A new life update Monday 9 May 2022

A new life 9 May 2022: The Episode starts with Guneet saying its a new office, you should have got the job the right way. Kabir says boss’ cabin is there. They meet Shetty. Shetty scolds Kabir a lot. He says I will report in the police, I want my money back. Kabir says we got the money. Shetty says go and deposit in the accounts, go away, you both are fraud. Kabir says don’t insult him. Guneet says you let it be. Meera looks on. Guneet apologizes to Shetty and says me and my family aren’t fraud, we are poor people but we are not fraud, don’t know how Kabir did this. Shetty says he has blackmailed me. Guneet says I know, but he isn’t a culprit, its my wife and my mistake to put pressure on her, Kabir did this for his widow Bhabhi, Karan passed away, he was a covid warrior, Kabir did this under pressure, I know he did wrong, I m sorry from his side. He gives the money.

He says it was not easy to arrange this money, my bahu has sold the bonds which could have helped her coming baby, forgive Kabir and us, end this matter. Shetty feels sad. Guneet says count it once. Shetty says its alright, I will not go to the police. Guneet says middle-class people have everything less, but a lot of respect, losing respect kills us. Shetty asks them to please go now. Guneet and Kabir leave. Kabir sees Meera.Amrita talks to Kabir and asks him to come home soon. Soni thanks her. Amrita says Kabir did everything. Angad comes. Soni asks did he leave the job. Pritam comes. He picks the gifts. Angad asks kids’ toys? Pritam says its my friend’s child’s birthday. Soni asks do you have friends also. Pritam goes. Amrita asks Angad did you resign. Angad says no. Soni asks did KK uncle get the job. He nods. He tells everything. Soni says Amrita solved the problem, Guneet has given 1 lakh to Kabir’s boss, she sold Karan’s bonds.

Amrita says don’t say anything now, you are going to become businessman now, you earn and buy bonds for me and my baby. Meera comes home and sits sad. Krishnakant asks who is troubling you, shall I talk to your boss. She says no, I m stressed about the new campaign. He says we will go out for dinner. She says not today. He says I got a new credit card. She asks what happened to you, you always say about money, one who don’t have money also lives. He asks aren’t you happy with my progress. She says nothing like that, I want some alone time. Divya comes to them shouting and says Naveen fainted in his room. They go to see Naveen.

He asks what happened to him, call the doctor. Divya calls the doctor. Pritam says my son, we will have much fun tomorrow. He sits talking. He finds the rattle missing. He check the bag again. Soni asks why did you buy the rattle so soon, its cute. Amrita says no, it belongs to Pritam. Pritam looks for the toy. Soni says its for new born baby. Amrita says he took the toy from the bank locker, go and give it to him, wait, you don’t go, I will tell Angad. They see Pritam and call out. He says not now. Soni asks is he finding this.Amrita makes the rattle sound. He turns and sees it. He asks how dare you touch my thing. Soni says we were calling you to give this. He says you should come on the point. Amrita says take this and go.

Soni asks why do you have this baby toys. Amrita says yes, its for newborn baby. He asks why do you ask, do I ask you. Soni argues. Angad comes and asks what are you doing here. Amrita says nothing, he left something, I was returning it. Soni says it fell down the bank locker, Amrita picked it and got it. Pritam says thanks, sorry, I can’t say you did a big favor on me. He goes. Angad asks why is he panicking for a baby toy. Soni says we don’t know. Naveen gets conscious. Meera asks why did you faint. He asks them not to call a doctor, he is fine. Krishnakant says doctor will tell the problem. Naveen says no, I m fine, I can jump and punch, see. Meera asks Krishnakant and Divya to go out, she has to talk to Naveen in private. They go. Meera asks Naveen are you into drugs or what. He gets shocked. Naveen denying to Meera. She says your eyes are always red, you stay in your room always, I m worried for you, tell me, do you take drugs, I can help you out, I won’t tell dad. He scolds her. She raises hand and stops. He goes.

Amrita gets haldi milk for Dada and Dadi. She asks them to make a video. Dada ji gets sad and says no. Dadi says we are burdening the children. Dada ji says we are becoming little in front of them. Amrita says don’t think so, you gave good values and freedom to your children, everything will be fine, we will soon come out of this storm, Kabir will get a job soon. Dadi says we are scared to keep hope now, Guneet is much worried. Dada asks can I get Karan’s job now, we will get some money in the house. Dadi says yes, I will also do some work. Amrita says its enough, you won’t say this again, how can you work in this age, don’t worry, I want to give birth to Karan’s baby, then I will handle everything.

Amrita says I want to be happy, don’t get sad. She smiles. She goes to her room. She lies to sleep. She stays restless thinking of the family problems. Pritam can’t pass time. He isn’t able to sleep. He sings a birthday song. Amrita hears him singing. She says maybe its his birthday, no. He acts to talk to his son. He calls Nitin. He says sorry, I want your help, I m going to meet Rahul, you know I get angry soon, I want to practice talking to him. Nitin asks what’s there to practice. Pritam says I don’t know what to say, you become Rahul, I will talk to you. Nitin acts as Rahul. Pritam talks to him. Nitin asks him to talk well. Pritam says sorry. He gets emotional while rehearsing. He says I don’t have to cry, wait. He says I m fine, I had much work, now I will come whenever you call me, do you miss me. Nitin says a lot, and you. Pritam says I never forget you. Nitin asks does mummy stop you from meeting me. Pritam shouts on him. Nitin says sorry. Pritam ends the call. Amrita asks on whom is he talking. She sees Karan’s pic. She says why am I thinking of him, Karan I have to do something. Nitin calls Pritam and asks are you fine, sleep now, your emotions will find your words. Pritam says fine. He cries.

Amrita gets the files from the drawer. She sees Karan’s pic. Its morning, the man says you can get the job according to rules, but your delivery is due. She says yes, I wanted to apply soon, I will join after delivery. He says its okay, we can see vacancy till then. She says I have no experience of medical field. He says you can get any job in admin dept, but you will have to see your baby also. She says my family is loving, they will look after the baby, I want to take Karan’s responsibility. He says Karan used to tell about his family, I m proud of you. She thanks him. Meera argues with a colleague about Kabir. Jatin removes Kabir’s family pics and says I will dump this in a bin. Meera takes the pics. She says Kabir messaged me, I will return the pics.

Kabir sits thinking. Angad asks what happened, come with me, forget everything. Kabir says I got dad insulted. Angad says forget it, come. Soni says dad has forgiven you. Kabir says mum is very angry on me. Nimmo comes and asks did Amrita go out again, Tutu said she saw her going somewhere. Kabir asks where will she go. She says I m not talking to you, she isn’t in the house. Amrita gets a call. She says I will come home and tell everything. She sees Pritam talking on phone. She stops the auto. Pritam says how did she come, I had to come there and meet Rahul, don’t let her take Rahul. Nitin asks him to come fast. Pritam leaves in an auto. Amrita follows him. Pritam meets Nitin. Nitin says she created a big drama, go inside fast. Pritam goes inside. Nitin calls Monty. Amrita sees the child care home and thinks why did Pritam come here, he said its his friend’s son’s birthday, where did he go. She goes to see. She feels tensed seeing the children. Pritam and his wife argue. Amrita looks at them. She says who is this woman.

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