Anupamaa starlife update Saturday 12 August 2023

Anupama 12 August 2023: Rakhi gets angry unable to bear Leela criticizing Kinjal. Kinjal asks her to let it go. Rakhi asks why should she, Leela would have sent Kinjal to jail if she was present when Toshu fell down. She asks Leela if she couldn’t have comforted Pari when Kinjal is out, she could have called Pakhi. Leela asks why should she when Pari is Kinjal’s daughter. Rakhi asks if Pari is nothing to them, they just show their claim when Pari is silent and brush off the claim when she is crying. Leela continues her arrogance and unbearable behavior while Rakhi continues to point her atrocities. Vanraj asks Rakhi to calm down. Rakhi asks why shall she, they are treating Kinjal like a servant. Leela asks why don’t she give work leave to Kinjal.

Rakhi asks so that Kinjal can clean Toshu’s feces and work like a servant. Leela continues. Vanraj asks Rakhi to stop as they are dignified people.. Rakhi says he should explain it to his mother.Leela says they consider Kinjal as their daughter. Rakhi says that is the problem, whoever they hate lives a happy life and one the love make their life a hell like Anupama’s. Leela shouts Anupama is happy in her life. Rakhi says that’s because of her own efforts and says Leela will continue to trouble her Anupama and Kinjal. Vanraj asks her to shut up. Rakhi says you shut up. Kinjal asks all 3 of them to calm down. Pari starts crying. Kinjal comforts her. Samar gets Anupama’s video call and thinks she shouldn’t know what is happening here. He closes door and picks call. Anupama asks if everything is fine. Samar says nothing is fine and hopes she comes here, says everything is fine. She asks why is he speaking low. He says because Toshu is sleeping. Anupama says she was feeling anxious and wants to see Toshu. Toshu closes his eyes. Anupama shows Toshu. Toshu thinks he needs mummy, but ther is a fight because of him and he will not trouble mummy. Anupama feels relaxed.

Rakhi asks Leela and Kinjal why don’t they question Kavya, just because she can’t control her; Leela is frustrated as she has to cook now; she told them to keep a maid and male nurse, but they want to trouble only their bahus. Leela says a nurse can’t take care of Toshu like a family member. Leela asks why did Toshu fall then when they are taking care of him. Vanraj says it was Samar’s minor mistake. Rakhi asks him to tell Samar to take care of Toshu 24×7 as Kinjal can’t serve as a maid. Vanraj tries to speak again. Hasmukh asks them to stop as they can’t criticize others for their problems, they need to learn to manage their pain and share it instead of increasing it. Vanraj walks to his room and recalls Rakhi’s taunts regarding Kavya. He calls Kavya and finds her number not reachable, so he heads towards Kavya’s work place.

Maaya peeps into Anuj and Anupama’s room. Barkha passes by and notices her. Maaya hides. Mohit tells Kavya that they will take a final ake and the wrap up. Kavya says she needs to return home soon due to Toshu’s condition. Mohit starts shooting. Vanraj walks in shouting at Kavya. Watchman says he tried to stop Vanraj, but Vanrajj forcefully entered in. Mohit gets angry and asks Kavya to explain her husband that he doesn’t need drama at his work place. Kavya asks Mohit to give her some time and asks Vanraj why did he come here and making nuisance. Vanraj shouts that he told her she needs her, but she is busy in her shooting. Kavya asks what really happened. Vanraj says Toshu fell down from bed. Kavya getts concerned. Vanraj continues to shout. Mohit gets angry asks him to leave his set as he doesn’t need any drama here. Vanraj shouts back and misbehaves with Mohit. Mohit calms down and asks him to chill till he finishes 3-4 more shots and wraps up shoot. Vanraj continues to misbehave. Angry Mohit removes Kavya form job and says he had seen potential in her, but her husband ruined everything; he warns her and husband to never return to his set. Vanraj continues his drama. Mohit kicks him out of set via guards.

Barkha walks to Maaya and confronts her for peeping into Anuj and Anupama’s room. Maaya denies. Everyone wake up hearing Barkha’s voice and come out. Barkha reveals what Maaya did. Maaya denies allegations and says she found Barkha sleeping pills and lies that Barkha is just hallucinating. Ankush believes Maaya instead and scolds Barkha. Barkha warns Anuj and Anupama to be careful as Maaya is untrustable.

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