A love to die for update Thursday 12 May 2022

A love to die for 12 May 2022: Arohi says once again we are at a spot where we want to beat each other. And I will win. He leaves. Arohi sees a bruise on his back. She stops him and applied medicine on his bruises.. Deep comes close to her. Deep stops Arohi’s hand. He takes her to kitchen. Arohi says what are you doing.. He puts salt in her hand and rubs it on his brusies. He says you put salt on my bruises. so keep it that way. You will pay for this.Deep comes to Kiya and gives her medicines. Deep says you have to do my task. Be careful. Arohi sees Deep’s dad hiding something. Arohi comes to his pistols and photos in a bag. He comes in. Arohi says what is this? He says this is someone’s. aroi calls Ranbir.

Ranbir says what happened. arohi says the help we are taking to stop Deep isn’t right either. Deep comes in with pistol. He says what are you doing in my room. Tarank was dreaming it. Someone throws in a letter. it says you will never be able to stop me. Ranbir calls someone and says meeting is today. His dad comes and says I will eat home after so long. Wasu leaves. he says where are you going stop. Wasu and deep leave. Arohi sees drugs on the floor. Dad says to Arohi this is deep’s. He is making your sister smuggle it. Arohi is dazed. arohi says he can’t kill people like that. He says you will know.

Deep gives Kiya a bag and says you will send it there after an hour. Deep calls someone and says kiya is coming there with the bag. Ranbir is tracking his calls. Deep’s dad stops Kiya. He says where are you taking this bag? Deep asked you? You should stay away from all this. She leaves. Arohi is looking at them.Arohi comes to Kiyas room. she spills juice on her. Kiya goes to clean it. Arohi opens the bag. deep comes and stops her. He says dont cross your limit. Your dad is with me. You wont interfere in my work. Kiya leaves with the bag. Arohi goes after her.

Deep is stopped by Ranbir’s men. Ranbir comes there and shoots them.
Arohi looks for Ranbir. Tarank asks Arohi what happened? She says Kiya left with a bag. There is something dangerous in it. Tarank says we will find her. Deep says I didn’t need your favor. Ranbir says I did my duty. Ranbir says are you extending your friendship hand? Ranbir says you are not even worth making enemy. Tarank tracks Kiya’s location. Arohi goes there. Deep comes home. His dad says come lets have a drink. I will stop your mission. Deep says no one can stop me. Deep sees a chandelier falling on him. He saves him and pulls the chandelier. Arohi comes there.

Ranbir says those were my men Tarank. We have to play this game with Deep.arohi says to deep where is Kiya. Deep says couldn’t you find out? Ranbir calls Arohi. He says we found Deep’s picture near Kiya’s location. Arohi recalls all the pictures that she saw. Arohi says this can’t happen. Arohi asks people if they have seen Kiya. Arohi sees the bag on the floor. There is panni poori in it. Arohi sees someone in a veil. She goes after her. Ranbir is also looking for Kiya. Deep’s man calls him and tells Arohi is here. Deep says Kiya place that bag where I asked you. Arohi stops Kiya’s hand.

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