A love to die for update Monday 16 May 2022

A love to die for 16 May 2022: Aroi stops Deep’s dad. Deep shoves him and says don’t dare.. Wasu slaps him and says he is your dad. Deep says doesn’t mean he can.. He leaves. Wasu says to Deep’s dad stop it. Let him be in his life. He says deep is walking on wrong path and I will do what I can to stop him. You made him this way. arohi if you want to be with him you can.Kiya is kidnapped. She says how am I here? Someone please get me out of here. the thug says stop shouting.

Deep’s dad says Deep is upto something really wrong. He leaves in anger. Arohi says I have to find Kiya first.Kiya says please let me. I wont tell anyone. Arohi comes to Ranbir and says I saw Kiya’s letter she is kidnapped. Ranbir says don’t worry I will find her wherever she is.The kidnapper gets a call. He says we got order to kill you. Your time is over. Kiya says please let me go. Please.. The kidnapper says bye bye.Arohi comes to Kiya’s room adn says where are you. After so many years I found you and you are gone again. Arohi sees cloth hanging out of closet. She says this can’t be Kiya.. She opens the closet and Kiya falls down. Arohi screams. Tarank says what happened. Arohi was imagining all this.Someone hits the kidnappers.

Kiya says I knew you would come.Arohi comes home. Deep says you and your FIL couldn’t stop my mission. Let’s celebrate. Arohi says where is Kiya.. You can’t harm my sister. Kiya comes in and says don’t be mad at Deep. Arohi hugs Kiya and says where were you.. Who did this to you? Deep? Dont’ be scared of anyone. Arohi says what are you saying.Arohi says what was that letter. Kiya says I didn’t write anything. Deep can never harm me. He saved me in fact. I am here because of him. He is very nice. Stop blaming him. Deep says Kiya go and rest in your room. Deep says to Arohi don’t say thanks because I dont do anything without reason. Be happy that Kiya is back.Arohi comes to her room and falls asleep. when she wakes up she is roped in a shed.

ARohi says how am I here? Let me go deep. A pointed metal ball is coming towards her. Arohi screams no.. A knife gets stuck in the pillar next to her. Arohi takes it out and cuts the rope. SHe runs.Arohi comes to Deep. Deep says you are four minutes late. I know you must be shocked why I did this. But no one can know what I do and why. Arohi says it is very difficult to understand you. Deep says don’t even try. Arohi says what are you trying to do Deep. Deep leaves. Arohi recalls everything happening in past few days. Papa comes. He says I know you have many questions related to Deep. You will find your answers soon. My men are keeping an eye on him. We will know what his mission is. He gets a call. Arohi says what happened? He says I got to know what deep is up to. When you find out your world will shake. Arohi says what is it?

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