Naagin 4 update Friday May 13 2022

Naagin 4 May 13 2022: Episode starts with Nayantara playing the flute. Brinda comes in Naagin avatar and dances. Swara calls brinda and tells that she brought something for her. Her husband comes and asks what did you bring? He sees the pics and asks why did she bring such a dirty book. Swara says Rajat and brinda had gone out yesterday. Pandit asks her not to talk such things. Swara says sorry and tells that brinda is very worried and restless. She asks him to go and search her. Her husband/Pandit goes. brinda becomes snake after dancing. Rajat comes to Rushali and tells that he wants to say something. Ketki asks him to say and tells that they are with Rushali in her every work. Rajat says they shall organize the party so that Dev and Nayantara get closer after the party. The ladies argue that their sons can organize the party. Rushali says she don’t want to involve their kids as Khyati may feel bad if they organize the party at home.

She asks Rajat to play the party. Rajat signs Rohan and comes out. He suggests the hotels/bars where they shall throw the party. Rohan, Hardik and others ask him to decide and they will pay the money. Rajat goes. Hardik asks what is their plan? They plan to spike brinda’s drink and do something bad with her. They say she has no idea about what is going to happen with her.Nayantara burns the dry leaves and thinks once this liquid is poured on it, the fire will become jwala mukhi. Dev comes out of house and thinks if he shall call Rajat. He sees smoke coming from the jungle and thinks what the hell. He sits on his bike. Nayantara plays the flute. Brinda as snake is about to jump in the fire. Dev is coming there on the bike. Nayantara sees him and thinks I can’t lose. Brinda goes hearing the sound. Nayantara comes down the tree and sets off the fire, thinks she can’t lose. Brinda becomes human and unconscious. Pandit comes there and sees her unconscious, takes her. He drops the rudraksha on the ground by mistake.

Manyata shows the rudraksha to the her Guruji. Guru ji says it is the rudraksha of the gyaani who knows how to control the ashlesha nakshatra. Manyata says may be that thief is having my daughter and asks who is Nayan, and that thief gave me whose daughter. Guru ji says it is God’s wish and asks her not to keep Nayantara away from her and says you are her Yashoda Maa. Manyata says she is my daughter and I still love her, but she is not naagin and this is Naagin’s revenge. Nayantara runs and comes infront of Dev’s bike. She falls down. He gives her water. Nayantara tells that she is feeling low after whatever happened after the sufi night and came here to have some fresh air. Dev invites her to the party thrown by his brothers. Nayantara says she will come. Brinda gains conscious as she gets the flashback. Pandit tells a lady (Rushali) that whenever she (Brinda) senses a danger, she takes her naagin avatar and that she is very powerful icchadhari naagin. He asks her to be careful and goes. brinda thinks she had gone to jungle to meet Dev, thinks what happened after she heard flute song. Ketki comes and Rushali sees her and asks what is she doing here? Ketki says she came here to get some network. She asks her to come inside else Iravati will have all the laddoos.

Swara makes brinda have something and goes to bring water. Pandit sits near brinda. Brinda tells that she is feeling unconscious and then forgetting what is happening with her. She asks him what happened to her. Pandit says you was unconscious behind Parikh house and says you might be unconscious due to heat. Rajat comes there and tells that Rushali called them to a party. He asks Pandit what he thinks? Pandit asks him to take her. Swara asks him to make her drink all soup. Pandit gets tensed.In the party at the hotel, Dev cousin sisters’ take the drinks and give one to the waiter too. Nayantara comes to the party. Rohan, Hardik and others spike a drink and plan to give it to Brinda. Nayantara hears them and thinks they thought good about brinda. Brinda comes to the hotel and waits for Rajat. Dev comes to brinda and says hi. Brinda turns her face. Dev asks what happened? If she is upset with him? Brinda says you called me in the jungle and then you didn’t come there. Dev says when did I call you, tells that he had gone to her house to meet her. Brinda says she is unwell and asks him to leave her. Dev asks what happened to her.

brinda stumbles, he holds her and they have an eye lock. Ek Mulaqat plays…..Someone takes their pic. Dev tells Brinda why is she looking unwell and her glow is missing. He asks where is Rajat? Brinda says she don’t care even if Rajat is not with her, tells that she don’t need him. She goes. dev thinks to bring ORS from his car for her. Brinda walks inside the pub. Hardik comes and apologizes to her for his behavior. Brinda says even I am sorry for slapping you. Hardik asks her to drink juice and says you are looking weak. He signs his brothers.Brinda asks Lily Mili about Rajat. They sign her. brinda sees Rohan making Rajat drink wine. Hardik comes to brinda and asks her to finish the juice. Nayantara comes to Dev and tells that she is feeling something is wrong here. Dev asks what is it? Nayantara says someone wants to spike someone drink and that’s why she is not taking any drinks and asks him not to take any drinks. Dev says ok and thinks within two days, he will be her husband, due to brinda’s favor. Brinda ooks at Rajat drinking wine and is about to drink spiked juice. Rajat shouts wine wine. Brinda keeps the juice glass on the table and rushes to Rajat. Dev comes there, takes the juice glass and checks it. Hardik, Rohan and others think that he is about to drink. Rohan collides with him and makes the drink fall down. Rajat holds Brinda and forces her. brinda resists. Dev comes to her rescue and pushes Rajat.

He makes him sit and tells that brinda is unwell, you can’t force yourself on her. brinda gets touched with his words and looks at him.He says sorry and gives ORS to her, asking her to drink with water. Nayantara thinks it is a big drama than my thoughts and says she will make her drink. She takes Brinda with her. Rohan says he has plan B and calls waiter to bring cake. They smile.Pandit thinks Brinda’s 25th birthday passed sometime back. he gets worried. Swara comes there and tells that Rushali called him. Pandit says tell her that I am not at home. Swara says what happened to father and daughter. Rushali comes there and tells that she is doubtful about Ketki, seeing how she was standing and making excuses to her. Pandit asks her not to worry and says Ashlesha nakshatra is gone. Rushali says Manyata will return and will try to snatch dev from her. Pandit says I heard this many times and will do something. Rushali gets doubtful on both ketki and pandit.

Dev’s cousins make the announcement of the cake cutting celebration as their brothers returned after 12 years. Dev cuts the cake. Nayantara makes him eat cake. While hardik, Harsh and others make Brinda eat the spiked cake piece. Nayantara looks at them and smiles. She asks DJ to play the music. She dances with Dev. Raja smiles. Brinda is also dancing alone and falls on Dev. Dev holds her hand and dances. Brinda is drowsy and dances. Nayantara comes to Dev again and dances. Main chod aayi ghar baar plays…..Nayantara sees Rajat much drowsy and slept on the table. Dev’s brothers take Brinda to room. Nayantara thinks Dev is not worried for Brinda and tells that she is worried for her, says that the cake was rum cake. Dev goes to search her. Hardik and others are dragging her to the room. Nayantara thinks she wants Dev to fall in her trap. She asks Rohan about brinda and says Dev went to search him. Rohan gets tensed.

Sparsh, Hardik and Harsh take Brinda to room. They tell Hardik to lock the door. Just then Dev walks in and asks what is happening here. He tries to make brinda come in her senses. Rohan comes there and says she is here, and tells that someone brought drug in the pub and tells that they are alerting all the girls. They run out. Dev asks brinda to get up. Brinda says she needs to talk to baba. Dev asks her to get up. Nayantara locks the door from outside, thinks she is not Naagin, but very poisonous. She thinks when their bad publicity news will come out then his mother will get her (Nayantara) married to Dev. She smiles.

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