Destined by fate update Friday 11 August 2023

Destined by fate 11 August 2023: Sharmas reach Chaudhry house to fix engagement date. Kanha welcomes them. Saroj stops him and says both families suffered a lot, she now wants to start a fresh and welcome her bahu in a traditional style. She preforms Rashmi’s aarti and says she has accepted her as her bahu. Sayuri recalls Saroj’s arrogant behavior during her graha pravesh and considering Sayuri as her enemy. Saroj takes Rashmi to hme temple to light temple lamp and asks her to call her maa like she calls Indu. Sharmas are surprised to hear that. Sayuri feels aback. Kanha cheers her up.

Saroj serves Rashmi’s favorite sweets and says she wants to end their enemity and start afresh. She asks Indu not to worry about Rashmi’s education as she can continue her education after marriage. Sayuri recalls Saroj opposing Sayuri’s education and job. Saroj says she wants engagement ceremony after 2 days. Kanha asks Saroj and Indu to feed sweed to each other. Sayuri gets suspicious over Saroj’s behavior. Indu shares same concern with her and asks if Saroj has really changed. Kusum tells Saroj that she feels happy that she has accepted Nakul and Rashmi’s relationship and asks why don’t she show even 50% of love to Sayuri she is showing to Rashmi. Saroj reveals that she hates Sayuri as she lost her son because of Sayuri and is tolerating her just because of Kanha, now Rashmi will go against Sayuri. Kusum also feels shocked hearing that.

Sayuri asks Indu not to think much and feel happy for Rashmi. Kusum thinks if she should inform Sayuri about Saroj’s hypocrisy or not. Sharmas leave. Nakul sends Janmashtami and Ganesh chaturti photos to Saroj. Saroj looks at Sayuri and Rashmi’s photo and thinks both sisters will be at loggerheads post Rashmi’s marriage. Kanha walks in and assures him not to Indu and Bhanu take a note of their savings for Rashmi’s marriage. Indu gets tensed regarding the wedding expenses. Kanha enters and assures them that he will take care of the wedding from their side and even Sayuri will help them. Bhanu says Kanha has changed a lot and they feel very happy with a change. Nakul discusses with Sayuri about his wedding with Rashmi and says he is happy that Saroj accepted Rashmi but is sad that she still didn’t accept Sayuri. Sayuri asks him not to bother about it. Nakul says it hurts.

Dhanraj with Tej meets his old client Gupta ji and requests him not to cancel business orders. Guptaji says he can’t hep as he cannot go against Amitabh. Dhanraj gets tensed. Kanha hears their conversation and asks if he is the reason for the business loss. Dhanraj says no. Kanha says he will sort the issues out and asks them not to inform family about the business loss.

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