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I do 22 January 2022: Ayan asks razia why did mamu buy this plot. Razia says that they did it for all the kids, and only their signatures were left, hence asked her to get it done, as mamu is very insistent about the deal, and

Humaira says that she’s signed the papers. Razia asks her to give a finger print too, surprising her, but razia clarifies that its requierd for documentation requirements.

Ayan says that he wants to read the documents first. razia is reminded how she planned to get the signs of ayan and humaira on the certificates of marriage registration, amongst other property papers. She is scared as ayan begins to go through the documents scrutinising them. she is in a fix what to do. she finds the mobile lying there, and dials ayan’s number, and keeps back the mobile. Razia fakes a call from mamu, and expresses urgency in her tone, when she pretends to talk to mamu, that the deal might be cancelled, if there’s a delay, as the opther party is waiting. She goes on to coax him into signing and giving thumb print, without going through the documents. After her work is done, she is relieved at her victory.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is upset that she’s so botherred and affected by tanveer hugging asad, when it might just have been a friendly cuddle. she starts working on the laptop, and finds their engagement photo, on the airport, uploaded on facebook. She is shocked. nazma is super excited at this. Zoya says that even asad didnt know that they were being clicked, and the photos have reached them too. Nazma goes onto take her i-pad to see other photos. Zoya finds tanveer coming out, taking asad’s support, and is upset again. Nazma shows him also the photos.

Zoya asks tanveer how is she feeling now. Tanveer says that she’s feeling much better. Zoya is very upset seeing them together like that. Seeing zoya staring at the way, asad was holding tanveer, he jerks his hand away, and tanveer too is very surprised. nazma is super excited about these pictures, that they finally got to see how they initially got engaged, as they reflect how much they love each other, and telling it to everyone in the world. Asad and zoya are at discomfort, having been embarassed. (MITWA MOMENT)Tanveer concocts up an evil plan that they might get happy and everything, but she knows who she has to show this picture to.

Scene 4:
Location: USA
Zoya’s sister is shocked to see this picture in USA. she goes on to find more info regardding the same. She is very shocked that zoya didnt even bother to inform them about her engagement.

Location: Asad’s residence
While the tailor is taking measurements for asad, he goes on a rant about his work. Asad asks if this is necessary. dilshad says that he needs very special treatment for her child. Dilshad continues to ask tanveer’s opinion, whic h upsets zoya, and asad notices that.(MITWA MOMENT) As the tailor continues to talk, dilshad asks him to do things seriously. She asks for someone’s help for this. As zoya steps forward, dilshad is taking measurements for asad’s suit, she asks tanveer to help her with it. Tanveer is happy, at zoya’s discomfort with her proximity with tanveer. Asad asks how many more rituals are to be done, and dilshad says that she would do everything When dilshad asks zoya which colour would suit asad, she asks dilshad to ask tanveer

only, as she knows best what asad likes or doesnt, as they are childhood friends. Dilshad and asad are at a a loss to say anything in reply to that, sensing zoya upset. Zoya leaves in haste.

Zoya tells asad, that dilshad wanted a choreographer, to choreograph a dance sequence, for the rituals. Asad as it is is irritated at this, but he is distraught when he finds a gay choreograph, showing him and his family the dance moves, much to asad’s disbelief and that his family is enjoying all this. Asad asks what NAMUNA she has got, and vasudev hears all this

MITWA MOMENT) But then she composes herself. Vasudev tries to flirt with him, irritating him all the more, by showing the similarities between his and asad’s name, both meaning lion..

But asad is reluctant to dance. But dilshad coaxes him for this. Dilshad goes for making the guest list, while he and zoya are stuck with vasudev. Asad asks him to keep away from him, and also that he doesnt know how to dance, but zoya says that he’s lying. Vasudev says flirtily that he can also provide dance classes for him alone, if he is the shy one. On nazma’s insistence

Zoya says that without tanveer Asad asks if she is jealous, but she refuses to accept it. Vasudev asks him to be his partner, in the learning process. But asad says that he would choose himself and not prefer him.

As zoya and tanveer wait for asad’s choice Zoya asks tanveer to handle the music, while she handles the dance. She goes to asad and they both awkwardly begin to dance. Asad again asks if she’ jealous, and she refsues to accept.

The dancing con tinues, with them getting intimate, while vasudev keeps giving them tips, all the while trying to get close to asad, irritating him. Zoya handles the situation that she would make him also practise along with her. Vasudev waves them goodbye and goes off. Zoya asks asad if he wants to practise as told by vasudev. Asad asks whats the point, as its all a fake. Zoya too resignedly says that she too was feeling the same. they curtly wish each other goodnight, and go to their rooms.

Zoya, in her room, puts on the earphones, and begins to dance. asad watches her romantically from a distance, smiling.(MITWA MOMENT) Tanveer seeing this is disgusted.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
At the dining table, the girls tease humaira, about her having made food, especially for ayan. Both ayan and humaira are awkward. shirin compliments on her food. Sensing ayan’s discomfort, humaira

Seeing the thumb print, badi bi asks about it. Ayan tells him about razia’s signature. She is tensed. Humaira

Seeing the same print on humaira’s finger, she is sure that razia is upto something and she would have to find it soon.

Shirin tells ayan that humaira’s waiting for ayan’s approval about the food that she has made. Ayan goes conscious, and just manages to say that its good. Humaira is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
As asad comes into his room, he is surprised to hear a sound and then understandcs that ayan is coming through the window yet again. Ayan comes and hugs him tightly. They both say how much they missed each other. Asad sits beside him, and asks where he went. Ayan says that he went to find himself.

Ayan says that what has happened in the past few days, has taught him, that nothing happens how you planned it. Asad asks him not to grow up so soon. Ayan reprimands asad for not even telling him about his marriage, and that he got to know it from zoya. Asad asks when he met zoya. Ayan tells him about his chat with her. Asad tries to find out what was zoya’s opinion. But ayan doesnt clarify. He tries to point out how much they keep fighting each other. Asad tries to get him to divulge what is zoya’s opinion on the marriage.

Ayan teases him saying that he is very interested in knowing whats her opinion. Asad changes the topic and asks about his marriage with humaira. ayan says that his marriage might be true, but the feelings arent there. Asad says that with him, the feelings might be true, but the marriage isnt. Ayan asks what, refusing to believe what he just said. Asad refuses to give him the pleasure, of him accepting his feelings for zoya, in front of ayan.

Location: Asad’s residence
The dancing practises are on in full swing, with vasudev’s guidance. His antics keep irritating asad, who asks him the reason of his delay. Asad says that he went for tanveer, as she wasnt doing well. Vasudev calls asad to focus and learn his favourite step. Asad is very uncomfortable, as vasudev keeps getting close to him. Zoya intervenes saying that his idli is ready, and he should eat it. Vasudev leaves. Asad again teases her saying that she’s jealous, but she doesnt accept.

Dilshad and tanveer too come in, while dilshad is very happy to se them close. Asad and zoya enter into a romantic gaze.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad and zoya practise on a romantic number. As asad and zoya are practising for the dance, they are shocked to find zoya’s sister at the door. Zoya is speechless while her sister cant believe what her eyes see. Zoya is very happy to see her sister, while her sister smirks at whats about to follow. as she hugs her, her sister, doesnt hug her back.

As her sister confronts her asking if she’s getting married, zoya tells her that she would say everything, and that she shouldnt be angry with her. She however doesnt listen to zoya and faces dilshad instead. She accuses dilshad of having broken the trust, that she had placed in her for zoya’ care, and that she overstepped her boundaries and didnt even bother to inform them, leave alone take their permission for this marriage.

Dilshad tells them that zoya called them, but was told that she was ill. Her sister says that she was alright and who told her these lies. As dilshad looks at zoya, and understands that asad and zoya lied, she says that maybe she would have misunderstood, taking the blame on her. Her sister asks her why is she being kept ion the dark about all this. Before dilshad can answer, zoya pleads and takes her sister aside, and tries to tell her. She says that how could she even think that she didnt even bother to inform her. Zoya says that she would tell her everything.

Tanveer gets someone’s phone, a doctor who wants to talk to dilshad, and she gives the phone to asad, on his demand. He listens to the doctor who tells assuming dilshad is on the phoen, that he has received the marriage invitation and that her drama of being sick worked, and asad agreed to marry.

Her sister says that for visa extension, there has to be an application, and not a real marriage. Zoya tells her that its all a farce. As her sister tells it to everyone, dilshad is upset at hearing this. Her sister reprimands zoya and asks dilshad whats the main reason this is happening. Nazma tells them, that the engagement might have been false but the marriage is real. Her sister is all the more confused. She confronts asad asking him to tell the truth. while dilshad too waits for his answer, asad is speechless. Asad remembers dilshad’s drama and the doctor’s call, and says that whatever she saw between zoya and asad is all true, and says that they indeed are getting married. (MITWA MOMENT) VZoya is extremely happy within, while asad looks at her. dilshad is relieved. Tanveer is disgusted.

Zoya’s sister hugs zoya, and asks why she didnt tell her, when she was so excited about her marriage, then why all the secrecy. She asks if zoya’s sure this time. She casts a glance at asad, talking in the drawing room, on the phone, and her sister says that her eyes have answered everything. she is overjoyed about her little sister getting married finally. Her sister talks about this with her husband, while zoya is in deep thoughts.

Zoya thinks that she’s so excited, whereas the truth is that asad doesnt want to get married to her, he’s doing so for the sake of dilshad, and that she would have to talk to asad asap. She confronts asad, asking why and what is he actually doing, and why is he lying, and that has made her sister so happy. She says that she’s feeling guilty, and asks if she actually meant it. He again says that they were lying for dilshad as it is, and hence added up to it only. Zoya reprimands him for the same, saying that she cant hurt them anymore. As zoya leaves, asad finds dilshad on his door. Dilshad comes in and hears all this. She confronts him that he accepted his love for zoya infront of her sister.

She says that she wasnt sick, and was just dramatising. He says that he knew. Dilshad says that then this is all the more good, as he did it then out of any kind of obligations. She says that he accepted in front of her sister, and if this isnt love, then what is. Dilshad asks how long is he going to lie, and why doesnt he confess his love to her. (MITWA MOMENT) She tells him that he doesnt love her since today, but from a very long time. He asks does she even realise how different he and zoya are. She tells him that when two differewnt people, decide to live for each other, then thats love. She says that in life, its not important to be like with each other, but to be with each other. she says that this love would complete them, and that zoya would complete him. She says that zoya isnt perfect but that doesnt mean, she isnt worth it. She asks him not to punish himself for what happened to his parents and their mistakes. She says that she understands what is his fear and that he can never end up like his father, or hurt zoya ever. (MITWA)

She tells him that he can never break anyone’s heart. She coaxes him to talk to zoya about his feelings, but he still isnt sure. She asks him to do so himself, and not take her help. She asks him to propose to zoya, and asks him to propose to zoya. He fumbles saying that she isnt as bad as he had thought, and they can have a chance. Dilshad asks him not to talk like that to zoya, and gives him tips how to propose to her. Asad agrees, while tanveer looking from a distance, is very upset. The screen freezes on her disgusted face.

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