A love to die for update Friday 13 May 2022

A love to die for 13 May 2022: Arohi says to Kiya where were you going. What’s in this bag. there are papers only. Kiya runs. Arohi says Kiya stop. Ranbir says to Arohi real bag is still missing. We have to find it. Deep is there too. He seeshis dad. He says our ways are different but we cross. Deep says n one can stop me from my mission.
Arohi sees a bag. A kid comes near it. Arohi stops her and says go to your parents. Deep says better stay out of my way.

A love to die for 12 May 2022

Arohi sees a cylinder with the bag. She puts water on it. Aroh says there is explosive in this bag. People run. A man takes a bag and runs. Arohi runs after him. He locks Arohi in a room. Arohi screams. She sees a wire burning. the room is on fire. Arohi screams. Arohi says someone please open the door.Ranbir comes to Deep. He says Arohi saved many lives. That bag could have killed thousands but she risked her own life. Everyone is dazed. Ranbir says she took the bag on her. Deep says nothing can happen to her. ARohi comes in and says you are right. You can’t kill me that easily. That man helped me get out there. Arohi was in fire screaming for help. A man pulled her out. When she came out he ran. Ranbir says Arohi you saved many lives. Arohi says some people take credit for other people’s work.

Deep’s dad says on call the stuff should get to its right place. arohi comes and says what are you talking about. He says deep is about to summggle weapns. arohi says we have to stop him. He says yes i am trying my best to stop him.Deep says to ranbir you have get my stuff pass checkpost. If you don’t agree you will have to pay with your respect. He shows him a video. Arohi says to Kiya please go from here. You shouldn’t be living in all this. It’s not safe here. Arohi calls Ranbir and says I want to give you an information. Ranbir says I am sure Deep will take help from Kiya. deep wakes up. He says how could I sleep. I am getting late. His leg is chained. Deep says I am sure only you can do this Arohi.

A truck drive stops in front of a car. He says move from here. deep’s dad steps out and shoots them. Arohi says you did a mistake deep. I shouldn’t have trusted you. I wont let you harm my family anymore. Deep says are you crazy? I am not doing any such thing. Ask your heart. Arohi says I can’t trust you. Only love and think of yourself. You made fun of my love. You tried killing me. I lost everything because of your love. Why don’t you let me be free. Ranbir calls deep and says your stuff is caught. Deep says this can’t happen. Deep says to Arohi I loved you more than you loved me. still you try harming me in everything. You always doubt me and create hurdles for me. Arohi says I can’t let you these sins. you always used me. Deep says you can’t

stop me from my mission. Arohi says your ownself did this. Yu can’t get out of here. Your hands are cuffed too. Deep hugs her and says you will be tied here with me as well. Now my turns. He opens his cuffs and says no one can stop me. Deep locks her. arohi says open the door.Deep’s dad asks the driver to get out of the truck and says come out and take everything out. Deep comes there and says you thought you could come in my way? He drives the truck. Arohi calls Ranbir and says I am stuck there. Ranbir says I am sorry arohi I can’t help you.

Arohi says to Deep’s dad where were you? He says you should protect your family from him. He can harm anyone. You should trust me. We have stop his dangerous plan.
Kiya comes to he room and writes a letter. Deep’s dad comes and says you are writing something. Wasu says to Arohi this locket is for you. She says I should give you these sweets. I have to celebrate deep’s win. Arohi takes the sweets and says my head hurts. Wasu throttles her with the necklace and says you thought you could stop my deep? arohi shoves her and spits the sweets.. Wasu’s head bleeds. Deep’s dad comes and says what happened? Arohi says she slipped.Arohi comes to her room. She recalls what Deep said. Arohi sees a letter from Kiya.. My life is in danger. Deep wants to kill me. Arohi rushes to her room. She screams and says Kiya. She wrote this letter and now she is nowhere. Deep says why are you shouting? ARohi says where is Kiya? Deep’s dad hits him with belt and says tell us where is she. Wasu says stop.

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