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Wednesday update on Twist of fate

King’s Aunt waits for King. King comes home and greets her. King’s Aunt says she wants to talk to him. King says I wanted to meet my princess and thought something might happen to me if I don’t meet her. King’s Aunt feels bad for him.

King goes to Pragya and Kiara’s room and thinks I missed you both. I came to know how much I love you. King’s Aunt thinks King loves his family a lot, but Pragya is fooling him. She comes to King and tells him that she wants to tell him something important. King asks her to let him see Kiara first. King’s Aunt says the matter is very important!

Abhi gets a dream of Kiara and reminisces his moments with her. He wakes up from his sleep  shouting Kiara! He thinks if it was real or a dream? He thinks Kiara is my daughter and it’s real! He thinks Pragya gave me the daughter of my dreams, but she didn’t tell me. I have to find out!

King’s Aunt asks King to break Tarun and Neha’s alliance! King says how can we cancel the function and says they are grown up now. King’s Aunt says she is helpless after what she has seen now. King says I am going to freshen up. King’s Aunt says yesternight, Abhi was in Pragya’s room! King is shocked and turns to her. She tells him that when she heard some noise coming from her room, she went there and asks Pragya, but Pragya opened the room a bit and didn’t tell her anything.

Tarun hears them. King’s Aunt tells that Tanu and Aaliya knows about Abhi and Pragya’s affair and came here to search for him. He asks him to do something and stop this affair! King recalls Tanu asking him to keep an eye on Pragya! King’s Aunt asks if this is right on her part to bring someone’s husband in a drunk state and make him sleep in her room! She says once Tarun and Neha get married, Pragya and Abhi will continue their affair! She says I care for Pragya and tells that if you have seen him in the bedroom, then what would you have felt? King asks her to stop it! King’s Aunt says you both don’t sleep in the same room, but that doesn’t mean she should call some other Man! King gets angry and shouts Pragya’s name!!

King’s Aunt asks King to do something, or else everything will be ruined! King calls out for Pragya! Pragya wakes up and thinks why is Mr. Singh angry?

Tarun comes to Pragya’s room and tells that Mom doesn’t want my Sangeet (Pre-Wedding Celebration) and Marriage to happen! Pragya says she will talk to her! Tarun says Mom told King that Abhi was in your room last night. Pragya decides to tell him about Abhi and thinks it is already late.
King calls pragya again and again! Pragya and Tarun comes there. King asks Tarun to go to his room and asks Pragya about all what his Aunt said? He tells that he was told that Abhi came here yesternight and was in your room with my Kiara! You haven’t informed his family and that’s why Aaliya and Tanu came here! King’s Aunt thinks now, I can break Tarun and Neha’s marriage!

King asks Pragya to talk, but then, tells his Aunt that he is very disappointed in her. He says it is the elders’ work to stop the youngsters from fighting and blames her for doing a grand show. He tells that he scolded Pragya as he wanted to see her reaction. He tells that he will not believe her.

Pragya says Aunt is doubting her and she has a reason. King says I will never believe her and shows the truth to Pragya. He asks her not to say anything or his Aunt will get a chance to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage. He tells his Aunt that Pragya respects you so much, and you always insult her. His Aunt says Pragya brought a Strange Man to her room and made him sleep there and says you are insulting me rather than insulting her? King says it is enough, and says I will forget our relations and says she is staining their relation. He says Abhi and Pragya are just friends!

His Aunt says you can’t see their illegitimate relation! King says you don’t want to know the truth, and wants gossip and nonsense and asks her to let the family stay as family! He tells that when I called Purab, he told me that Abhi was missing. He says when Aunt told me, I understood that Abhi must have called Pragya and she went to pick him. He tells his Aunt that she fell down in his eyes and says if you say this again, then I’ll have to take action, as I have full faith in Pragya!
Pragya says I want to tell you something. King leaves. King’s Aunt tells Pragya that she has fully trapped King and he blindly trust her! Pragya says she really wanted to tell him something. King’s Aunt asks her to say it. Pragya says whatever I tell you, you will definitely use that to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage!

Abhi thinks his daughter didn’t have the name Abhigya, but he got a daughter. He thinks his daughter was snatched away from him and he missed all the beautiful moments! He thinks now, he knows the truth and wants to spend all the time with her! He says I will go to my daughter!

Tanu comes to Abhi and says she brought medicine for his hangover. Abhi says this hangover is old and he will end it forever! Tanu asks where is he going? Abhi says Pragya… Tanu asks him not to insult their relationship and says this isn’t done! I will not let you spoil our marriage! Abhi says which marriage, and says it is just one sided! He says we have no relationship between us, and asks her to talk about his relationship with Pragya! He says it is blossoming like a plant and I don’t want any negativity now! Tanu thinks what is he saying? Abhi comes downstairs. Dasi asks Abhi to have breakfast and sit. Abhi thinks you have to tell Pragya why she kept my daughter away from me! He sees Disha talking and thinks with whom?

Disha talks to Kiara and asks her to come there. She tells that she will help her do the homework. Kiara says first is dance. Disha says first is homework, else my Sister-in-law… your Mum will scold me! Abhi hears her. Disha says I will make Kiara meet her Papa. Abhi hears her and says you should have told me before doing this. Disha asks what? Abhi says that kiara is my daughter and says I am upset that neither you nor Pragya told me this, and kept me in the dark! Disha says I wanted to tell you. Abhi says I never get angry and says you also took me for granted! He says I thought of you as my friend and you hid this from me? Disha says I just found out that Kiara studies in Sunny’s class. Abhi asks when did you know that Kiara is my daughter? Disha says in the hospital.

Abhi asks her not to lie and tells that you’ve known since so many days and that’s why you used to call her often! He says I felt many times that Kiara is my daughter, I asked her why she is copying me, she said that it’s in her blood and she is not copying me. He says I didn’t understand that she is my daughter. Disha says when Kiara fell down from the stairs, I went to drop her and saw Pragya’s pic there. When she asked her, Kiara says she is her Mum. She tells that when she wanted to tell him, Purab stopped her and then she couldn’t tell him.

Abhi says I came to know by myself and tells that he won’t let her go away from him, but you both… He gets upset with Disha. He says past time cannot be back, but I have to do something! He says I will go and talk to Pragya asking her why she did this! He asks her to promise that she will not call Pragya and tell her that he is coming. Disha asks him not to go out of anger. Abhi says I’ve been waiting since 7 years and goes.
Pragya thinks of King’s trust in her and thinks I have to tell him everything now. Pragya comes to King’s room. King says he was writing songs for his new album.

Pragya says she wants to talk to him for 2 mins. King says his Aunt said wrong things about her and he felt really bad, and she herself must have felt bad as well, but didn’t say anything to his Aunt, as she respects her. Pragya says she wants to say something about Aunt’s words. King asks her not to say anything and says he doesn’t want any explanation. Pragya says I want to tell you the truth. King says I know the truth that Abhishek and you are good friends, like we share the same relationship.

Pragya says I value our relationship and that’s why I want to say this, she says Mr. Mehra and I… Kiara comes there just then. King says sorry and tells that I was not with you when you needed me. Kiara says but Superman was with her and he didn’t make her miss him. King says I have to meet him. Kiara says I will call him.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells that I am sure that Abhi knows that Kiara is his daughter! Aaliya asks from where did you hear this? Abhi tells that when she was with Abhi, he called Pragya as if she was with him. When I questioned him, he told me that they never broke up and their relationship is much stronger now. Aaliya thinks I don’t think so and says he is already attracted to Pragya since he met her again. Tanu says my gut feeling is saying that this is the truth.

Aaliya asks her not to make mountain out of a tiny thing and says if he comes to know, then he would have told Dasi, and would have brought Kiara and Pragya home. Then they would have stayed as a family and kick you out exposing your fake marriage! Tanu says if they come here, she will make their life hell! Aaliya asks why are you wasting my time, let them all come infront of us!
Abhi thinks Disha told me about her helplessness, but why did Pragya hide it from me? He thinks of Kiara and says your Papa loves you and will tell you with all the rights! He recalls his moments with her and meets with an accident, but stops the car at the right time. Nothing happens to him and thinks I miss my daughter’s childhood. We will make new memories, so that I can forget everything. He thinks Kiara will be happy to know that her Superman is indeed her father! He thinks I am coming there. He thinks how to talk to Pragya, with calm mind or anger? He thinks to talk to her with calm mind and says maybe she has some legitimate reason. She must be waiting for me to take her home. He comes to Pragya house.

Pragya looks at him. Kiara sees Abhi and runs to him calling him Superman!
Abhi brings cookie for her and gives it to her. Kiara says I gave it to you so that you won’t be alone. Abhi says your cookie will stay with you and my fuggi will stay with me. He asks her to pack her bags and says we are going for a picnic! Abhi says Kiara got her cookie, will I get my fuggi and wife? He asks do you want to return into my life? It’s his imagination. He’s still in his Car and says will you come back to me? Please say it. Pragya says I have moved on in life and can’t come back into your life! She closes the door. Abhi thinks I won’t let you close the door to my face! I will take Kiara with me and will not plead infront of you! He is driving the car.

Tanu follows him and wishes she is wrong. She thinks she sacrificed her house, family and career for Abhi, and he can’t do this with me! Aaliya calls Tanu and asks her to take a U-turn and return home! Tanu asks how did you know and asks why you want me to return home? Aaliya says I know what you do. She says Abhi went to Pragya and if he sees you, then he will take out his anger on you and talk to Pragya lovingly. She says you are the big reason to uniting them and asks her not to unite them permanently! She says Abhi will question Pragya angrily and asks her to return home!

Tanu says I will return and thinks she won’t let them unite! Abhi stops his Car again and walks to King’s house. Abhi comes to King’s house and rings the bell. King’s Aunt opens the door. Abhi asks where is Pragya! King sees Abhi and asks him to come inside. Abhi walks towards him. King asks his Aunt to arrange Tea or Coffee. His Aunt goes.

King asks Abhi to come inside. Abhi asks where is Pragya! I want to talk to her. King says you want to thank Pragya as she helped you last night, but she was scolded much by his Aunt. He says you can’t thank her as Pragya took Kiara to school. He says Pragya and I will always support you. Abhi says he doesn’t want any support and says one should not trust a Woman and says you think you know everything about them, and when you come to know about them, it’s always too late by then! King says I understand.

Abhi says you don’t understand and says you can never know what I am going through! He says he can’t bear the pain and says how will I bear the pain of betrayal and says I want to ask her why? King thinks he is talking about his wife (Tanu) and asks him about it?

Abhi asks how did you know? King says your eyes are telling all and ask him to find a way to resolve their problem. Abhi says she didn’t leave anything, now, there will be a fight for rights! He thinks King doesn’t know about Pragya and me, I doubt if they are married or not. He thinks why do I get jealous when she’s with King!

Pragya comes to school to drop Kiara and asks her to finish her lunch. Kiara says okay and smiles. Pragya asks why is she smiling? Kiara says just like that. Pragya asks where is the tiffin? Kiara signals at the car. She says she is having stomach ache and doesn’t want tiffin! Pragya asks her to bring the tiffin. Kiara brings the tiffin and asks if Mogambo is happy? Pragya recalls Abhi calling her Mogambo. Kiara says I will eat it and asks her to be happy like Mogambo.

Pragya says I will beat you! Kiara says I will complain to Superman that you are torturing me! Pragya teases her and asks her to call him. Kiara says sorry and says I love you. Pragya thinks she called me with the name by which Abhi used to call me… Mogambo.

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