A love to die for update Monday 21 march 2022

A love to die for 21 march 2022: Deep shoves Arohi and says go from here. Don’t come between me and my wife. You fooled me in your love and now Netra. You have ruined my life. Deep says I didn’t do anything with you. ANd you can’t do anything to me. Tara looks at them and says she is doing what I had to do. Welcome Arohi. Deep throttles Arohi. Arohi throttles him too. Wasu comes and says Arohi leave him. I have asked you stay away from my son’s life. Have you gone crazy? Arohi says you were begging for his life yesterday and now shouting?

Wasu says I apologize on his behalf but go away from his life. You are ruining his married life. Deep says we don’t need to beg to er. Wasu says I know what to do. Arohi says your son is devil. Wasu shoves her out of the house nd says don’t ever come here again. Arohi says you can’t stop me. No one can save him from me. He is a devil. Wasu locks the door.Netra is crying. She recalls Deep with Arohi. She says why did you do this Deep? Deep calls Netra but she doesn’t pick. Jatin says she isn’t at her place. deep says where can she go. Look for her. deep keeps calling her. Deep asks Wasu where is entra? She isn’t in her mother’s house. Please call her. WHen she picks we will track her location. Wasu calls Netra. She picks. Wasu says where are you? Everyone is worried for you.

Netra says until things are clear I wont come back. Your son loves Arohi. Wasu says this was Arohi’s plot. Deep only loves you. Wasu hangs up. Jatin says we found her location. Wasu says to Deep Netra is really hurt. You have to win her back. Jatin goes to Netra’s location but someone hits him. Deep sits in the car. Arohi is driving instead of Jatin. DEep realizes it’s Aroho. He runs from the car.Deep coems to Netra. He says what you saw was a lie. SHe says I can’t live like this. I deserve to know everything. Deep says NEtra please come with me. Deep says is there someone else other than you here? She says no. Leave me alone. Deep hugs her. He says I really love you. Tara comes there. Deep says Netra who is here?

Deep says who is here? Netra breaks glass. She says enough. If you come forward I will kill myself. Deep leaves. Netra says what if deep found out. Tara says Deep would never know we have one mission. We are one. To kick Arohi out of deep’s life.Arohi comes in. Tara hides. arohi says I am just here to warn you. Be careful of Deep. NEtra says please go from here. Arohi comes to her room and asys I will expose you Deep. Deep comes there. He shoves her from window. There is a mattress down and she falls on it. Deep says I can kill and save you.

Tara says I had no other way out. Deep would never know I am behind this. He can never go away from me.Deep says you ruined my life and saying I did that. Arohi says you did. Deep shoves her.Netra says that Arohi will never know we are between Arohi and Deep. Tara says I want him to hate Arohi forever.Deep says why do you always come back to me? Arohi says don’t come near me. Deep comes close to her. He says you can’t do anything. Don’t interfere in my life with Netra. Deep leaves.Netra says we have to do something big. That makes them want to kill each other. Tara says I have a plan. Netra calls Arohi and says I want to meet you and know everything. She calls arohi somewhere. Arohi wonders why would Netra call her.

Netra gets ready. Deep says please don’t ever leave me. I know Arohi would never come between us. She says I am leaving this house. Deep says please stop. She wont come back.Tara tells Wasu Netra is leaving the house. Wasu says I wont let her. Tara says that Arohi is doing all this. Wasu says I will kill her if she comes to my son’s life. Where is she? Tara says I called her at that address.Tara and wasu come where Arohi had to come. Tara says let me go check her. You stay here with gun. arohi comes there. Wasu takes out her gun. Someone hits her on head. Deep gets a call and comes there. He says ma.. deep calls Aroi and says how dare you hit my mother.

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