A love to die for update Friday 21 January 2022


A love to die for 21 January 2022: Deep receives a huge gift on his birthday. Tara says who can send this. Smoke comes out of the box. Deep says I know this you Arohi. Arohi comes there as Laila. Her face is veiled. She starts dancing around Deep. Tara says Arohi I will kill you today. Virat stops her and says not right now. Tara drinks in anger. Deep says to Arohi I told you I would wait for you. There is smoke. Virat and Tara feel like fainting. Abhi says after so many days there is celebrations in this house. I need to know Arohi’s plan.
Deep comes close to Arohi. Arohi says you wanted me to make me eat you the cake right? I will sweeten your mouth today.

Deep comes near the cake. HE says I have a wish today and so do some other people. He cuts the c cake. He makes Wasu eat the cake and then Tara. Deep says to Arohi you have to eat this cake first. She says here’s your birthday surprise. She presses a button and lights turn off. There space is full of smoke. Deep says you can’t run from me like this. everyone coughs. Virat says to Tara what is happening. She says where is Manpreet? Tara recalls Manpreet said don’t dare kicking me out of this house again. I can tell wasu that you are a crazy murderer. tara slapped her. arohi twisted her hand and says don’t dare touchin me again. I will break your hands.

Deep looks for Arohi. She goes in a room. It is all dark. Deep coughs. He says you can’t save yourself from me Arohi.
Virat says we have to stop that manpreet. Wasu says you are right. She came to me. She said ma ji here are some medicines for you. She said you might need anything. Virat says we have to find her. Tara says I wont leave her. They look for manpreet. Abhi wonders where is Arohi. Arohi is in a dark room as manpreet. Deep comes there and says manpret you here? He shouts. everyone says deep shouted. They look for deep. WAsu says where did he shout from? Tara sees blood on the floor. She follows it and sees Deep lying in blood. everyone is dazed.


Wasu screams and cries. she says depp. tara screams says she deep please open yur eyes. Wasu says you cant leave me like this. Tara picks knife and says I will kill myself too. Virat stops her. She says I can’t live without him. Deep you can’t leave me. abhi sees his hand moving. He says deep is alive. Virat says that dancer did all this. Blood is coming from another room too. Abhi reaches there. Everyone comes. Tara says she is dead. Manpreet us lying there dead. Deep comes there with his head hurt.. He says how did all this happened? I fainted. Tara says thank God you are fine. Deep says manpreet.. Wasu says someone killed her. She is dead. Deep says she might be alive? Tara says I checked. Police comes.

Inspector says we heard the manpreet is murdered here. No one can go out of this house. Inspector sees the footage. They see deep coming out of Manpreet’s room. Inspector says wasu why did you go to manpreet’s room? She says my trunk was open so I went to ask Manpreet. Se stole my gold idol. Inspector says then why didn’t you bring it out of the room? Wasu says it was heavy.Inspector asks Tara. TAra says I wanted to kill her but I didn’t. It all happened before the party. I went to her room but she wasn’t there. He asks Virat. He says I just went i warn her not to do anything against Tara. Inspector asks Deep did you go to her room? He says I saw the dancer going there. I went after her. Someone hit me on head and I later found in the hall. Inspector says take their finger prints.Virat and tara wonder who killed her. Virat says wasu is the one in radar. she was trying ti lie. Wasu asks deep. She says tell me if you are hiding anything. Police comes back.Inspector tests the finger prints. He says we know who killed manpreet.

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