A love to die for update Wednesday 23 march 2022


A love to die for 23 march 2022: Deep looks for Netra. He says where did she go? Wasu says what happened? He says looking for Netra. He says has she left the house again? Wasu says no she promised me she wont ever leave the house. Maybe she went out for some work. Don’t worry. Tara isn’t home either. Did you know Arohi was alive? Arohi looks at them and says you speak and give out all the secrets. I have fixed a mic in your sheet. Deep leaves. Arohi wonders if deep is even blind or not. She says I can never understand what you want. What is your mission. You tried killing me that day? You did all tthis. How do i find out what truth is. I have to find out this secret first.

A love to die for 22 march 2022

Netra comes home. Tara says Monika.. Netra turns back. Tara hides, Netra says who took this name. Tara goes after and tries hitting her with a rod. Netra grasps it and says you can’t attack me. Tara says you are not what you look like. There is something behind this innocent face. tell me who you are. What is behind this face. Are you fooling me with deep? Netra says I dont’ know what are you saying. You know why am I doing all tis. Tara says you leave the house in secret. tell me what is truth. Netra says I went to find about deep. I have no plan to fool you. Tara says if you dare you can get killed. Netra calls someone and says we have to be careful. We can’t meet like this. I will let ou know what to do next.Deep calls someone and says don’t worry for me. Come back soon. Arohi comes instead of his servant and mixes something in his tea. Arohi says now I will know if you are blind or not. Deep picks the tea. He gets a call and says don’t worry. Be there on time. Deep leaves the cup and says Mahesh bring another tea this isn’t hot enough. Arohi says if he can see.. Shera comes in. Arohi hides. Deep says time to take it to its right place. Be ready for the meeting tomorrow. Arohi wonders what meeting is he talking about.

Tara sees video on Netra’s room. She says I have a camera in your oom. I can’t trust you. Netra gets a call and says I am coming with the box. Noo one can know what’s in it. We have to take it to its right place.Netra comes to the man. She gies him the box. it’s empty. He says where is it? Netra says this isn’t possible.Arohi is keeping an eye on you. eDeep meets a guy and asys get it done today. Someone on a bike comes and takes a packet from Deep’s hand..A masked man puts gun on deep. Deep beats them. Jatin comes. Deep says I want to reach there. He calls his men and asks them to find about that bike. THe biker removes number plate. Deep says I am sure it was arohi or tara. The biker comes to place and puts box of diamonds in a locker. Deep comes to tara. She says what were you doing in my room? He says I lost something important. You might have stolen something. She says I didn’t steal anything. Deep says are you sure? I can see with closed eyes. He says wear this dress. Tara says I know there is some secret behind this. Deep says no one can come between us. Netra looks for something. She sees Arohi in her closet.

Tara wears the dress deep gave her. He says I can feel your beauty. Deep feels a bruise on her back. He says how do you have this bruise? Where were you. She says you know where was I.
Netra says what are you doing here. Arohi says what are you doing this house? There is some secret behind this innocent face. Netra says you just want to part me and deep. He is only mine. deep comes in. Netra says deep she was here. Arohi.. Deep says don’t let her part us. Netra says I trust you completely. He says I couldn’t get to spend time with you. He says where were you in morning? Se says there was some work. Deep says be careful. Arohi is dangerous. Deep hugs her. Netra says your love is with me. Deep hugs her. he says why is there a bruise on your back? Netra says arohi shoved me and I feel. Deep says I wont leave her. Let me apply medicine on your wound.

Netra calls someone and says I am ready for tomorrow. Tara says deep i will pay with you sometime wit arohi and sometime with Netra. Your bad days are coming. A man gives Arohi invitation to the party.
Arohi comes. Lights turn off. Deep comes close to Arhi. Arohi says what are you doing. Leave me. Deep checks wound on her waist. He says I know how you got these bruises. She says tara shoved me. Deep says I know where you were. Give me my diamonds back.

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