Anupama starlife update Friday 15 December 2023

Anupama 15 December 2023: Malti Devi herself gets Anupama ready for her dance performance. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Anuj peeps from behind the media and thinks he is sure Anupama will create a magic today. Gurumaa starts performance and gives a lamp to Anupama. Anupama performs on Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya… Anuj thinks his Anu is a rockstar. Kanta and Bhavesh get happy watching Anupama’s performance live.

Anupama 14 December 2023

Bhavesh says they need to visit Jayantibhai and puts the performance on recording. Maaya reaches gurukul following Anuj. Kinjal shows performance to Leela. Leela says she is happy for Anupama and not worried when she is going to USA as little Anu Kinjal is with her. Dimpy gets jealous seeing their bonding.Media notice Anuj and makes him stand in front. Anuj greets gurumaa. Anupama feels happy seeing Anuj. Maaya jealously watches Anu’s performance. Anupama slips during performance. Anuj holds her.

Maaya breaks chandeliers and mirrors seeing that.Anuj rushes to stop her and says she has gone mad. Maaya shouts why did he come to this woman and walks on stage to shout at Anupama. Shahs while having breakfast discuss that Hasmukh will stay with his friend for some time. Samar coughs. Dimpy brings water for him and bumps on Pakhi. Pakhi gets angry. Dimpy says it was unintentional and she suddenly came into her house. Pakhi says its her house and she can come anytime here.

Barkha tells Adhik that Maaya got out of control and went to create drama at gurukul; it’s bad for them as Anuj may get angry on Maaya, dump her, and stay at Kapadia house permanently.Media records Maaya’s drama. Maaya asks Anupama why don’t she leave Anuj alone, why she is interfering between them, why is she behind their happiness, what is special in her that Anuj can’t leave her, etc. Anuj tries to stop her, but Maaya continues verbally abusing Anupama. Gurumaa warns Anuj to stop this drama and take this woman from there. Maaya pleads Anupama to leave Anuj and go to America or hell but stay away from him.

Her drama continues. Anuj drags her from there. Nakul asks gurumaa if she thinks Anupama can really go to America. Anupama falls on Gurumaa’s feet, apologizes for the drama, and says Maaya is mentally stable. Gurumaa says she doesn’t care what Maaya is, she has invested her money and resources on Anupama and made her a successor, Anupama can’t back off now and should focus on reaching America, etc.

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