi should always stay with him since they are going to have a lot of good time. Khushi agrees on the condition that he will tell her stories, Ranbir mentions then she must hug him tightly. Khushi starts dancing with Ranbir and Pallavi.

Akshay sits on the couch explaining he thought he would first have some water and then drink tea, he offers to make tea for everyone but notices Prachi is still tensed. He walking to her explains there is no reason to be tensed as he will surely bring back Khushi to her, Prachi asks how will he do it when no one knows anything about it, Akshay promises to bring back Khushi by tomorrow explaining there is no reason to be worried when he is standing by her side, he explains he really cares for her and there is nothing to worry about, Prachi holding his hand thanks him, Akshay says she has pushed him far away by thanking him. Prachi mentions what if she says she does not want to have tea, Akshay replies then their tea would be due so they will have it after some time, Prachi goes back to her room. Dadi asks Akshay if he really meant every word or was just saying it to keep her remain calm when Akshay siting in front of her explains that he meant every word of what he just said, he informs the only point of his life right now is Prachi and if she gets happy due to Khushi then he assures he will bring her back from any corner of the world. Akshay advises Dadi to not get worried since he will try to find about Khushi, Dadi blesses after which Akshay leaves.

Ranbir while sitting on the bed with Khushi explains he has told her story, so it is time for her to sleep, Khushi asks if it ended so quickly. Ranbir asks what does she mean when he told her the story so she should sleep. Khushi asks if he knows why she came to sleep with him, he replies because she likes him, Khushi says she came to sleep with him so he makes her fall to sleep. Ranbir questions how else could he make her fall asleep when he has even read the story to her, Khushi tells him how he would have to sing and then pat on her head. Ranbir questions if she is sure explaining he does not know how to sing when Khushi forces him so he agrees and she falls asleep after a while, Ranbir also falls asleep.

Prachi sitting in the room thinks about how the official of the Ngo said that Ranbir lied to them, and it reached its height when he said he has a DNA report, Prachi thinks she for the first time has felt that Khushi is not in any danger. She thinks she was going to tell Ranbir the truth when she found out about it but he did not do the same, she thinks the reason she did not tell him was because she saw his happy family, and knew he has established another family where there is no place for her. She still wonders why did Ranbir not tell her the truth.


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