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If you were not there 11 August 2023:  Nidtiya sees off Abhimanyu who gets in his car, he crosses Niyati who is returning back, she tries to see why she felt so wierd but is not able to realize, she sees Nidtiya standing in the middle of the road waving at someone, she questions why is she so far away from the house and who was she waving at,

Nidtiya explains she was waving at the nice uncle whose shit she ruined but he even then did not scold her, Niyati takes her away warning how she asked her to never talk with strangers.

Abhimanyu is driving the car thinking about Nidtiya when he recalls how she said that she also gifted him this jacket, Angad calls Abhimanyu questioning where is he, Abhimanyu replies that he is going to pick Maa since she is coming back but Angad asks with whose permission, Abhimanyu mentions he doesnot need anyone’s permission to meet his mother, Angad explains that Abhimanyu is his servant as the only reason he is staying in this house is to work for him, Abhimanyu explains that the promise ended six years ago but even then he is still following all the orders, Angad questions whose car did Abhimanyu take and the petrol which he has filled in it also belongs to him, he must follow his every order and not leave to do anything without his permission.

Niyati pulls Nidtiya in the house explaining that she was waving at some stranger standing on the main road, Nidtiya explains he was really handsome, Niyati tries to explain that iut is not right as somone might have kidnapped her, Niditya asks her to not worry since when her own Grnadmother is tesned then does she really think any kidnapper would bear her, he will himself return her within two hours and that too with money, Niyati thinks when her own daughter was kidnapped, she questions if Nidtiya is thinking of it as a joke and then leaves asuring to teach her a lesson.

Rupa and Devi are sitting outside with Karan and Vidhi while Meera is serving them food, Vedhi tries to take the breakfast when Karna stops her asking if she doesnot remember that Angad is the first one to eat the breaskfast, Rupa asks why is Meera serving the food when she is a member of such a big family. Angad walks to the table sitting at the table when Meera asks if Abhimanyu would not come to eat with them, Angad gets mad but Devi explains that he is not mad because Manaroma loves her step son more then him and also because of that he is living with them, Rupa also explains the same but Vidhi mentions Abhimanyu is really stupid as who does give his entire property to someone else, Angad reveals he is going to show Abhimanyu his real place in this house.

Niyati takes Nidtiya to the room, when she asks her to not be so angry as it is nothing to be worried about, however Niyati explains that she will stay in this room for the entire day, she locks the room from outside when Nidtiya is calling him to open the door, however Niyati is not moved exclaiming that she will not get any food for the entire day, Ram also explains that she is just a child when Nidtiya mentions that she was joyed to meet that person because he was also going to pick his mother and it is the best act in the world.

Angad is having the breaskfast when Abhimanyu stops the car, he takes the blessings of Amma jee, when Angad calls him to stand with all the wrokers, he asks why did he take his car since he should have taken his persmisionm but Abhimanyu replies that he went to pick up maa and took the best car, however Angad warns him to wash the car before they leave for office, Abhimanyu agrees and starts cleaning the car, Angad looks at him. Abhiamnyu sits back in the car when Angad is standing outside, he asks what happened so Angad questions who would open the door his father, Abhiamnyu stepping out mentions that if he wished to take the name of his father then should rember that the one who ahs control over the sterring is also ij control of his life, as someday the brakes of the car might fail in front of the truck or hill, a fit person lie him would save his life but what about someone like Angad, he can think while sitting in the car. Abhimanyu mentions he is listening to his every desire because of Maa but he should never cross his limits as when Abhimanyu gets mad then Angad would not be able to survive, he opens the door asking if they should leave. Angad sits in the car with immense anger. Mr Panday is really tensed seeing it all from his room.

Amma jee is holding the Diya asking Maa what is she doing it, why is she giving pain to Abhimanyu, the actions of Manaroma and her son are wrong but why is Abhimanyu suffering. Niyati came to his life as protection but she also took her away from Abhimanyu, it has been six years since she is vowing so Maa should once again bring Niyati in the life of her Munna.

Nidtiya in the room is singing a song while trying to calm down her mother, so she can forgive her but Niyati is not moved while sitting at the table, Sulochana asks Ram to go and talk with Niyati, Ram walks over to her, he asks if she heard how good song did Nidtiya make to convince her and so what is she thinking.

Amma jee mentions the entire world is acting like their enemy so there would be someone who will convince her, Nidtiya calls both her grandparents, Ram also requests her to forgive Nidtiya but Niyati explains she always does the same thing and this will not happen again, Amma jee is still praying that Maa should make Abhimanyu meet with his Niyati just once as it will solve everything, Abhimanyu while driving the car is thinking about the child Nidtiya, exclaiming whoever she meets then convinces them.

Nidtiya is still trying to convince Niyati and it has gotten dark, Ram hears her and asks Niyati to try since she is just a child and has not eaten anything since morning, Niyati recalls the kidnapping from six years ago, Niyati explains she is just a child but does he remember how six years ago the people of Angad took her daughter and killed her, that pain can never end she reveals had she not found Nidtiya in the mandir then her pain would never have been sufficed, Ram asks how would she be able to live with such tension, Sulochana asks ram to come with her to the pooja since she is also in tremendous pain. They both leave. Sulochana and Ram are performing the pooja while Niyati is smiling, she receives a call from Pooja who reveals they found the wife of the person who murdered her daughter, Niyati is glad thinking she would be able to finally find out the truth about the murderer.

Niyati with standing with Ram, Sulochana coming explains they both should leave for the HolikaDehan because after punishing Nidtiya, she would also not be able to live peacefully, they should let the mother and daughter sort it out themselves.
Nidtiya is standing behind the door when she exclaims that the mission has completed, she goes to sit on the bed acting as if she is reading the book, she asks when did Mama come, Niyati asks her to act like this infront of her Grandparents and not her, she turns the book, Nidtiya realizes her mistake, Niyati asks her to eat the food after which they will make the Diya for the function, Nidtiya however rushes out of the room locking Niyati inside, she requests Nidtiya to open the door but she questions what was the reason which angered her so much, she

has always played pranks but she never got so angry, Nidtiya demands the truth, Niyati reveals she cannot lose her daughter once again hearing this Nidtiya questions if she was lost in the childhood, Niyati sitting down explains that just as she was born someone kidnapped her from the hospital, they then demanded fifty million from her and she was forced to find Nidtiya, Niyati thinks that she cannot lie to her anymore but is scared of also revealing the truth, Niyati informs she found out in the Mandir where they usually go, after which she is always scared of losing her again. Nidtiya rushes into the room assuring it will never happen as she will not allow herself to go away from her mother, Niyati hugs her daughter, Nidtiya wipes off the tears mentioning what is the worry if she was lost as they are still together because the Kismat connection of Nidtiya and Niyati is really strong, Niyati hugging her recalls the meeting with Abhimanyu.
Niyati is applying the medicine on Nidtiya’s hands while Amma jee is also doing the same for Abhimanyu revealing that this medicine is applied on Holi so that it is removed jus as the worries, she questions why does he not leave the house since she cannot watch him bear such evil words of Angad, Abhimanyu questions where would he go as they are his family and he will bear the words of Angad.

The entire family is performing the pooja when Amma je prays that all the problems in the life of Abhimanyu should end, Devi is also praying for their family to be happy, Kaviya rushes to Abhimanyu praising him for how beautiful he is looking, Abhimanyu replies that Kaviya is the most beautiful, she starts searching the pockets questioning where is it, he takes out the chocolate when she requests him to come with her but he sends her, Karan’s wife comes mentioning even he is waiting for someone, she explains that when she came to their house six years ago, she saw how he acts as if he is really happy but then when he is alone, she witnessed that he always gets really sad, she exclaims he misses Niyati but Abhimanyu replies he doesnot want to talk with her, they have been living in the same city for the past six years and not met once, she prays they not meet even now.
Sulochana is also performing the pooja, she instructs Niyati to put it in the HolikaDehan, Sulochana prays that the mischievous Nidtiya get a lesson, she tris catching Nidtiya when she runs out of breath, Nidtiya asks why is she running as must remain calm and chill. Niyati receives a call from the constable pooja who reveals that the murderer of her daughter who himself got murdered, he wife returned, she reveals that his wife went to Mumbai six years ago and came back to Lucknow just now, Niyati thanks Pooja who replies even she is a mother, Niyati exclaims she turned out to be more close then her own family. Pooja ends the call, Niyati thanks her for all the help.

In the morning Nidtiya enters the room of Sulochana and Ram, she thinks Nani complains to her mother about her, so she is going to teach her a lesson, she starts making something on Sulochana face, Ram comes out of the bathroom, Nidtiya is shocked but Ram leaves after smiling mentioning he did not see anything.

Ram sees Niyati who is in a rush so questions what is the reason as today is her day off, Niyati replies she needs to go and meet the wife of the person who kidnapped her daughter, Ram mentions he knew that her efforts were not in vain because she will surely be able to punish Angad and Manaroma, Niyati vows to fight till her last breath since Angad made her the murdrer of her own daughter, she is surely going to prove the truth.

Abhimanyu is sitting beside the cot of Guriya recalling how he and Niyati were excited to meet their daughter, Maya from the corner sees him sitting alone, she thinks he always makes an excuse to not celebrate any event but she will make sure he doesnot stay alone this time, she asks kaviya to go and call her uncle, Kaviya replies that he doesnot celebrate any event, Maya mentions it is because his best friend never asked him, Maya thinks that he doesnot refuse Kaviya is because he sees his own daughter.

Niyati is standing with Ram assuring to fight till her last breath when Nidtiya comes asking what is the fight, Ram mentions they are talking about her fights with her Grandmother, Nidtiya sitting on the sofa mentions their fight will always go on, Sulochana walking out of the room questions what are they talking about, Ram and Nidtiya start laughing seeing her face, Sulochana doesnot understand so Niyati asks her to go and wash her face, Nidtiya however insists they first take a selfie, Sulochana agrees however is scared to see her face, she tries to catch Nidtiya who manages to out run her, she even tease her grandmother, who follows her outside. Niyati exclaims Nidtiya has gotten really mischievous when Ram replies she is still a child and when Niyati doesnot play Holi then who should she play with. Niyati leaves explaining she feels she would be able to get the proof against Angad today.

Kaviya is insisting with Abhimanyu to come and play, she sits on the table explaining if he doesnot agree to play Holi with them, she will not use her Pichkari and would not even throw balloons on her friends, Abhimanyu starts tickling her, revealing he is going to throw so much colors on her that she will turn into a devil Kaviya hits him with water and they both start running into the room, Maya is excited to see them both, she feels bad for Abhimanyu.

Sulochana is running after Nidtiya who asks her to not be mad since today is Holi, Sulochana however manages to catch her questioning why did she do it, Nidtiya once again requests her to not be mad, she applies the color on her face, Nidtiya calls out to her mother, Ram and Niyati are trying to separate both Sulochana and Nidtiya who exclaims that she is a child so can play these pranks, Sulochana replies even she is an elder so played the prank, Niyati thinks she needs to leave as she is sure she would be able to find out some proof against Angad and give a reply to Abhimanyu for all those blames.

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