Zee World: Twist of fate update Thursday 16 May 2019


Thursday update on Twist of fate season 2 

Abhi comes to Kiara’s School in his Car and looks on. He thinks the teachers won’t let him meet Kiara as classes might have started. He thinks of how to stop himself from meeting her!

Pragya is still standing outside the school. A girl comes and asks Pragya to buy balloons and give to a little kid in her house. Pragya says okay, give me all of it. Abhi doesn’t see her and gets down to get the balloons, but Pragya takes it and goes. He doesn’t see her and sits in the Car. Song plays… He thinks someone took my daughter away from me, and someone took the balloons that I wanted to take for Kiara away. The Balloons flies and falls on Abhi’s car. Abhi thinks these balloons belong to the Woman who bought it just now.

Pragya doesn’t see him and comes near his Car. She sees Abhi’s face and hides behind his Car. Abhi thinkswhose balloons are they, and thinks the person might come to take it. He gets down from his Car and thinks why did the person buy it, if she doesn’t want it? He thinks to make the balloons fly, but then says it seems like it is brought by someone close to him. He says I will take it to Kiara and give it to her! Pragya gets happy and smiles. Allah Wariyan plays…

Abhi sits in his Car and goes. He stops at the signal and thinks if it is Kiara’s heart or Pragya’s heart? He thinks this must be Kiara’s heart! Pragya thinks it’s her heart. She hides her face with the magazine and thinks I have to face him one day and answer him. She got home.

King informs her that Abhishek Mehra came today, maybe to thank you for last night help. He says Abhi was very upset and stressed. Pragya asks did he tell you about it? King says no and tells that one thing is confirmed that he has problem in his marriage. He asked me not to believe in any woman in this life! Pragya looks on and recalls Abhi asking her to hold his hand and that they will make a new family. King asks her not to worry and says we will meet him in the evening. Pragya thinks what might be the matter?

Abhi comes home and thinks these balloons are for my daughter, and it seems someone close gave me this. He thinks Cookie will stay with Kiara and him! He plans to drop Kiara at school, Outings, and so on. He thinks if Kiara will agree to stay with us? He hears Kiara laughing and comes out of the. room. He asks Granny, Dasi, Mitali and Tai ji if Kiara is here? Mitali says not at all. Abhi thinks I am missing her so much that I am imagining her. He hears Kiara laughing again and asks everyone if they heard her? Tanu tries to stop him, but he doesn’t stop. Tai ji says what happened? Dasi says he might be missing her. Mitali thinks Abhi’s heart is connected to his daughter.

Abhi goes to Disha’s room following her voice. He sees Kiara and hugs her. Kiara smiles. Song plays… kyunki tum dhadkan main dil… Disha and Sunny smiles. Abhi says my daughter, and kisses her cheeks. Kiara tells Disha that she calls him fake dad so he calls her his daughter! He asks where were you, as I was looking everywhere for you? Kiara says I was in school and asks why are you missing me as if you are just meeting me after so many days? Abhi says I am just meeting you after seven years! He says he went to her house and then school. Kiara says I was in the School! Abhi says I left the idea of meeting you at School thinking your teacher will scold me! He tells that he bought heart shaped balloons for her, but I will not give it to you and will keep it safely as it is my daughter’s heart !

Disha takes Sunny from there to leave them alone. Kiara says Superman and wipes his tears. She says you are sad even now, for me and says I am fine now! She says you gave me your blood, and I am fine because of that and became strong like you!
She hugs him asking him not to cry. Abhi says I love you. Kiara says I love you too. Abhi says we are one, we have very strong bond between us. He asks her to give her his hand and asks her to feel the sensation touching him. He says you will feel sensation as if your blood is in me and my blood is in you. Kiara says Superman! He asks do you feel any connection when we hug each other? He hugs her again. He asks her to tell him what he means to her?

Kiara says I love you so much, as you are my Superman, ny Superhero! She says I love you! Abhi asks if I don’t look like a dad, and asks if she doesn’t think that it is strange that your friend is a big man and asks why his heart wants him to call her his daughter, and why her heart calls him dad, and says have you ever thought of the reason? She nods no. Abhi says you are my daughter and I am your Dad! Kiara hugs him.

She wipes his tears and says you are mature, but crying. Abhi says I have everything, but he doesn’t have a daughter and asks her to become his daughter. Kiara says I am your daughter and asks him not to cry. Abhi says he remembered something and that’s why he cried. He says the tears tap is closed now and smiles. Kiara smiles.
Pragya thinks where did Kiara go and thinks if she went with Sunny? She calls Disha and wonders why is she not picking her call! She calls on the landline number. Tanu asks her not to call again! Pragya asks her to give the call to Disha. Tanu says my designer called and he is more important than you! She is about to end the call when Disha comes and takes the receiver in her hand.

Pragya asks if Kiara came there? Disha says yes and tells that she’s helping the kids to study. She tells that she forgot to message her. Pragya asks why are you doing this? Disha says if I had told you, then you wouldn’t have let me bring Kiara as She’s spending time with her Papa! She tells that she can’t tell Abhi without her consent and tells that she will go and bring Kiara. Pragya thinks if Disha has told him, and thinks Abhi is getting closer to Kiara.

Abhi looks at Kiara as she is drawing the painting and talking. Akele hum Akele Tum… plays… He makes a moustache on her face.
Disha comes and tells that her Mamma called. Kiara says my Mummy will scold me! Abhi says she will not scold you. Kiara says when she gets angry, then she will not listen even to Superman! Disha asks her to tell Pragya not to scold her, or else, they will make her stay here! Kiara goes.

Disha asks Abhi if he is okay? Abhi says Pragya has done wrong with me in these 7 years! Kiara takes the call and asks Pragya not to scold her. Pragya says she gets worried so much. Kiara says if you scold me, then Aunt Disha will keep me in her house! Pragya asks if you will stay there? kiara says no, I will stay with you! Pragya tells that she has sent the driver and asks her to come home. Kiara tells Abhi that she has to go home as Mamma said. Abhi hugs her. Kiara says I am leaving. Abhi asks her to say that She’s going and will return soon. Kiara promises him. Abhi gets emotional. Disha gives her, her bag.

Tanu talks to the designer and asks her to make her pretty for the party. She thinks what to do with that Pragya, and thinks if I don’t stop her now, then she will come here and take my place! She says she doesn’t know if Abhi knows the truth that Kiara is his daughter, and thinks he hasn’t known yet, or Pragya would have been here! He tells herself that she won’t let Pagya win and thinks to defeat her on Sangeet day! (Neha-Tarun’s Pre-wedding Celebration). She thinks she has a plan of which Abhi, Pragya and Kiara will never unite!

Kiara helps Pragya to get ready for the Sangeet. She tells her about Abhi and that he doesn’t know how to style her hairs! Pragya asks what did she talk to him about? Kiara says he asked me if I like him? She tells that he is worried for her as she met with an accident. Pragya gets tensed. Kiara says he was crying and saying strange things! Pragya says if he came to know that She’s his daughter?

King comes and calls Pragya. Kiara asks King to take Pragya and tells that Sunny will come here. King’s Aunt asks if they are not going, then they should inform her. King and Pragya leaves. Kiara thinks everyone is behaving weirdly!

Abhi is getting ready and thinks of his moment with Pragya. A fb is shown, Pragya asks him to stop and asks him not to wear a black scarf. Abhi says he likes black. Pragya says it doesn’t match and makes him wear a red scarf and tells that it is a colour of passion and love! Abhi romances with her. fb ends. He takes off the red scarf and thinks Pragya has snatched away his happiness and wears a black scarf as she hates it, and thinks I have nothing in my life, but my daughter!

Purab comes to Abhi. Abhi asks him not to come near him and says you did like Pragya! He asks why didn’t you tell me that Kiara is my daughter! Purab says what to tell you and tells that he was helpless, as it was Pragya’s right to tell you that she has a daughter with you, it’s her right! Abhi asks what about my rights and says I will not let this happen, as she didn’t want to tell me! Raj comes there.

Pragya and King comes to the party with Tarun and his King’s Aunt. King and Tarun likes the decoration.

Abhi hugs Raj. Raj tells that he is coming as a guest in his daughter’s marriage and tells that Mitali told me about her alliance, but I didn’t know that today is her Sangeet (Pre-Wedding celebration). Abhi says at least, you know that you have a daughter. Raj is surprised.

Purab takes Raj from there. Abhi thinks I have to meet just one person and that is Pragya!

Neha introduces Tarun to Raj. Raj tells that the boy is handsome! Taya ji tells that he is afraid that everyone’s happiness might be ruined! He tells that Raj is upset, but doesn’t want to do anything wrong.

Disha welcomes King’s family and asks how is the preparation? Tarun says he can’t believe that today is his Sangeet! (Pre-Wedding Celebration). King says you will know when Neha plays your band.
Neha introduces Raj to King, Tarun and King’s Aunt.

Dasi calls Granny, Suwarni. Granny, Suwarni says I was searching for you. Dasi asks her to come! Pragya says she will meet the Grannies.

Raj asks King to come and meet his friends. King asks Tarun to meet Neha.
Pragya asks Disha to meet the guests and says I will meet you later. Pragya comes to Granny, Suwarni. Granny hugs her and compliments her beauty. Dasi says even I am here? Granny says she is jealous! Pragya hugs Dasi.

Abhi comes downstairs and sees Pragya with his Grannies. He thinks how can she smile and look into my eyes after hiding the big truth! Pragya waves her hand towards Abhi and sees him upset.

Disha tells Purab that Abhi is upset! Purab says he will not do anything. Disha says let’s play music as he likes it. Purab says Abhi gets angrier if music plays when he is angry. Disha says if they fight, then we will also fight. Purab asks her to let him think. She plans to make them dance, but Purab refuses and asks her to let him think.
Tanu comes and greets king. King thinks if I should talk to her regarding Abhi? King sees Abhi and asks him not to worry. He says I was worried for you. Abhi says I never thought that she will do this to me! King says I didn’t think that you will say that, and tells that I can help you talk to the lady you love?

Pragya comes and asks what are they talking about? Abhi says you should know! Disha comes and calls Pragya. King says if you want, then I can help you, all you need do is to say it.

Purab takes the mic and congratulates Neha and Tarun! He says today’s Sangeet will not be traditional, but unique! He asks Tarun what is the idea/theme of their Sangeet? Tarun smiles. Neha whispers something in Purab’s ears. Purab tells that Neha wants the both families to war with each other! He tells about Neha and Tarun’s love story and says they will play the game of thug of war! He says whoever wins will always rules! He asks the waiter to bring the rope.

Abhi comes to Pragya and tells Disha that he needs to talk to Pragya, as the matter is urgent, and he needs to talk alone! Disha goes. Pragya asks if everything is fine? Abhi says let’s go from here!

King’s Aunt stops Pragya from going and asks if she is leaving from the Sangeet? She takes Pragya with her. Abhi is forced to return to the hall.

Disha asks Purab to make them stay separate so that they won’t fight! Purab tells that they will not fight and begins the game. He asks who is coming first? King’s Aunt says we will play first. Pragya says I will not play, but Disha insists.

King asks Pragya to come, and says it will be fun. Abhi comes and holds the rope from the bride’s side. Mitali asks Tanu to join them. Tarun says our family is short. King’s Aunt says so what? King says the guest will join us. Mitali says she will become the referee and cheers for the Mehra family. They begin pulling the rope…


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