A love to die for update Wednesday 19 January 2022

A love to die for 19 January 2022: Deep says to Arohi the game hasn’t ended yet. This was just a trailer. the whole day is left. He touches her.. She shoves him. he says I wonder if you were prettier earlier or now. He pulls her and puts a gun on her head. He says your game is over now. I told you I am the mastermind of this game. I am not having fun anymore so time to say you goodbye. He is about to shoot but there are no bullets. Arohi shows him the magazine. she took it from his gun. Deep says very clever Arohi. You will run to the same junle where all the problems are waiting for you.

Arohi comes to a place. She sees the drunk Raghav and says thank God I found you. Deep is outside. Please help me. e will come any second. He says what are you saying. I don’t know who you are. She says you know what deep did with me. I need your help. Raghav says okay I will help you. Arohi says distract deep I will run from outside.deep comes and says sooraj you.. HE says yes here for work. Deep says did you see arohi? He says no.Arohi walks in a mela. She sees Deep there. Arohi tries to hide from him. Arohi comes and plays death game so deep doesn’t attack her. Deep comes there. He says I want to play this game. He throws daggers around Arohi. He says blindfold me.

Deep is blindfolded. He attacks Arohi . The daggers stab around her but not her. People clap for Deep. He takes off blindfold. He says I could kill you but I want you to see more death game. You are in a trouble that wont end. I know you were laila. You provoked tara. He says I dont’ wanna see you dead. I wanna see you in trouble. You wont know where do I attack you next. He leaves. Arohi wonders what is he doing.

Arohi comes to the house as manpreet. Wasu says to Tara don’t tell this to deep ever. Arohi wonders how do they talk to each other. A man comes to the house with band baja. It’s deep. Everyone is dazed to see him. Inspector says all accusations on deep were fake. The bodies were days old and kept there for Deep to be trapped. Arohi wonders what is happening. She says how did deep change all this? She sees Guru ma and recalls deep said someone close to you is your enemy. Arohi says is it guru ma who is helping Deep?

Arohi says to wasu ma ji take your medicine. Arohi hears deep talking to someone I will come there to meet you. You have taken a risk.Arohi says this means guru ma is the one. She came here to meet deep today. Arohi keeps an eye on deep. DEep is talking to someone. He says you have done well so far. Arohi looks at the other person. Its Abhi. Deep says to abhi be careful next time. arohi should never see us or know. Abhi says she will never know I will play right. Deep says Arohi is trying to know who is my friend. Abii says I wont leave a clue. Abhi says why don’t you kill her? Deep says there is a mission behind her life and she is alive till then. I decide what happens in her life. I decide her friends, enemies and death. arohi is in shock and tears. Deep hears someone. Arohi walks from there.

Abhi is leaving. A woman with covered face stops him. He says who are you.. Its Guru ma. She slaps him. She says are you fooling me to? He says how can I. Guru ma says you are going away from your mission. You have only 48 hours. Then you will come back to village.
Arohi comes to temple and cries. She says the person I loved was a devil. My baby died. You gave me another life. I thought you sent Abhi as a friend. He was also with deep. Even he was fooling me. I can’t trust him. why do you do this to me? Why am I alive? Please show me a way how can I kill him. Deep come and rings the bell.
Deep says you tried well to kill me. But until I want death can’t come close to me until I choose. Arohi says you are not God. He says I am God for you because I decide everything for you. I choose every single breath of you. I own it. She says why have you kept me alive? He says you will learn it on your own. You will be frustrated but you wont know it. Never cross with me again. He says you gave me this coin. Keep it with you, you might need it. He leaves.

Arohi says why was Sooraj behaving so weird like he doesn’t know me? She calls Chakor. Arohi says how are you? She says I met Sooraj. I was in trouble but he was acting weird like he doesn’t know me. Is everything okay? Chakor says we are in some trouble. I will tell you on time. Arohi says is everything okay? Your troubles will go away. Just take care. Chakor says you too.Arohi says in heart why should I act like manpreet. Deep knows all this.Abhi says to Arohi where are you going? There are blisters on your hands. Let me apply medicine on it. She says no someone will see. I will do it on my own.

Arohi says in heart I will see how long you pretend t be my friend.Tara sleeps on her bed. Deep is next to her. Tara is scared. Deep puts gun on her. He says how do you do all this? Tara says you know I love you so much. I couldn’t handle myself when I got to know Arohi is laila. I got mad.. Deep says so you tried to ruin my life? Tara says she provoked me. I can’t control myself in anger. I loved you. Deep says I love you too. So I wont get you arrested. I will kill you in peace. Tara runs. She screams. wasu comes. Wasu says I wont let you do this. Deep says she is behind all this. she tried to ruin my life with her brother. Wasu says forgive her. Deep says I don’t forgive people. Please move. Wasu says kill me first. I kicked you out too. Kill me too. Deep says you are saving the wrong person. Soon you will know what she is like.Wasu says to Tara I wont save you next time.Arohi recalls everything Abhi said. She says i wont wait Abhi.. I will prepare a plan for you too. I will use the same dagger on you that you taught me how to use.Arohi comes to abhi’s room. He is sleeping. Arohi says in heart this sinner will die today. abhi wakes up.

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