Destined by fate update Monday 24 July 2023

Destined by fate 24 July 2023: Sayuri tries to explain Kanha that Saroj will curse Sharma family if she learns about Nakul and Rashmi’s love story. Kanha says he wants to support Nakul and Rashmi. Sayuri continues to explain her fear that Saroj will ruin Sharma family if Rashmi and Nakul marry each other. He asks her to return home and convince Saroj then.Rashmi insists Nakul to reveal whom he loves and asks if its his hot classmate. He says not her. Rashmi asks who is she then. Nakul says she may not be able to hear the name. Rashmi disheartened says she will read the name in the wedding card. Nakul stops her and says he will show her face directly. He shows her photo in his mobile. Rashmi rejoices seeing her photo. Saroj watches them from balcony.

Kanha tells Sayuri that he will support Nakul and Rashmi at any cost. Sayuri says Nakul and Rashmi are innocent kids and Saroj will ruin their lives. Nakul asks Rashmi if she understood what he meant. Rashmi says she didn’t. Nakul tries to explain when Rashmi gets tensed seeing Saroj walking to them. Saroj asks her not to get afraid as she came to speak to her son. Rashmi leaves. Saroj asks Nakul not to worry and takes him to temple.

Saroj prays god and asks Nakul if he loves Rashmi. Rahmi is shocked to see Saroj’s changed behavior. Kanha and Sayuri are amazed to see Saroj’s changed behavior. Nakul says love changed even Saroj. Sayuri gets suspicious and thinks if Saroj is up to something and if its a calmness before a storm. Kanha continues to express his excitement. Saroj asks Nakul if he really loves Rashmi. Nakul nods yes. Saroj asks what about Rashmi. Nakul says he was about to ask same to Rashmi when Saroj came in. Saroj says she will get them married if Rashmi also loves him and asks him to confirm it first as she doesn’t want his condition to be like Kanha’s. Kusum and Anjali hear their conversation.

Kanha explains his view to Sayuri and asks her to support him once. Kusum asks Saroj how can she change suddenly and agree for Nakul and Rashmi’s marriage. Saroj says she will explain her later and heads towards her room when Anjali stops her at steps and asks how can she agree for Nakul and Rashmi’s marriage when she sent her to bring Kanha back home. Kusum warns her to have with maa. Anjali warns her not to interfere. She holds Saroj’s hand tightly. Saroj asks her to leave it as its paining and pushes it back. She falls from stairs and falls down severely injured and unconscious. Kusum shouts maa.. Kanha and Sayuri hear that and rush inside home to find Saroj unconscious on stairs. Kanha calls Nakul and rushes Saroj towards hospital.

Sayuri drives car with Kusum and asks her to control herself as she needs to handle Saroj. Kusum thinks if she should inform Sayuri about Anjali’s atrocities. Rashmi informs Indu and Bhanu about Saroj’s accident. Indu prays for Saroj. At hospital, doctor informs Kanha to arrange for O negative blood as its not available at the hospital. Sayuri agrees to donate her blood as her and Saroj’s blood group is same. Dhanraj says Saroj made Sayuri shed blood tears, but Sayuri is donating her blood. Anjali fears that Kanha would kick her out of the house if he learns that she is behind Saroj’s accident.

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