Happy hearts update Tuesday 22 march 2022


Happy Hearts 22 march 2022::The Episode starts with Happy crying and thinking of RV’s lies. She feels sorry to Rocky that Kulwant is in coma because of her. She thinks RV will not spare anyone, there is one way to stop him now, that’s to marry him. She says I know RV’s truth well, RV always knew that Ranveer attacked Smiley, he framed Rocky and then killed Ranveer to stay good in her eyes. She says I have to make you sure that you have won in your game, I m ready to sacrifice my life and happiness, everyone will think that my palanquin is going from this house, truth is, my funeral will leave, what if I m not there, what will RV do.

She gets ready as the bride and sees Rocky’s pic. Madhu comes to her and says I didn’t wish you to marry Rocky, I m happy with your decision, your new life is starting today, I have a hope that everything will get fine, stay happy. Happy takes her blessings. Sandhya and Smiley come there. Happy says I wish I married RV before. Smiley asks what about Rocky. Happy says I have decided, I m going to marry RV. RV sits in mandap and waits for Happy. Rocky comes to meet Happy and compliments her. He asks can you stay happy without me. She says don’t say this. He says you need good luck if you decided to marry RV. He makes her eat curd and sugar. He says you will get married tonight. He goes. RV calls Happy. He calls Sandhya and says Happy isn’t answering my call. Sandhya says Happy is getting ready, we are taking her to mandap. She sees Happy gone.

RV says Happy’s welcome should be grand. Happy is unconscious. Simmi and Smiley wake her up at the temple. Happy gets shocked seeing Rocky. Rocky asks pandit to read the mantras fast, Happy may not stop. Happy asks Rocky what’s all this, did he add something in curd that she fainted. Simmi says this was my idea. Happy asks do you think its some joke. Simmi says we feel this is right for you. Happy thinks you don’t know RV will kill you all. The man jokes on RV and asks did the bride run away. RV gets angry. He says Happy is coming. Happy says I want to marry RV, I m very happy. Rocky asks her to tell this in front of MataRani.

Happy says let me go. Rocky says Lord tested us a lot. RV gets angry and says I will go and get Happy if she doesn’t come. Rocky says I can’t let you make this big mistake, let our marriage happen. She says leave me. He says look into my eyes and say that you don’t love me. She cries. He says your eyes gave me an answer, we got you here as you love me, promise me you will marry me, we will never leave each other, promise me you will give me three daughters, just like you, you have a dream to make a house for your mum, don’t worry for Biji and Madhu, they will agree, I can’t stay without you, if you married RV, I would have died. Happy smile. RV thinking Happy can’t cheat me in the last min. Sandhya comes. She says Happy is nowhere, I don’t know where she had gone. RV thinks I will kill everyone if you aren’t mine. Happy comes to him. She recalls praying with Rocky in the temple. She leaves from there and shuts the temple door. Rocky knocks the door. She cries. He asks her to open the door. She says you will never understand what’s love, you didn’t care what I want, I felt something is between us, whatever you did today, we can’t have anything between us.

He says you will regret for this. She says no one respects me in that house, I have decided, I m marrying RV for my happiness, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. He says I know you don’t love RV, don’t do this. Happy says I m going Rocky. He shouts no, listen to me. He cries. FB ends. Happy asks RV can’t I go leaving you. She smiles and says no, I wanted Grover to come in our marriage, my dad isn’t with me, he is like my dad. Grover says I have come here to do her kanyadaan, this new phase of Happy’s life with you, I wish Happy succeeds in her goals. RV hugs Grover and thanks him. Happy sits in the mandap and thinks I hate you RV I will ruin you, this is my promise. Happy and RV exchange garlands.

Pandit guides them and reads the mantras. Happy promises to ruin RV, to cheat him every day, to snatch his love, peace and happiness, to mislead him, to make him crazy, to break all his dreams, to ruin his sleep. She steps ahead. The ghatbandhan breaks. She says sorry, how did this ghatbandhan break, its a big bad omen. Pandit says yes. RV says its okay Happy, we will fix this. He ties the ghatbandhan. They sit in the mandap. RV makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang. Happy’s bidaai happens. She gets emotional and hugs Sandhya. She asks Sandhya to take care of Smiley. She thinks I want your blessings to fight this big war, forgive me. Grover signs to Happy. Happy and RV leave. They come home. RV does the rituals and says if my mum was alive, she would have done this, welcome home, you are good luck for me. She steps in and thinks I m bad luck for you. He shuts the door. He holds her hand and kisses.

She says I m very tired. RV hugs her and says I will relieve your tiredness, you were my friend before, you are my wife now. She says I m stressed, I want some time. He says you wanted to marry me, give me a chance to show how much I love you. He gets close to kiss her. Rocky comes there, breaking the door and asks what did you do Happy. RV and Rocky start fighting. Rocky says I don’t accept this marriage. Neighbors and Guards come and catch Rocky. RV says this man is mad, he is troubling my wife, teach him a lesson. Guards beat Rocky. Happy says please leave him, he will die. She cries for Rocky. Rocky is thrown out. He sees Happy’s sad face.

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