A love to die for update Thursday 20 January 2022

A love to die for 20 January 2022: Abi stops Arohi from stabbing. He says are you crazy. What are you doing.. She says you are asking this? The one who pretended to be with my friend and was with deep all the time? How much were you sold for? you didn’t even respect the term friendship. You were playing the same game with me. He says you are thinking wrong. She says so you think you can fool me twice? Arohi says now I know how deep won. You were helping him at every single step. You are one of those people who don’t deserve a pardon. Arohi stabs him. He falls down.

Tara prays in the temple and says why do I do the mistake every time. Why my deep goes away from me every time. Tara says you came deep. I will give you poison you will be dead. Deep says your plan can fall back? She is about to give him injection. deep says you think killing me would make you win? Deep takes it from her. Tara screams. Wasu comes out. Deep says you know I can play the game back. He shoves her.Abhi comes in front of arohi. She is dazed. He says you thought you could kill your mentor? He didn’t even ask you a question about manpreet? Why? I gave you an idea about manpreet but you didn’t tell me about laila. So I did all this to save you from her. Arohi says why did you do all this? Abhi says I have old relationship with deep. I used them. there are some secrets you should know.

Arohi and abhi come to a baba. Abhi says this is mahaguru. He puts hand on Arohi and he faints. He says you can’t harm him. Your soul is tied with him. You will live and die together. you can’t kill him because he is for you. If he dies you will die too. Abhi says this is what he told me when I showed him deep’s kundli. arohi says I even accept dying to kill deep. Abhi says what.Deep says Arohi I know you can’t understand what to do. I feel sad for you. Deep texts arohi scared of me? She calls him. Deep says I miss you. He says come back as laila. I can spend more time with you. When you die, you die from my hands. SHe says I will come. He says glad to know that.

Arohi leaves to meet deep. Arohi says you can’t stay away from me. See we are together now. We don’t know what is next, life or death. deep comes close to Arohi. She says we will see who falls in emotions. Deep pulls her. A rope falls down and Arohi hans deep.. Arohi cuts the rope. Deep falls down. Arohi says you said you kept me alive,, I am keeping you alive. This would be your last birthday. Rest you will celebrate in help. Deep stop her and puts knife on her neck. He says you should pay for what you do. I wont kill you today. You have to stay alive to celebrate my birthdays.Deep says this blood is love too. Our hate and love are mixed together.Deep comes home. Tara says looks like he went to meet Arohi. She sees someone going in the house. She knocks at Manpreet’s door and says open the door. She wonders was it the same woman who came in wearing the shawl? Arohi says do you need something? She says no. Tara leaves.Arohi says tonight will be deep’s last night and his birthday both.

Abhi says to someone I will keep an eye on Arohi. Arohi says deep your end game has started. Arohi receives a parcel. She says it could be mine. This has no name I forget my online order’s name. deep says I will check it first. If it is mine I will give it back. Deep opens the box and says no one should see it.Arohi says in heart I knew you would doubt deep so I planned all this. Tara says to wasu manpreet was peeking in your room. Virat says she and abhi are upto something. We have to keep an eye on her.Wasu says to manpreet I am fine. So you can leave this house. Manpreet says but.. Wasu says I am fine. You can go. Virat says to abhi you can also go. We don’t need you anymore. Abhi says deep hired me. Wasu says I can takeover Deep’s decisions too. You can leave. Tara will handle the security of this house. Tara told her that abhi is upto something too. Arohi comes to a small house. Sh says where did abhi go? Abhi comes to Deep’s house/ Virat see shim.

Abhi comes to the house. His hand is shot. Aroi says how did this happened? He says I wanted to take you back to deep’s house so I did all this. I will take you there. Wasu falls from stairs. Deep picks her. He says manpreet where are you. Tara says she left. We asked Manpreet and abhi to leave. deep says what? Wasu says that was my decision. Deep says it was about your security and health. Virat call them back in this house. Tara says I thought that manpreet would leave forever. There is something she is upto. Wasu calls someone and says you have to move someone from my way.Arohi comes back to deep’s house. She takes her dagger out and says everything would be over at 12. Deep calls Arohi. He says it is my birthday would you come? She says I accept your challenge. He says this is why I like you. You are never scared. You know you will die from my hands. Arohi says we will see who dies today deep. Deep’s birthday starts. A huge gifts come for him. The servant opens the gift. It is all smokey. Two daggers come out of it. Deep is dazed.

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