A love to die for update Tuesday 22 march 2022

A love to die for 22 march 2022: Arohi says why would I harm your mo? Stop this drama. tara says Arohi did all this. I saw her. She hit ma. I was following her since she left the house. Netra comes. She says what happened to ma. Tara says Arohi did this. Netra asks people they all tell them Arohi did this. Netra says Arohi can’t do this. I can’t believe. All people are paid. Tara hides the bad. NEtra says we need to take ma home.

In flashback:
Arohi comes there but Netra isn’t there. Arohi says why is she not here? She looks at a car. A woman is injured in it. It is wasu. Arohi said ma ji are you okay. Tara came and said this woman is injuring this old woman. People gathered around. Arohi had to run.Arohi sayas this was all planned what is happening?Netra says I should have trusted you. You told me Arohi is evil. They come to the hospital. Doctor says we have to keep her in observation. Netra says ma would be okay. Deep hugs her and says thank God you are here.

They bring Wasu home.Arohi says to NEtra why did you call me there? And who hit wasu. Netra says I wqas so scared. She starts screaming and says arohi don’t kill me. arohi is confused. Deep comes and asks what happened. Netra says aorhi tries to kill me everytime. Arohi leaves. Deep says I will kill her. She tried harming you and ma. Netra says she would harm you too.Police come and arrest Arohi. Arohi says I didn’t attack them. Police says you have an FIR in your name. Deep comes and says leave her. She didn’t do anything. Arohi says I know you are doing all this. Deep says you are to be punished by me.

Tara says to Neta I am so happy. Deep wants to kill Arohi. Netra says we should celebrate. Tara drinks. Netra says I wll drink when Arohi dies.Deep and arohi do a sword fight. Tara says I am dying to hear about Arohi’s death. Netra says we shouldn’t think about it before it reverses. It isn’t easy to kill her. What if she harms deep.Deep shoves Arohi. He says I can kill you any moment. You tries killing my mom. Arohi says I can’t stoop that low but I don’t have to give proof of my innocence.Tara breaks glass and puts it on Netra. She says don’t dare saying that again Only I can harm deep no one else can. Netra says why did you harm Wasu so bad? We don’t have to kill an innocent to separate deep and Arohi. Taraa says do you know what our mission is?? She says I know what I am here for but I wont kill an innocent. Deep says to Arohi, bling still can see. He shoves her on bed.

Tara sees Netra’s phone ringing. She picks it someone says Monika something important to tell you. Tara says but this in Netra’s number. Netra comes and takes back the phone. She says this is my phone don’t touch it.Deep asks the doctor to check aRohi. He says her pulse is pressed. Doctor checks her. Arohi opens her eyes. She says open these ropes. I will kill you. Deep says your brain isn’t working. The doctor gave you a tranquilizer. It is 4, at 8 you will be conscious. Deep says to the doctor don’t try releasing him if you dont’ wannt die. Arohi says doctor, please. He says I don’t wanna die.

Deep says to Jatin no one can stop me. Ask your men to keep an eye on Arohi. Netra gives medicine to wasu. Wasu says I am glad you’re back. Netra says rest, I will get you a juice. Netra’s phone rings. Tara keeps an eye on her. She says who is calling you? There should be no third person in our plan.Arohi’s phone runs. She picks it from one hand. Netra picks the call and says I am coming there. tara follows her. She says I have to find out where she goes. Tara collides with someone. Netra leaves in that time. She says where did she go.

Arohi is roped on bed. A man with dagger comes. He says how did you get here? Arohi says we have to get out of here. He says everything would be as per yuor will.
Deep asks Wasu how are you now? She says I am good. Please keep netra happy. She shouldn’t leave this house. Deep says I wont let her. Arohi is in my control too.A man is on chair. Netra says I am here, you called. He says welcome I was waiting for you. SHe says whats the reason. he says we don’t have a lot of time. Netra says I know my mission. We have to keep an eye on deep tara and arohi.

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